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Sep 25, 2005
I've done a mojr G3 overhaul, I'm deciding to be uber picky because there are so many out there, I own too many of them, and I cannot enjoy them all.

HTF G1 ponies on the list I will take in nearly any condition, even bait. Cancer, smooze, bits missing, small pen marks, stains, smudged/missing symbols..... I like a not-so-perfect loved pony. The only flaws that bug me are major missing pieces, (think - head LOL) and full body pen scribbles.

G3s I collect loose, so MIB is not a problem. I prefer these without pen marks and the like....

G3 (Most wanted)
Jingle Jangle
baby Tea Lily MAYBE FOUND
Always and Forever
Guava Lava
Anchors Away
Both NEW breezie trains
Northern Lights
Star Flight and Breezie
Heart Bright and breezie
Comet Tail
Dance Around and Dance Slippers
Tira-ma-su and Mochanut
Small yarn hair ponies (second lot)
Sunrise Song
Morning Glory
Royal Beauty
Mexican Mini Rarity with no horn
Styling Rarity

Aurora Mist
Baby Penny Candy
Baby Butter Drop
Candy Cane
Carribean Delight and Beach belle
Desert Palm
Flitter Flutter
January Joy
Midnight Dream
Rainbow Sunrise ????
Rhapsody Ribbons ????
Spring Breeze
Twilight pink
Winter Ice

G1 wants - this is pretty much complete, I think!

Year 1 –
Minty (really want!) POSS FOUND

Year 3 –
Starflower (really want!)

Year 4-
SS heart Throb
SS Gusty
SS Posey
SS Lickety Split
SS Surprise
SS Ribbon
SS Shady
SS Twist
SS Bouncy
SS Hippety Hop
SS Scrumptious
SS Fifi
TE Party Time
Celebrate baby sea pony

Year 5
SS Taffy
SS Crumpet
SS Twilight
SS Bangles
(most hats and bandannas!)
Milkweed and Tumbleweed
Jangles and Tangles
Doodles and Noodles
Sleepyhead and sleeptight

Year 6
TAF Buttons
TAF Yum Yum (really want!)
TAF Munchy (really want!)
ALL Princess ponies
Sundae best Swirly Whirly
Magic Message Mirror Mirror
Puddles and Peeks
Sandcastles and shovels
Big Top and toppy
Pony friend oakly
Blueberry Baskets

Year 7 –
MGR Sparkler
MGR Diamond Dreams
CC Mint Dreams
CC Lemon Treats
Sunshine Seaflower
PP Red Roses
PBnG Brilliant Bloom
ALL fancy Pants babies except Glider
ALL Windy Wings except Sunglider
SHS Frilly Flower
SHS Fancy Flower
ALL baby ponies and friends apart from Lucky Leaf

Year 8 –
ALL Sweetsteps ballerinas
PQSHS Sweet Sundrop
PQSHS Pretty Belle

Year 9 –
RnB Pretty Beat
GnS Starglow
Baby Starbow
Little Tabby
Little Honey Pie
Little Whiskers

Year 10 –
All Flower Fantasy ponies
Chocolate delight
Strawberry Scoops
All Colorswirl ponies
ALL teeny tiny twins
ALL fancy mermaid
Bridal Beauty

Other ponies –
NBBE Baby Gusty
NBBE Baby heart Throb
MB Ice Crystal
MB Sunburst
MB fireball
MB Tornado
Baby Ribbon and Hearts
Flower ponies Tulip and Bluebell
Sweet Clover
Good Weather
Love Letter
Love Token
Cherry Sweet
Bon Bon
Bright Eyes
Candy Kisses
Daddy Meadowsweet
Daddy Berrytown
Daddy Sunbright
Baby Candy
Baby Lollipop
Baby Splosh
Baby Splish
ALL jewellery babies
ALL Nurse ponies

Mail Orders -
Most MO wanted!

'Cheap' or bait Italians, or other Nirvanas. Any wanted, aside from Italian Snuzzle, Parasol, Medley, Peachy, lickety Split and Pinwheel.

baby toy gloworm
all types of baby accessories!
pony wear
G1 ceramic mugs and plates
G1 quilt covers
G1 pink 'bluebird' brand lunchboxes (I own five designs, I want others)
G3 quilt covers and fleece blankets
G3 metal tin ‘handbags’ with bead handles
G3 ornaments
Shoulder bags
G3 plush baskets except Sparkleworks, Fluttershy, and halloween sparkleworks

Scooter set
party set
Birthday set
Any chibis from the larger playsets
new UK six pack

pink with purple rose shoe x 1
purple antennae
pink antennae
potted bush accessory
Blue, yellow, pink and purple tail bows

G2 Littlest pet Shop –
Panda pair
Lop eared bunny
Mouse and rat pair
Horse and bluebird
pink rat
long haired guinea pig from big playset

Heres pics of the LPS I want - ITEMS WANTED Xx/

Non-pony wanted –

Sailor Moon toys (not many dolls, but I need some) and Merchandise and region 2/free DVDs
Chobits toys and merchandise, and region 2/free DVDs
Tokyopop MANGA books!! Chobits 4-8, Tokyo Mew Mew, Tsubasa Chronicle, Cardcaptor Sakura, other CLAMP maybe
Certain Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters figures and accessories
Ryo-ohki (from Tenchi Muyo!) toys
Cardcaptor sakura toys and merchandise
Dark Side of Grumpy Bear ballchain necklace
Nyan Nyan Nynako plush..... preferably in sushi or something. I love sushi rolls, so if you have a trinket, keyring or something, even non-nyanko, I'd love it!
Cute rat items
Moondreamers Ursa Minor baby bear figure.
Sweet Secrets
Pullip Papin
clothes for Pullips(Bratz, barbie, etc....)
re-ment sets for Pullip
Strawberry and cherry themed items for use with Pullip

Redwall books -
Mariel of Redwall
Lord Brocktree
The Taggerung
Rakkety Tam
High Rhulain

UPDATED 12th May 2007!
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