Estrellla (StarFlower) Spanish NC Nirvana


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jul 12, 2018
20180716_144604.jpg 20180716_144617.jpg
YAY! i managed to buy my first Nirvana Pony!
Granted it was at a toy fair, so it wasnt on any travels but shes beautiful even though her stars are faded. but still see able.

Her problems are this. she has tail rust and a rusty neck or what i presume to be. so i was wondering if i should pop her head off and clean her? but ive never cleaned a nirvana pony and dont want to damage her any further. of cause i want to keep her orignal but. should i take her head off or not:shock:? (this sounds so mean)

so what do you think? i might. but i just dont want to damage her.


Miniature Pony
Jun 22, 2018
If you leave the rust it will cause more damage in the future, so I would so pop her head off. If the rust has reached the neck seal and you can see it in the neck with a sealed head... it looks like it's bad. I think having a clean, rust free pony that won't get damaged by rust now or in the future is better than a badly rusted pony with who knows what grossness going on inside but causing more damage with her original neck seal. If you clean her it will help in the long run :)