G1 Mexican Applejack variant found - never seen her before!!

Peppermint Truly

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Jun 10, 2005
I think no introduction can do this pony's beauty justice.


I checked her hair because at first I though she had been rehaired, but it's real!!! She's soooo awesome! I think this is how Applejack should've been made in the first place!
Wow. I'm not a G1 collector; but that pony has me smitten.
Wow! :shock: She's gorgeous with red hair! *wishes she lived in mexico to find all those neat ponies* Do ponies down there only surface in the bigger cities? I've never had any luck finding ponies the couple times I've been in mexico:(
Gasp! Oh my god! I love her! Where did you find her in such good shape?

Baby Medley
WoW Shes awesome looking!!! This version of applejack is a great custom idea.
Wow!! She is beautiful!!! :shock:
You're so lucky. That's the best looking varition of Apple Jack I've seen =P
Oh she's really lovely. Congrats. I'm just curious so if it's not too much trouble could you tell me what's stamped on her feet?
she looks SO cute in red!
I want I want I want! I love all things applejack and he looks great as a red head.

Whoa... she's special alright. But I like my yellow haired one better, hehe. Maybe she's a factory mistake? Since no others like her has been spotted I mean. She's awesome though, you're so lucky to have her!
Wow! She's stunning! Just like the red haired Mexican Moondancer, she's awesome! Some girls have all the luck! :wink:
Has anyone ever seen her before? Thats an awesome find! I really love her colors, and now I think I know of another pony I now want..lol
AJ is ALWAYS a pretty girl, but this one takes the cake! She even beats White AJ!! O___O

You are SOO lucky to find her! *runs to your house and robs you of AJ*