Hi, nice to meet you! + my huge G1 collection


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jun 7, 2013
Hey there fellow pony lovers!

I'm new to MLPTP but people have been after me to join for a while. I'm Mal, from London, Canada. I've been collecting since I was little and have hundreds of ponies!


This isn't even my whole collection- I have another blue tupperware like the one pictured full.

I've never been active in the pony community because I'm a bit shy and also because I was made fun of a bit for collecting as a child (clearly not enough to stop collecting... Heck no lol) but I need to start selling a few doubles because I just learned I got into grad school and the money is needed.

I have a blog-- g1mylittlepony.blogspot.ca... It has a list of what I've got and also what I'd like to have- it's not updated/finished but I'm working on it.

If you're interested in any of my doubles, I thought I'd give the heads up to the pony community before going on eBay.

Money's tight right now so I can't buy, but trading might be possible, because I love ponies more than food.

Thanks, and nice to meet you..

Hello and welcome to the TP :Welcome::rose3:

bigmlpfan xx