mistclover4 want list


Jul 27, 2007
Swap WishtList ONLY:: thanks

I need a wishlist for the arena swap for g3 only.. please dont merge this or delete thanks

Condition Preferences: I am not a condition kind of collector..
What is Unacceptable to You: I don't mind most flaws however i prefer no haircuts or fizzy hair
Likes/Dislikes:not sure what this is for but i love glitter, sitckers, reese's candies
Allergies: no known allergies
Other Collections: I collect g1's and g4's, monster high, novi stars, anything with clovers, lalaloopsy mini dolls and accessories

Ponyville (just ponies): tink a tink a too
Ice cream dream supreme
Candy apple
Finger paints
lil purple heart bubble bath came w/ sweetsong bath time
Jingle Jangle (MIP)
25th Anv. Minty w/ 3d symbol
Star Flower
Comic Con Pony's:
Art pony 2008 w/ black and blue

These ponies I dont have and wouldnt mind getting as well

Butter Drop
Dance Around
Hula Lula
Keen Bean
Lavender Locket
Ocean Dreamer
Sandy Island
Surf Star
Heart Bright
Daisy May
Silver Glow
Pearly Pie
Star Flight
Thistle Whistle
Twilight Pink
Twinkle Bloom
Windy Wisp
Garden Wishes
Lily Lightly
Sunrise Song
Whistle Wishes
Amazing Grace
Apple Spice
Bay Breeze in my dreams
Beach Belle
Caribbean Delight
Chocolate Chipper
Chocolate Delight
Cinnamon Breeze
Citrus Sweetheart
Coconut Cream
Comet Tail
Crowning Glory
Darling Dahlia
Fantastical February
February Violet
Fizzy Pop
Flippity Flop
Fun Fairy
Goodie Goodie
Jade Garden
Junko Muzuno in my dreams
Kiwi Tart
Lavender Lake
Morning Glory
Pretty Palace
Rainbow Bubbles
Rainbow Dash HOPE
Rainbow Treat
Ribbon and hearts in my dreams
Royal Beauty 1
Royal Beauty 2
Royal Twist
Serendipity 2
Star Flower
Summer Shores
Sweet Sparkle
Sweetie Belle LOVE
Toola Roola Creativity

Other Collection/Wanted Items:

Mini Lalaloopsy Want List:
Scraps Stitched N Sewn Target Exclusive
Bun Bun Sticky Icing
Cherry Crisp Crust
Choco Whirl Swirl
Jelly Wiggle Jiggle
Patch’s Treasure Hunt
Scoops Waffle Cone serves ice cream

Also have my monster high wishlist at the arena.. and my pony g1 g4 here at the trading post
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