Hoofbeats:The story of the last of the winged unicorns*REDONE*

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    I've redone my persona's story.

    PROLOUGE*Is this spelled right???Please correct me if not*

    Down in the dungeons,of a old castle,a purple pony held her daughter close,looking upset.â€SnowCrystal!â€She called softly.â€A white pony with light blue hair came over to the window of the cell.â€Yes,Your Majesty?â€She asked,bowing.â€Snowcrystal,â€The purple pony said.â€You must take Starwinks away form here,it’s too dangerous.â€â€But ,My Queen,how will I know what to do with her?â€â€Take her down to the village nearby,and leave her on a doorstep.â€â€â€But what if they aren’t kind ponies?â€Snow asked.â€You will know,Snowcrystal.â€The purple pony took a rather beat-up basket and placed her daughter in it.â€Take this.â€She said.â€Oh,and this.â€She also put in the basket a piece of old parchment,with the wordsâ€Starwinksâ€on it.She handed Snow Crystal the basket through the bars of the window.â€Now go,GO!â€She cried.Snowcrystal bowed.â€I will keep her safe.â€She said,She galloped off,leaving the purple pony alone.The pony looked out the window,and a single tear dripped down her face.
    This begins the story

    The story of the Last of the Winged Unicorns
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    Chapter one:A midnight Gallop

    SnowCrystal,carrying a basket,ran for her life.She stopped,and listened,the cold wind blowing around her.She heard faint hoofbeats,every second becoming louder.She ran on, cloak billowing behind her.She saw a small village ahead of her.She heard hoofbeats behind her, and she knew what she had to do.SnowCrystal ran towards the village,eyes full of fear. When she came to a small house,she laid the basket upon the doorstep.A single sad tear dripped down her face.She nuzzled the basket one last time,and ran back towards the forest.SnowCrystal paused,looking behind her one last time,and then ran on.She ran into a clearing.Suddenly,fire blazed up around her.A voice behind her said,"Well,look what the cat brought in."SnowCrystal whirled around.Three black ponies with red hair and blue eyes were standing there.One was a unicorn,the other two pegasus."You thought you could escape us,SnowCrystal,but you were wrong.Nothing escapes King Falcon and the Black ponies." The unicorn paused."Where's the basket?" SnowCrystal asked,"What basket?""Come on,unicorn,we know you had it!Where is it?"The unicorn commanded."Now Stormy,"One of the pegasus said."careful with her!King Falcon wants her alive!""Quiet now,Spark,unless you want to replace her!"SnowCrystal replied."I don't have it."SnowCrystal's voicewas bold,though she was full of fear.The unicorn stared at her for a moment,then growled,"Seize her."The two pegasus leaped in front of him,stamping there hooves.SnowCrystal ripped off her cloak,revealing wings.She took off.Stormy muttered to the pegasus,"After her,NOW!"The pegasus didn't waste a second.They took off after her.Snow looked behind,her,saw the ponies,and flew faster.She tried to wink out,but nothing happened.Full of fear,she landed,and broke into a gallop.Fire blazed up,and Snow was trapped.Stormy appeared,"Where's that basket?"When Snow did not reply,Stormy grew angry,and knocked her down.SnowCrystal smiled a mock smile,"Poor Stormy.What will you tell the king?You failed."Stormy laid his horn on Snow's neck,muttered,and Snow laid,motionless,but breathing hard.Stormy smirked,and quenched the fires in his path,leaving the others to burn.
    Meanwhile,the door opened.The pony inside looked around.She had smelled smoke,she thought,though she didn't see any.She happened to look down,and saw the basket.Carefully,she lifted up the blanket.Another pony came out from behind her,and they both saw what was inside.A tiny winged unicorn lay against the blankets.She was sleeping,of course.She was lavender,with dark blue,pink and white hair.Her symbol was a cat on a cresent moon,it's tail wrapped around a star.The first pony was surprised."A winged unicorn,"The second one said,"I didn't know they really existed."He stared at the little baby,and the first one said,"We can't send her to the orphanange,who's knows what might happen to her,because she is what she is?"She motioned to her husband to help her with the basket.He opened the door,and the filly brought the baby inside.It opened it's eyes,light pink,and stared at it's new parents.The filly licked the baby's cheek,and then nuzzled her."Stardust,get me some milk.I went to the grocery yesterday,so it'll be in the side shelf."Stardust obeyed,and soon came back with a bottle and nipple.He fit the nipple on,and handed it to his wife.She held it to the baby's mouth.The baby looked at the bottle for a moment,then reached for it.As she drank, Stardust asked,"Moonshine,what shall we call her?"Moonshine looked inside the basket.There was a strip of paper with the words’’Starwinks’Moonshine thought for a moment, then replied ,"Starwinks,we'll call her Starwinks."Star winks burped, and all three giggled. Then she yawned, Moonshine placed the blanket over her and Star quickly fell asleep.
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    I think the spelling is prologue? And that's a very beautiful story on Hoofbeats! Thanks for sharing with us all!

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