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SOLD [ Glistening Rainlight ] // Horse & Humanoid Commissions // CLOSED

Glistening Rainlight

Glittering in the Water
MLPTP Supporter
Jan 1, 2020
[ Glistening Rainlight Commissions ]
Fantasy horse, pony, and humanoid commissions
( aka stars//water )

CLOSED: Temporary closure due to medical issues, will hopefully be back shortly [ as of Sep 11]​

[ Slots ]
1: Open​
2: Open​

[ Info ]
  • Up-Front Payment
  • I am using Paypal until I find something better
  • More examples available upon request
  • I am generally pretty fast, but some artwork may take a few weeks to complete
  • If I attempt to contact you for feedback and do not head back in 2-3 weeks, I can remove your commission from the list until I do hear back. At which point you will be added to the bottom of the list.
  • I am allowed to use what I make for advertising purposes
  • No commercial use
[ Process ]
  • Initial talks to figure out what you're looking for
  • Payment accepted
  • Initial sketches, one or more depending on complexity and specificity
  • Corrections (as many as needed)
  • Coloring
  • Corrections
  • Once it is complete, I will send you the full, watermark-free PNG
  • Image size reduction available.

[ STANDARD COMMISSIONS ] $25 +transaction fee (or equivalent pony, see below)
Includes flat colors, clean lines (mildly sketchy for humanoids), and a transparent, solid color, or gradient background.

[ Original ] My usual art style. Ponies are my specialty but I can draw other animals, too.
1683257972987.pngDarklys poysona commission 4 sig.png2022_12_26 - painted flat watermarked starswater.pngbird starswater watermark.pngTwin Stars compressed one wm.png
[ Mimicry ] Art styles based on the different generations of MLP. Feel free to ask if I have examples of others you're interested in.
2022_1_28 - coloring book pony shrunk watermarked.pngtranslight shrunk watermarked.png2021_9_26 - mlp G5 watermarked starswater shrunk.png
[ Humanoid ]​
2023_3_2 - karano shrunk watermarked.png2023_3_23 ext Revival watermarked shrunk.png2023_4_7 - karano studying watermarked scale.png2023_6_14 - curehaus watermarked shrunk.png
More examples of humanoids (and other animals) can be found here:


[ Storybook ] $35-40 +transaction fee (or equivalent pony, see below)​
This option includes shading, no line art, and a transparent, solid color, gradient, or a simple background.
calm waters shrunk watermarked.pngDemure Dreamer shrunk watermarked.pngglow remake 2 watermarked shrunk.jpg

Or take a look at my new commissions website for more details and more options!
Or also ask. I'm still working out the format for my commission offers to provide more flexibility, so I'm happy to work out different options.

I am accepting ponies as payment, including ponies from my wishlist (preferably my priority wishlist) as well as white bait ponies - preferably sweetheart sister, bride, or G2. I will also accept HQG1C glitter bases (especially the rearing unicorn), and the HQG1C valentine's day ponies. The cost of shipping will be included when evaluating the value. It's not something I'm familiar with doing, but I want to try.
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I am available for things like character sheets and making new designs. Also if you're interested in something I haven't explicitly offered, like shading, backgrounds, and animation, feel free to ask about them. I'll be opening some of this stuff up eventually anyway.