Kotobukiya picking up Takaras?

Nightmare Muffin

I've been wondering this for a while now. Ever since the Japanese company of Kotobukiya announced they would be working on g4 sculpted ponies with their Equestria Girls counterparts, actually. Would this company ever try to approach Hasbro (or Sony, or whoever has the rights to the Takara license, now) and try to re-issue and redistribute the generation 1 Takara ponies, which were released in Japan, finally outside of the country- globally? I mean, those were the ponies originally straight from their home turf, after all. I understand that the Takaras are a super niche market and there might not be much demand for them, but for the pony collectors, if anyone- could there be any chance that Kotobukiya would be the one to pick up this g1 product line for re-distribution? (is there anyone other than me, who even wants the Takaras redistributed?)


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
I wouldn't count on it, although I suppose anything is possible. I think they are pretty cute and wouldn't mind having one myself. <3

Since the Takaras were a derivative of the core Hasbro franchise though, I don't know how interested the license holders and/or Hasbro would be in having a competing but similar toy line on the market alongside the current core MLPs (especially given that the Takaras weren't terribly popular at their release back in the day). Many Japanese companies also have the tendency to keep their merch only for sale in Japan (although they can usually be purchased through a third party if that's the case).

A big trend I've noticed lately in Japan is old (and famous/popular) franchises getting new merch that would appeal to adults, such as hand bags, jewelry, clothing, etc. for the now-adult kids that enjoyed that particular media when it ran. This seems to only be happening with the most popular toys/media though, most notably Sailor Moon.

In my fantasy world, Sanrio or San-X would pick up the Takara license and run with it, since it jives well with the cute characters that they already offer.