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Jan 20, 2018
MLPTP Posty - I missed out when she was on sale!

G1 Ponies

Year 3
Seabreeze and shell
High Tide and shell
White Cap’s shell or repro
Wave Jumper and shell
Sand Dollar’s shell or repro

Year 4
Any 6 McDonald’s Collector charms bookmarks

Year 5
Bushwoolie Cheery (pink)
Baby sea pony Wavy and float
Soft sleepy newborn Sweet Dreams

Year 6
Any mommy charms (except Fun Lover)
Newborn twins speckles
Happy Tails Tall Tales
Raspberry Jam
Cha Cha llama

Year 7
Baby brother Racer
Baby Hoppy

Year 9
Secret Surprise Secret Star
Secret surprise Secret Beauty

Year 10
Teeny tiny Sniffles
Teeny tiny Snookums
Flower Fantasy sweet blossom
Fancy mermaid Sea princess
Fancy mermaid Sea Shimmer

bandanas for 4 speed, Steamer and Quarterback
Bandanas for baby brothers
Guitars for Rockin Beats
Aprons for cookery ponies
Repro wheels for Rollerskate ponies
Princess hair clips or repros
Bonnets and bloomers for soft sleepy newborns or repro
Any tutus or leg warmers
Any G1 stickers
Pony art

Pony wear:
Academy Award
Carnival time
Galaxy glamour
In the center ring
Milk and cookies
Pretty as a picture
Rockin’ the night away
Sidewalk surfer
Sun and fun

Poof and puff perfume palace (complete and in good shape)
Perm Shoppe
Lavender Dream Castle
UK School house
UK kitchen

International Ponies
Activity Club Baby Ponies
UK babies, Lemon Drop, Gusty, Ribbon, baby honeycomb
Any Dragon that came with Princess ponies
All Sweet Kisses ponies
Surf Dancer with Shell
Sea Spray with Shell
Playschool Baby Ponies
Starlight Baby Ponies (except Baby Mischief)
7 Tales (except Clover)
Vanilla cookery pony
Romance Ponies Love Letter
Nurse Ponies
Rollerskate pony Jazzie
Hair do pony beautiful bows
Berry Town family
Meadowsweet Family
Dad and mom Sunbright
Best Friend Ponies except baby Susie
Sweetie babies
Jewelry ponies - Baby Sapphire and Diamond
Seaside ponies except Splosh
Sweet clover picnic day (have pony need all picnic accessories)
Good weather (have pony need all accessories)

My Little Pony related
Any fakie Takara ponies
HQG1 any takara mold
Dream beauties - any highflying dream beauty
Fairy tail perches
Fairy tail -any fantail birds

Happy to receive any merchandise or G1 Puzzles
Porcelain figures (except first born, skyflier, and Tootsie)

Custom ponies
Baby Butterscotch or baby Gypsy

G3 ponies
Black Project Pony
Egyptian pony
Portabella's hat only

Other collections

I’m simply mad for Monster High. I’m not an in box collector, but I prefer fully dressed with most or all accessories.

Monster high
iris clops
Kelpie Blue
Jinafire Long - New Scaremeister
Frankie Original favourites
Party Ghouls
Frankie and Operetta Picture day
Amanita Nightshade scream & sugar
Nefera de Nile scream & sugar
Voltageous 28’ dolls
Zombie shake
Freak du Chic Torelei
Freak du Chic Honey Swamp

Care Bears
Trick or sweet bear (Australian)
Christmas wishes (Australian)

My Child
Any doll in any condition or clothes and shoes

Vintage dolls and clothes, especially mod era
Any cute clothes that fit Barbie

Doll clothes, shoes and accessories that fit Barbie, Monster high, Every After High, Rainbow High, Cave Club, My Child or Cabbage Patch.
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