Hehehe, your WIP photos are great!
Maybe if you know you have to cut through a neck from the start, you could practice cutting at an angle to give yourself a sort of bottle-stopper-shape to glue back on, which should add a lot to its mechanical hold!
Photo op!
May I present my first gen ducks:
The 2 inch ducks:

Friends forever!!!

And my 1 inch ducks

For those obsessed with tiny things-One sweet lil micro duck with baby pigtails! She's the teensiest!!!

And I'm coming up with gen two prototypes that won't be cut or glued thanks to micro duck-who is neither cut nor glued!
I love the big tails but not the cut butts, ya feel me?

The only thing worse than head removal surgery is dupa surgery gone wrong!

Oh well, we live, we learn. I shan't cut butts anymore. That flamingo was for me anyways. I'll probably still list my unclaimed first gens anyways. They're adorbs for display!
#evil person cuts open rubber duck butt and is a monster! /joke XD these are funny lol!
I came across some rubber duckies (one's a koala-unicorn, the other I think is a cat unicorn) and I am tempted to steal your idea and try hairing them lol
It's all good, it's not stealing.:yellowheart::chick::yellowheart: I'm here to vibe and swap great ideas so I fully encourage you to do it. Lmk if you do, I'd love to hear your experiences. I'd highly advise going in through their existing holes before cutting their dupies. It's so much trouble to perfectly glue them back on and then they can't be squeezed as much as I found in my "stress tests." I'm almost done with my first extra long hair duck no cutting attempt and I'm feeling good about it! Results soon.:happyhearts:I'm glad they inspired you!
You butt cutter!! *quack*
:pUgh, tis true! :rofl:Reformed butt cutter, thank you! lol I feel so bad for cutting them butts!
I'm a huge supporter of going in through that squeaker hole now. It took micro duck to lead me to the light.:chick: I've tried micro zip ties for the tail, but I almost prefer doing plugs for it so they'll never get ripped out. Lol I shan't cut butts anymore! I shan't! LMAO It only took doing a dozen of them to learn the hard lessons.:oops::rofl:
How much hair is too much hair? This is 15 plugs for the mane. Flamingo Duck believes it's a pony!:coolpony:
Flamingo ducks! Sassy, classy, and badassey! :coolpony:

These are my friggin favesies!!! Three exclamation points to let you know I mean it. I finished a red and pink variant and OMG! It's in curlers ATM.
So I'll ask y'all, thoughts and feelings of the workings of trading and selling on here. I have PayPal, I read the faqs and I just need to decide prices and make the listing(s) in the appropriate areas for sales. I'd be grateful for any tips or etiquette for a selling noob. I know there's a special area for listing them but I'm curious about the process and a tad excited/ nervous about my first Internet sales. I'm glad this community exists, it's so much fun to talk with other enthusiasts and professionals about our pony and pony adjacent passions! I'm pretty much ready to let some duckies fly to new homes or I shall be terribly outnumbered!:rofl::yellowheart::chick::yellowheart:
DUCK with pride! :hearteyes: :rainbow::chick:

Duck art in progress!
If anyone was still interested I posted some ducks for sale here on the thread for non mlp sales. "Ducks, fun pony friends" I believe is what I renamed the thread. I'm never sure how to price things so I'm happy to wiggle on pricing and give discounts to friends who have been watching these posts develop. I'm also interested in potential trades as well. Thanks again!