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Does anypony want to do a DT/AT?

May 18, 2023
(So, mods if you can change this into the right category I would like that thank you!)

So, a DT is a design trade where you trade a design of a pony for free and they trade a design back! and a AT is an art trade where you draw someone pony or any other character for free and they have to draw yours back! Also, there is this thing called oc swap and It's where you trade a oc you have for someone's else oc, I don't think I would be brave enough to do that lol! So, would anybody be inserted? PM me if you are :) (Will show art examples in PM) Hopefully you learned a new thing and people can use this now and make their own DT's and AT's and oc sawp's! (Also there are freebies, adoptable's, DTA's, WTA's, and NTA's!) Maybe I should make a list... (Wait I'm pretty sure this goes in art... How do I change it?)