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Gen 1 MLP painting

Taffy Twist

Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Nov 3, 2022
one of the classes I'm taking is color theory and for this assignment we had to redesign a toy using complimentary colors and there tertiary colors. I chose to do gen 1 ponies, though my drawing was a little to big so there not arranged very good.
the drawing was made by eyeing a image from google so its not entirely my own.

the background gradient was a little rushed and I'm really new to painting so trying to do a gradient was hard. I also didn't plan on doing it until the day I was supposed to submit it.


**MOD EDIT: to complete photo upload see here :)
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Really lovely to look at :)

Because the gradient isn't smooth, it would be described as a "painterly" technique. I like it, its more expressive :D
That’s a cool assignment! And they look great :D and I kinda like how they stick up into the other section
That's awesome! Looks great. I was considering doing an mlp G1 painting too. I feel like this is a sign that I should. "All the cool kids are doing it!" Inspiring!
These are pleasing!! Ponies are a fun base for color experimentation. They've been made in so many color combinations, and knowing color theory can help explain why some color combinations are more attractive than others.

@MLP_PreMed You totally should!! Though you can still be cool without painting ponies. ;D
Omg I love this! The colors are perfect, it would look gorgeous on a pony room wall.