Brand new and on a mission....

Eidys Thora

Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Nov 5, 2016
My mother had been nagging me since I moved out two years ago to sort the garage out... finally I agreed to help... through tremendous effort, and after hours of trawling through utter tripe, I pulled away bag after bag only to be smacked squarely in the chops by my best childhood memories.

That's right... THE TOYS.

Among boxes and boxes of various ponies and horses... barbies... plastic zoo and farm animals... I stumble upon two boxes FULL of My Little Pony's. Now, most of the stuff is being flogged at car boot, or donated to charity, yadda yadda... but of course these two particular boxes had been sat proudly in my own living room for the past week.

My partner, being what he describes as a "proper adult" (The ones that don't have toys and dolls apparently) is fed up of falling over them, so this calls for some record making, and serious sorting. (And of course going full throttle with it, because we must make him regret ever nagging me to "Put them away" (Sorry Honey! ;) ))

Anyway, here they are after some sorting... I'm almost done making notes of each of their names.


I also have two that will need some restoration work! :D yaay!

Piranha Pal

Piranha Merpony (with teeth)
Sep 5, 2016
Welcome to the Trading Post! I hope you like it here! :D