Spotlight: G2 BOYS! [Pic-heavy]

Discussion in 'MLP Discussion' started by MustBeJewel, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. MustBeJewel

    MustBeJewel Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Branched from this topic:

    These are all the G2 boys I'm aware of and which I own. I haven't looked at any of the babies yet, it's possible there are some there too :)

    US-release Clever Clover

    Adventure card from the backcard

    Full backcard:

    MOC front view:

    Euro Prince Aventure


    Full backcard (French):

    Full backcard (Jewel's English translation):

    MOC front view:

    Euro Prince Blue Dream


    Full Backcard:

    MOC front view:

    Euro Prince Fauna


    Full Backcard:

    MOC front view:

    Euro Prince Clever Clover


    Full Backcard:

    MOC front view:

    Can anyone translate this one?
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  2. yunikoneko

    yunikoneko Bushwoolie

    Oh man, thanks for sharing! Now I totally *need* Prince Adventure. Btw, perused your site. You have such an amazing pony room!! But you probably didn't need me to tell you that. ;)
  3. DialgaBritesMom

    DialgaBritesMom I tooadally promise it'll be toooadally fun!!

    OH man! Thanks for posting these. Great pics! I love the accessories with Euro Prince Clever CLover...
  4. Ringlets

    Ringlets Mrs Chief

    Thanks for sharing :) I was wondering about the G2 boys. I've never heard of prince adventure before
  5. sirenamber

    sirenamber Customizer

    Thanks for this!!
  6. victorose

    victorose My Little Pony Mastiff Mommy

    The G2 boys are so feminine!!
  7. autumn rose

    autumn rose Rosedust divine

    Right-on! Wicked handsome boys! Cool..
  8. cannibalcow

    cannibalcow Cherry General ⚓ Moderator

    great post jewel! :) i love the g2 backcards
  9. todlless

    todlless Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    they look fab i dont own many g2s but me thinks i will keep an eye out for them now
  10. MountainCai

    MountainCai Violent Unicorn

    Wow this pictures sure bring back some sweet late 90s memories! Though G2 wasn't exactly the favourite generation, I had some pleasant and fond memories of them. Although Clever Clover is officially a boy, I still see him as a tom-boyish girl pony. I really wish they made a separate mold for boy ponies specifically.

    I didn't know the TP likes doing features, I did one on Majesty a week ago on the arena, I think I should post it here.
  11. MustBeJewel

    MustBeJewel Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Oh it was just kind of spontaneous :) I had been in the other thread and couldn't figure out for myself which G2's were boys, so I took some scans of them on a whim to share with everyone else too.

    I wish there had been different molds too! Even just more molds than what they had for any of the ponies in general would have been nice. ;)

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