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Peace my Pony Persona


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Dec 24, 2010
My Pony Persona's name is Peace. The example on the right is the best vision of my persona, but I love both of these very much. I apologize that I didn't notice braid placement was off when I took the photo. meh

Body Color: Aqua
Hair Color: Hot pink and bright yellow alternating
Symbol: TAF Peace symbols and 1960's style Daisies
Head Ornament: Daisy chain, or leather beaded
Hair elements: Straight and very long, with long thin braid and beading at end
Eyes: Blue
Earring: Peace Symbol or Daisy
Pony Pose: Sweetheart Sister Style pony
My pony would wear jewelry, necklaces and the like that would be typically seen in the 1960s. Handmade items in natural products, glass beading. Her story is she desires Peace among the pony kingdom and feels that loving others is very important. She is a giving pony, a friend, loves music and nature, but she likes order too. LOL