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WIP Custom/Styling Question


Cuddly OCD Pony
Aug 10, 2010
Hello Pony Friends! :)
I recently started work on a new custom and I have a question about hair styling. This is her:

As you can see, she's very bald at the moment. When I finish the painting she will be covered with paper cranes like a TAF pony. Because I want to try my hand at styling and maybe have a little more room for the painting, I was thinking of pinning her hair into fancy twists. I already have a vague idea of how it's done, but if anyone could suggest some tutorials for me, that would be really super. Also, I would like to know if there's any way of securing the pinning from the inside of the head; I don't want them to come out once they're in there!!

Thanks guys! :mrgreen: