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Sep 2, 2013
Ahem... here I go to typin'. What occurs next is anyone's guess!

Ponies I want, nay NEED, for my good health and general attempt at sanity:

MOAR Dollar General fakie babies. I LURVE THEM. I need millions because there is no limit to my greed.

I'd like more G3.5 Newborn Cuties. I know they exhibit very un-Pony behaviour, such as crawling, but I can't help it! I ALSO LURVE THEM. I lurve a lot of things. Odd considering I'm evil, but there you go. I'm Chaotic Evil, so it might make sense. Until I change my mind.

Beddy Bye Eyes babies. I have a little herd of them, but their creepy little soulless eyes compel me to get more. They need to amass an army. For the Quickening or something.

You know, let's just say babies. I like babies. G1 babies are my fave, but I likes them babies. All are welcome. Go into the light!

Ponyville Boutique wigs. I have several bald Ponies (Cancer Ponies as my kidlet calls them) and their heads are so cold. They would appreciate wigs! I need lots, believe me. I'll count their bald heads later. Oh, how they shine. Like little Lex Luthor ponies. Every lot I buy has one more chrome domes needin' a weave.

Cha Cha the Llama. She's one of the My Little Pony Friends I missed because I was off doing something besides buying Ponies and HERMAGARD I need her. Not enough to kill for, but close. I need her bad enough to punch for. I would decidedly smack someone for her. So if you have one, and have someone who needs pasted, I am your one-stop-to-bop-shop. I will punch your enemy for her. GLADLY. She won't be good as a real llama, but I have one of those. The real one wants a boyfriend though, if you happen to have one in your pocket. I know she'd like him. Wink, wink.

Those capital A-dorable Fancy Mermaid Ponies. I have none. I am sad about this. You don't want me sad, do you?

Venezuelan Blossom. She is my pipe dream, but we all gotta have dreams. I also dream ghosts are trying to smother me, those I could do without.

Brush and Grow Ringlets. She'll be easy to get. I just haven't yet. So I'm putting her here to remind me. Because I am getting Old Timers before my old times. Sad, really. I blame society. EDIT: I bought her. I bought her twice, she is so nice. But I'm leaving this here, for a historical marker of my wants and desires.

Sea Ponies. I have one morose, lonely Sea Pony. One day I will find her some friends. Under the sea. That's where she'll be! EDIT: I have three now. But I need more. You can't repopulate with just three. Especially when they're all girls. Pretty sure it doesn't work that way. Maybe it's asexual reproduction. I don't judge. NATURE COMMANDS WE REPRODUCE OR EXTINCT!

G1 Minty. Mine is gone. A robber took her, and he probably sold her into slavery. She's probably workin' the mines right now. Ugh. I thought about her being one and now I'm sad about it again. They could've had all my G3, if they would have just left me her. My brother gave her to me and now he's gone. Maybe she's in heaven with him, playing pool and smoking. Suspire. EDIT: I have the best ever Minty, sent to me by Ology. You can't know how much I love both of them.

Precious Pocket Pony G1 Bunny Hop. Because she is rabbit related. And cute. No other reason, really. Under the same logic (or lack thereof) I need G3 Easter Pony Lolligiggle. One day, she will be laying eggs for me! She lays Easter eggs, right?

Stuffed G4 Applejack. She alone eludes me. I suppose she may well be in the orchard pickin' apples. EDIT: I got her! She was in the gardening department of WalMart and I snuck up behind her, chloroformed her and drug her home screaming! YAYS! KIDNAPPING IS MAGICAL! Or I bought her. But that isn't very exciting.

Let's see, I needa write down the G4s I need so I don't have to keep looking them up. They're all European releases (I think. I don't claim to know), so maybe I should just head to Europe! I need Star Swirl (and who doesn't need her, I ask), Ploomette (oh how I long for her rainbow head goodness!), Skywishes (first, not second release), TRU Zecora (okay, she's was a US thing, I just missed her), and Rainbow Flash.

Right now this is what I've thought of. I put this out in the digital ether as proof of my terrible addiction.

EDIT: I need G4 Ploomette, big wings, regular wings, I gots no Ploomette. What a sad way to go through life.
Also need the Shimmer Flutter Celestia with the golden fabirc-y wings.
I needa Plyskool Cheerilee too. She is so cutenessnessness. I love those things. They're like little chibi ponieh.
And more babies. If you know anything about me after reading this, you know I am mental for dem babies.
European Rainbow Flash Skywishes (Maybe....) Starswirl (Maybe...)

EDIT This is a work in progress. Don't smite me.
Fashem Lyra, Applebloom, Luna, Celestia

Squinkies Rainbow, Twilight
Fashion Style G4 Daisy Dreams, Masked Princess Twilight Sparkle
Magical Scene Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy (I love the idea of peering into a hole on their booties to see an alternate reality. Much better than staring at the normal bootie hole, which is nasty and also the view is dead boring)
Funko Superhero Minis Fluttershy/Saddle Rager non transformed

G3 Tiny Tins: Minty, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Sparkleworks, Sunny Daze, Sweet Berry, Sew and Go

2018 McDonald's Cutie Mark Crew Rarity.

Any Loyal Subject Pony except for Applejack (I bought two, both were AJ, what are the odds?). I'd particularly like Minty.

Cutie Mark Crew
Wave 2
ALL... *sobs*
Wave 5 ALL... *weeps*
Wave 6 ALL... *gnashes teeth and tears at sackcloth vestments*
Wave 3 Celestia, Royal Guard

Blind Bags
Wave 1
Sugar Grape, Lily Blossom, Honey Buzz, Fizzypop, Sweetie Blue, Lemon Hearts, Cherry Spices, Lucky Swirl, Firecracker Burst
Wave 2 all
Wave 3 Blind Bag Cherry berry, Meadow Song, Lucky Dreams, Berryshine. Rainbow Shine, Golden Harvest
Wave 5 Sunny Rays, Sapphire Shores, Trixie, Ploomette, Golden Delicious, Rainbow Wishes
Wave 12 Plain Twilight
Wave 16 Roseluck
Wave 18 ALL
Wave 19 ALL
Wave 20 Swanky Hank, Neigh Sayer, B Sharp, Levon Song, Strawberry Ice, Mare E Lynn, Beaude Mane, Business Savvy, Lavender Bloom, Mare E Belle, Upper East Stride, Joan Pommelway, Blueberry Curls, Pursey Pink, Prim Hemline, Fancy Pants, Miss Pommel, Berry Preppy
Wave 21 Fleetfoot
Wave 23 ALL
Wave 24 Glitter Hair rarity, Sweetie Drops (glitter hair), Neon Lights (glitter hair)

Metallic Blip figures Rarity, Twilight Sparkle

Puzzle Erasers Trixie, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie

Chibi Plush Fluttershy (Dib head)

G1 Ponies
25th Anniversary
Butterscotch (2007 hoof date)

Rockin' Beats: Sweet Notes, Prettybeats

Merry Go Round: Flower Bouquet, Sunny Bunch, Diamond Dreams

Sundae Best: Swirly Whirly, Banana Surprise
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