Silver Healer's personae


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I actually have two personae now! I don't have many pics of either of them, but I hope that what I provide is good enough :)

~~Silver Healer~~

(adopties by Savvy_Style and StarBlaze)

Species: Winged unicorn
Gender: Female
Body Color: Pale silver
Hair Color: White at the roots, gradating to black at the tips. Usually depicted as wavy and shimmery.
Horn Color: White
Wing Color: Flight featers are all white, rest of the wings are black.
Eyes: Purple
Symbol: White crescent moon and numerous white, purple, and light blue diamond-type stars all over her sides and spreading halfway down her hind legs.
Other Markings: One diamond-type white star at the outer corner of each eye. Three of the same stars on her left foreleg near her hoof, facing out; one star is bigger than the other and centralized between them.
Additional Information: If you were to draw Ultimate Healer, she would be pure glowing white, with her hair and wings gradating to gold instead of black, her eyes a burnished pink, a double set of wings, and all markings and symbols would be completely absent. Dark Silver Healer would be charcoal grey with absent symbols, a single pair of wings that would be black and draconic, straight black hair that would reach her hooves, and pupil-less bright purple eyes.

~~Sweet Maple

(adoptie by FizzyPop)

Species: Winged unicorn
Gender: Female
Body Color: White
Hair Color: Dark red at the roots, gradating to bright gold at the tips.
Horn Color: Gold
Wing Color: White with golden feathertips.
Eyes: Golden
Symbol: Red maple leaves in TAF style all over her body, swirling over her sides and shoulders and down her hindquarters and forelegs.
Other Markings: Right under her horn is Ontario's provincial symbol, a stylized trillium (ref here:, but please make it in gold :)

My Husband's Personae
(To come once I get some ref drawings up)
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