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Albino Luminary!


New Idea Pony
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Oct 16, 2020
*This celebrates a rare and beautiful complexion and is not meant to objectify people with medical conditions*

I needed an excuse to use Shimmerlocks' hair in the very light orange shade "summer charm" as a solid instead of a blend, so that is the mane color. Its G3 Luminary, so rather than streaks and highlights it has orange hair and a light green tail. For the tail I lightened the metallic version of Surprise's color with glow in the dark (see pic). About halfway through the mane I got the hang of rerooting. G3 holes are bigger than G1!

Thought it would be easy to go over the pupil with wine colored paint, go over the swirls with a fine tipped brush, draw the reflections, etc. The eyes actually took six hours, five shades of pink, as well as a lavender. Rather than wiping off mistakes, sometimes it is better to paint over them. "Pointillism" is easier for accuracy than using strokes.

I also call them "Rat Tail" and "Squirrel Tail," lol. The first one has a slightly thin tail, and the albino looks like a Lady Lovely Locks squirrel beret.

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Squishy Columbian Curiosity
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Jun 10, 2020
I love the glow in the dark!! Cute names too.