My First Ever Custom, South African Sparkler!

Fizzy Galaxies

This was a personal project I've had for a few months now, and I finally completed her after putting it away for over a month of that time xD
My first ever attempt at a custom, South African Sparkler! Bait was a mostly bald Sunbeam, infested with mold on the inside. I cleaned her gross insides (luckily it was rather easy to get everything out of her). Kept a streak of her original white hair, and used Cherry Pie dollyhair for the rest of the mane and tail. Used red acrylic paint for the cutie marks, painted by hand (this was also my first attempts at painting in such a small scale). Finished off with a white ribbon.

This was my first ever attempt at a custom made pony, and I'm super proud of the results! It's not perfect, I know, but I love her regardless ❤

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WOW! She is absolutely gorgeous Fizz! :shock::ponylove:
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