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Dreams of a Clown


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Jan 19, 2022
This is really more like a shopping list because I'm essentially just gonna jot down every pony I decide I want haha. Because I'm finding so MANY ponies so often now I imagine this will be edited quite a lot for a while. Hopefully it will encourage me to stop IMMEDIATELY BUYING EVERY COOL HORSE I SEE ;oP

G2 Princess Trixiebelle OBTAINED!!!
G1 Moon Jumper Obtained!!
G1 Baby Leafy
G1 Blueberry Baskets Obtained!!
G1 Moonstone Obtained!
G1 Parasol Obtained!
G1 Starshine
G1 Windy Obtained!
G1 Sunlight
G1 Skydancer Obtained!
G3 Dream Blue
G3 Sweetsong
G1 Ringlet
G1 Stripes Obtained!!
G1 Raincurl Obtained!
G1 Streaky
G1 Alt February Violet
G1 May Lily of the Valley
G1 Alt May Lily of the Valley
G1 Alt September Morning Glory
G1 Mommy Charm Funny Face
G1 Mommy Charm Fun Lover
G3 Seaspray
G3 Flutterbutter
G1 Sunbeam
G1 Tickle
G1 Confetti
G1 Trickles
G1 Masquerade Obtained!
G1 Sweet Pop
G1 Rose Dust Obtained!
G1 Morning Glory Obtained!
G1 Crumpet (Preferably deflocked) Obtained!!!!
G1 Baby Crumpet
G1 Quackers
G1 Pink Dreams
G1 TAF Night Glider
G1 Sunny Bunch
G1 Flower Bouquet Obtained!
G1 Baby Sugarcake
G1 Birthday Pony
G1 Baby Katie
G1 Honeycomb
G1 Baby Explorer
G1 Baby Mischief Obtained!
G1 Sweet Clover
G1 Splosh
G1 Baby Lollipop
G2 Princess Crystal Obtained!
G2 Wingsong II
G2 Princess Silver Rain (with umbrella) Obtained!!!
G2 Light Heart
G2 Floral
G2 Lady Rainbow
G2 Copper Glow
G2 Prince Fauna
G2 Princess Flora
G2 Festivities
G2 Eve
G2 Glittery Heart
G2 Melody
G2 Muse
G2 Magic Diamond Glow
G2 Bubble Obtained!
G2 Teddy
G2 Puff
G1 Baby Ribbs
G2 Jazzy
G2 Miss Painter
G3 Strawberry Swirl
G3 Autumn Skye
G3 Moondancer
G3 Meadowbrook
G3 Cherry Blossom
G3 Shenanigans
G3 Bee Bop
G3 Bumblesweet
G3 Wondermint
G3 Merriweather Obtained!
G3 Starbeam
G3 Marshmellow Coco
G3 Snow'el II
G3 Silly Sunshine
G3 Silver Song
G3 Butterscotch
G3 Port-o-Bella
G3 Fluttershy
G3 Baby Keen Bean
G3 Seaspray
G3 Peachie Keen
G3 Misty Blue
G3 January Joy
G3 March Mischief
G3 April Mist
G3 Lulabelle
G3 Apple Spice
G3 Citrus Sweetheart
G3 Baby Jingle Jangle
G3 March Daffodil
G3 Pretty Parasol Obtained!
G3 Jade Garden
G3 Silver Rain
G3 Abra-ca-dabra Obtained!
G3 Pumpkin Tart with cat ears Obtained!!!
G3 Tira-Mi-Su
G3 Mochanut
G3 Berries 'n Cherries
G3 Midnight Dream
G3 Royal Beauty (from the Crystal Rainbow Castle set, frog symbol) Obtained!!
G3 Wish-I-May
G3 Star Catcher 2
G3 Morning Glory
G3 Swirlypop
G3 Pearly Pie
G3 Butter Pop Obtained!
G3 Pretty Pop
G3 Party Cake Obtained
G3 Rainbow Bubbles
G3 Snowdrop Swirl
G3 All My Heart
G3 Pony Fair Exclusive Pinkie Pie
G3 Strawberry Surprise
G3 Pinkie Pie with 3D symbols
G3 Underwater Pony
G3 Breast Cancer Awareness Pony
G3 Junko Pony
G1 Algodoncete
G1 Lofty
G1 Truly
G1 So Soft Fifi (Preferably deflocked)
G1 Baby Fifi
G1 Baby Quackers Obtained!!
G1 Tic Tac Toe
G1 Floater
G1 Baby Paws Obtained!
G1 Baby Leaper
G1 Wiggles
G1 Squirmy Obtained!
G1 Baby Gametime
G1 Baby Rainfeather Obtained!
G1 Baby Flicker Obtained!
HQG1C Genie
HQG1C Celebration
HQG1C Puppy Love
HQG1C Kitty Love
HQG1C Batty Boo
G1 Baby Starbow Obtained!!
G1 Baby Brightbow Obtained!
G1 Baby Sunribbon Obtained!
G1 Baby Rainribbon Obtained!
G3 Rainbow Sunrise
G1 Dazzleglow
G1 Happyglow Obtained!!
G1 Baby Sparkle Gusty
G3 Frilly Frocks
G1 Little Flitter Obtained!
G1 Napper
G1 Star Hopper
G1 Baby Nightsong
G3 Alphabittle
G1 Mommy Meadowsweet
G1 Daddy Meadowsweet
G1 Baby Meadowsweet
G1 Mommy Sunbright
G1 Daddy Sunbright
G1 Baby Sunbright
G1 Tropical Breeze
G1 Milky Way
G1 Angel
G3 Always & Forever Obtained!
G3 Periwinkle Jewel
G3 Goodie Goodie
G3 Darling Dahlia
Celestial Pony Aurora
Celestial Pony Polaris
Celestial Pony Nova
Celestial Pony Milky Way
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Seems like every time I check a few off, I find more that I want :cry: