Jellybean's Wishlist of Eventual Hopefuls


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Sep 12, 2022
I don't aspire to any kind of complete collection, just looking to fill in a few more loves from time to time as finances allow. Our herd is happy, but would be even gladder to see these faces:

(Regarding condition: I'll happily wash up a dirty pony, fix hair, touch up paint. But I'm no good at dealing with problems in the vinyl, or heads that are different colors than bodies.)

G1 Ponies:
Angel (So-soft - blue earth) - (currently working on a deflock but it would be lovely to have her with clean, intact flocking too)
Baby Dipper, and her green turtle float with blue paint (Sea Sparkle baby Sea Pony - white)
Baby Cherries Jubilee (coral pink earth)
Baby Katie (yellow earth) - pending
Baby Ribbon (Non-beddy-bye-eyed - dark teal unicorn) - pending
Baby Sister Bright Bouquet (Loving Family - pink earth)
Baby Up Up & Away (Mail order Twice-as-Fancy baby - dark pink unicorn)
Crumpet (So-soft - amber earth) (In very clean condition with minimal flocking loss) - pending
Cupcake (So-soft - white earth) (In really nice clean condition with minimal flocking loss)
Four-Speed a.k.a. Trucker (Big Brother - light blue earth)
Ice Crystal (Mountain Boy - light green earth)
Lemon Treats (Candy Cane - yellow earth) - pending
Lightning (Mountain Boy - orange earth) - pending
Pink Dreams (Flutter - light blue) - pending
Skippity Doo (So-soft - green earth) (In really nice clean condition with minimal flocking loss)
Skylark (Princess Brush & Grow - aqua earth)
Tootie Tails (Tropical - yellow earth)

G1 Accessories:
Pink lobster float with purple paint, for Sea Sparkle baby Sea Breeze
A Glow Worm toy for a first tooth baby - pending
Any original flutter wings
High quality replica flutter wings
Baseball Cap for Big Brother Slugger - pending
Feather Headdress for Big Brother Wigwam
Football Helmet for Big Brother Quarterback
Pirate Hat for Big Brother Barnacle - pending
Sailor Hat for Big Brother Salty
Train Conductor's Hat for Big Brother Steamer a.k.a. Tracks - pending
2 stands for rearing ponies (clear replicas are ok!)
Purple Lily Barrette for Dainty Dahlia
Lollipop, Ice cream cone, and Milkshake barrettes for Candy Cane and Sundae Best ponies, especially Caramel Crunch & Swirly Whirly

G1 Princess Accessories (see visual guide below!):
Eager (purple with green crown), for Princess Starburst​
Chumster (yellow with light blue crown), for Princess Pristina​
Wishful (pink with aqua crown), for Princess Royal Blue​
Hugster (green with pink crown), for Princess Sparkle​
Various princess combs
Any princess ribbons
Any UK dragons for the Princess Ponies
Wands (see image below)

HQG1C ponies:
Baby Fiesta (bonus birthday pony, deep blue boy with purple hair)
various 'girl body' birthday set ponies
any white-body non-glitter HQG1C sea ponies
non-glitter blanks of babies and newborns in various base colors
rearing white earthy pony blank

Jellybean's Princess Accessory Needs.jpg

Images used are from and
(used without permission but only for checklist purposes, so don't use them for anything else please!)

(Last updated August 6th, 2023)
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Adding a visual checklist of my Sea Pony Baby needs, since they're so easy to mix up. Ones with hearts are my priorities and the others would just be nice to have someday.

Images borrowed without permission from which makes me a naughty pony, so don't you use them for other purposes! :winkpony:
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