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Apr 9, 2010
I know all of these are MLP but can't remember what they came with... Thoughts?


Did this type of clip ever come with MLP stuff?


Any ideas what these items go to? I'm pretty sure the orange clip is Peaches n Cream Barbie... But the rest of it, I haven't a clue.


And do all these items come from those big plastic horses...? What were they called... Fashion Star Fillies...?


Thanks for any help!
The MLP clips are from Pretty Ups set, some Poof n' Puff and maybe some ponies?

The 3 flowers ones in the 2nd pic, aren't the right color but that style came with perm shoppe.

Pretty Ups for sure, green fish and yellow star fish

Poof n' Puff, yellow luv, blue starfish and orange teddies

blue claw clip, maybe poof n' puff or Player?

blue bird Player?

pink hearts Bouquet?

the shooting star could be baby princess sparkle?
The pink sunburst gem was definitely from Fashion Star Fillies, I had that one as a kid, it came with Calla. The other metallic elastics with two beads on them should also be for FSF. The green one is for Lani, and the pink sheer bow with green ribbons is her tail bow. The light pink beaded elastic seems to be missing its medallion but looks to be the right color for Lani as well. The rest of the items in the same pic don't look like anything I recognize from the rest of the FSF line but I could have overlooked something.

The green fish comb is from Sea Wees dolls, the barrette as Gingerbread said is from MLP Pretty-Ups accessories.

This should help you find what belongs with Pretty-Ups: http://mylittlewiki.org/wiki/Category:Pretty_Ups
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The blue starfish barrette, orange bears barrette, and blue bow clip are from the Perfume Palace.

Green fish and yellow starfish are Pretty Ups.

I think the Perm Shoppe has one of those flower barrettes, but I also had those for my own hair back then.

The dark pink shooting star could be Baby Princess Sparkle. She had either dark pink or purple.

The black crown-ish thing with the black lace and pink marquise gem is Enchanted Kingdom Nina.