I believe to have a Variant of Rosedust G1? help pls.


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Jul 12, 2018
20180707_000955.jpg Hello, i've recently got a double of one of my favourites, Rose Dust a flutter Pony G1. However on closer inspection, there moulds and paint are completely different when compared. (not just the faded pink hair haha) i was thinking it could be a different production run or a country specific (a nirvana) but none have been known to exist.
But for it to be a Nirvana i thought the hoof had to be labled with a different company. When these state the general 'Hong Kong'.

The only other guess of mine was that there where 2 production runs of these as from what i've seen online is that there's 2 different prepackaging types. One stating special offers and the other not having the circle with special offers but also having a different pose pony art.

So i was wondering if anyone had noticed the same with Rose Dust or any other of the Flutter Ponies? As i guess this could effect them all.

For the purpose of this post ill be referring to my pony who has the white (pink faded) hair as RD1 the one i suspect to be the most common and RD2 the one with pink hair as the one who seams to be the different one.

I suspect RD1 to be the general one as the rest of my flutter pony's have the same shape and mould.
would love to hear what you guys think and if you have a flutter pony who resembles RD1 or RD2. this would be a great help in finding out why these exist!

these are the differences i have noticed.
20180707_001050.jpg 20180707_122218 (1).jpg 20180707_133334.jpg 20180707_122305.jpg
  • the head of RD2 is about 2mm bigger then RD1
  • Eye is also 2mm bigger and has a thicker Iris and white dot. dot is also lower down.
  • Eyelashes on RD2 are longer. to the eye crease where RD1 has think and stubby eyelashes.
  • 'chops' or lip line on RD2 have a more distinctive curve and curl to the end
  • RD1 has a smaller Pink nip on her face flower where RD2 is nearly the hole length of the green
  • RD2 has a darker green cutie marks, however i cant be sure on as RD1 has more has fading and has had more play to her.
  • RD2 is made out of a more see though plastic allover.
  • RD2 has a higher tail hole
  • RD2 has a different stance. leg to hooves have a less defined curve way to different to be a factory error
20180707_122940.jpg 36985370_2035111340139536_6897082097094098944_n.jpg
  • RD1 (on the Right) has more defined makers marks on her hooves
  • RD1 has smaller circles while RD2 are much bigger
  • RD2 has a slightly different stance
  • RD2 makers marks are very light and less visible.
~NOTE~ both hooves state exactly the same info~

So what do you guys think? i know you have allot more experience in this area so it will be interesting to hear back! feel free to share pictures of your own Flutter Ponies.

It would be even better if you could state what version you think you have.

Thanks for reading