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May 26, 2020
Welcome to my Shoppe!:cc:
Here is where I will list pony items that I have for sale.

Most of the time I will obtain my ponies via lots from online stores. This, of course, lands me with a TON of duplicate ponies. ('Tis just the nature of buying in lots - Skybreeze knows what I'm talking about, lol.) When I receive a lot, I sort the ponies to make them easier to clean/repair. Once sorted, the ponies are gently and carefully cleaned. If a pony's hair is dry, I will condition it. If the pony's hair is super frizzy, I will do my best to fix it using the conditioner and flat iron method to re-style the hair.

Often times, if they need minor repainting done (ie Heart hoof that is rubbed off partially), I will carefully colormatch and repaint the affected area.
If the pony is missing hair plugs or needs to be re-haired, and I have the specific color on hand, I will most likely re-hair the pony.
I will specify if a pony has been repaired/fixed by me in either of these ways!

All listings are in US currency and will ship from Texas. The prices do not include shipping costs, as the cost will depend on how many items I am shipping at once, the destination of the package, and whether the package will be tracked or not.

PM me with the name of the pony you would like to buy, and where it would need to be shipped to. The sooner I know, the sooner I can give you a shipping quote!
If there is more than one of that character, you will need to be more specific so I know which one to place on hold for you. If you change your mind, no worries! I can take the pony off hold.

Payment is done via PayPal.
Be sure to use goods and services!!! (Remember, never EVER pay someone via Friends and Family. If you do, PayPal cannot help you if something goes wrong!)

I also list on Ebay & Mercari!

I will do my best to update this posting ASAP in case one of my ponies sells elsewhere!
Usually, my prices will be cheaper here.

<3 :flutter: <3
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G3 Ponies

Sunset Sweety - $3 SOLD
Mark on her rear display side leg below her symbol/cutie mark and on the back of her rear right leg which cannot be seen from the display side. No bite marks, No rattles, Paint intact, Frizzy but uncut hair, Some tinsel thinning/broken, No missing hair plugs.

$2 & Under Ponies
These ponies may need more TLC than others, but that doesn't mean they are any less lovable!
Sunny Daze - $2 SOLD

Faded pen marks and scratched eye paint on display side. Cut and Faded Hair. No bite marks, No rattles, No missing hair plugs.

Scootaloo - $2 SOLD
Uncut mane/tail, partially rubbed off symbol/cutie mark, hoof hanger/heart is rubbing off. Small rough patch on chest.

Open to offers!
First come, first serve. PM me a request to see more photos!
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G4 Ponies
BABW Rainbow Dash - $8 PENDING

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