I grew up watching that cartoon! Nostalgia trip!


Flat Foot Peachy
Dec 9, 2019
Do you mean time to subscribe to Disney+? It was only released Nov. 2019, so it hasn't been out for a year quite yet (ugh have to renew my package soon). But yes, they have the complete series of a lot of the Disney afternoon shows on it. I love that I have been able to rewatch all the classics. I also have been really enjoying the Tangled cartoon series, I just finished watching that this week - I'm super upset that series is also finished and I love Rapunzel even more now thanks to that show. lol I also love that I can re-watch a lot of my favourite movies as much as I like on all my devices. ;)
Yup I knew I’d get Disney + eventually because they announced that they were doing a new season of Clone Wars :) I used to watch clone wars on Cartoon Network but years ago they canceled it when Disney bought Star Wars, so I meant I’ve been waiting years for the show to come back :D Sorry if I said it confusingly. Oh yes the Tangled show was amazing! Rapunzel is one of my favorite, I was also really sad it ended but at least it was a pretty good ending