empresspony's wish list!

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Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jul 6, 2006
ok here goes nothin!
here is my wishlist!

(note that i really like g3 stuff)

-MLP sets I need-
Picnic Celebration :)
Tea Party :)
Ponyville Tea Party ;)
Collector's Edition My Little Pony Game :)
Picnic Fun with Sew-and-So :)
Tea Time Fun with Piccolo :)
Dress-Up Fun with Skywishes :)
Moonlight Celebration II with Tink-a-Tink-a-Too II :)
Ponyville Picnic ;)
Seaside Surprise with Sweet Summertime :)
Mini Ponies :eek:
Cute Curtsey & Carriage :)
Crystal Rainbow Royal Spa :eek:
Shimmer Shine :) :)
Graceful Glimmer :)
Rainbow Princess Castle :eek:
Grand Puzzleventure ::)

-MLP Singles I need-
Savannah Sage :)
Candy Cane :)
Mittens :)
Snowflake :)
Mistletoe :)
Snow’el :)
Marshmellow Coco :eek: ::)
Royal Ribbon :eek: ::)
Star Catcher ::) ::)
Always & Forever :eek:
Yours Truly :eek:
Winter Minty :)
Toboggan :)
Sno-Glo :)
Skedoodle :)
Lolligiggle :)
Yesterdaisy :)
Any non-american breezie :eek:

-Other MLP things i want-
-mlp bathroom rug
-mlp shower curtain hooks
-mlp trashcan
-mlp comforter set
-mlp UK kids furniture
-mlp wall boarder
-any mlp home decor!
-australian exclusive 33inch plushies! -Obviously- :p :eek: :)
-another (yes i said another) 36" Frilly Frocks ;D
-mlp socks in my size ( size 6- 8.5 girls fits me) :cool:
-mlp gumball machine (the one that actually looks like a gumball machine)(still need the skywishes one and the sunny daze one ^_^) :eek: ::)
-mlp fleece blanket :)
-mlp bathroom stuff :)
-mlp large foam checker board :)
-mlp wall clock :)
-mlp bedroom stuff ;D
-mlp g3 charms :eek:
-mlp jewelry box (the australian one) ;D
-mlp PJs (in my size) :eek: :eek: :eek:
if you want to trade message me what you have for trade or if you want something i have pm me too :eek:
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