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Sep 2, 2013
Here's a spot for you to all post your wishlist for fave Ponies and what kinds of tiny goodies you might fancy and what kinda candy sends you to the moon!

Sorry I am the pokey pants, but I'm getting there! :D


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Dec 24, 2010
Tulagirl's List

(* indicates a favorite)
G1 Ponies in G1 Pose

*UK Clover
UK Cherry Sweet
UK Bon-Bon
Cherries Jubilee
*Dutch Baby Dolphin (Delphine)
Dutch Shell
Dutch Candy

Ornaments: No glass please... crazy cats in the house

Things I love: Cheshire cat, Totoro, tins, containers/decorated boxes, cute zipper bags, pencil bags with cute themes, Japanese Imported Kawaii Cute stuff just (No Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma), colorful bling, glittery, cute/animated styles of items, crochet items, gnomes/mushrooms, cookie/pine scents. I really like stuff with llamas and Alpacas, dolphins, colorful owls, pandas, and kawaii seals. Also enjoy cupcake, sprinkled dough nut and lollipop themed items. Favorite Colors General: Aqua with purple: Bright Vivid colors. As far as Christmas interests: Blue, White, Silver, snowflakes, angels, Nativity, snowflakes, stockings, peppermint sticks and candies, Christmas owls, penguins, Christmas trees, reindeer.

Allergies: No food products, stuffed animals or candy
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Jul 22, 2010
Sorry! If it looks weird I'm trying to do everything on a smartphone, lol.

A NOTE TO MY SECRET PARTNER: I love being spoiled :3

My favorite ponies!

G1: Moondancer, Firefly, Glory, Applejack, Galaxy, Gusty, MB Tornado, The Rainbow Curls, WW Cool Breeze, TE Sky Rocket
G2: Princess Silver Swirl, Moon Shadow
G3: Sparkleworks, Silver Glow, Star Catcher
G4: Zecora, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Nightmare Moon

Candy likes and dislikes:

To be honest there is no candy out there I would not eat ( I mean I LOVE CANDY! ) but there is candy out there I find disgusting!

Likes: Skittles ( all favors), Mint candy ( like Yorks), Coconut candy ( like Almond Joys and Mounds), Gobstoppers, Bottlecaps, Sour candy, gummy candy, Butterfingers, Kit- Kats, soft peppermint sticks/ puffs, Paydays, Mike & Ikes ( all except original ), Crispy M&Ms, Maple Nuts, Circus peanuts, Cinnamon slices/ bears, Fruit snacks ( even though they aren't candy, lol ), Peeps Marshmallows, Twix, Reese cups, Weithers Caramel Apple candies, Nerds, Laffy Taffy ( banana, Caramel apple, blue raspberry, and strawberry ), Fruit favored Tootsie Rolls, Caramel Apple suckers, spearmint candies, wintergreen candies, Hershey's Chocolate, Jelly Belly Jellybeans.

Dislikes: Black Licorice, Snickers, Milky ways, Hard peppermint candies/ trees ( these are too strong in favor comparing to the soft ones ), Cream-filled Caramels, cheap and European chocolate, Original Mike & Ikes, Smarties, Baby Ruth, Chocolate Tootsie Rolls, Bee brand cheap dollar store candy , 3 Musketeers.




Scented candles:
Pumpkin spice, Cinnamon, any Apple scents, Vanilla,

Scented Oils:
Cinnamon and Nutmeg, Apple Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Cinnamon

Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood, Nag Champa,Vanilla, Butt Naked ( Sorry! I didn't name it
) Coconut

Anything horses (figurines, toys, models, ect), wolf figurines, Star Wars figurines, Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Dragon figurines, small craft supplies, blind bags...Whatever in my collections and interests. See below

This is some of the things I collect:

My little pony ( G1, G2, G3, G4 ), horses ( especially breyers and grand champions ), unicorns, pegasus, dragons, jurassic park dinosaurs, star wars, wolves, seahorses, dolphins ( once in awhile ), precious and semi-precious stones, rocks and minerals, model dinosaurs and horses; like Schleich, Papo, and Safari Ltd ( be careful! I do have several horses, mostly foals, from Schleich, but I don't have any from 2015 yet ), native american stuff, deer ( once in awhile ), maple leaf shaped things.
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Oct 6, 2013
Ology list of wonders
**** favor pony ever

Favorite ponies
My OC ology
G1 firefly****** and fizzy
G2 princess silver swirl lady moon dancer
G3 minty kimono sky dancer
G4 Rarity Fluttershy discord

Dislike any G3.5 the scare me, Olaf, tinker bell, color yellow( I like fluttershy the pony anything else no), clowns, spiders, Coconuts, ruff fabric,

Frozen ( nothing with Olaf I hate that snowman)
Paranormal stuff
Haunted doll stuff (no Annabelle movie love the real doll hated the movie)
Egyptian things
Candles clean linens Apple cotton wood cherry
Incense: sage, juniper, dragon blood, Egyptian scents
No lavender or fruity smells
Little charmers
My little pony
Shimmer and shine
How to train your dragon toothless and hookfang

Gummy bracelets
Earrings with lizards or horses on them silver or steel kind only
Necklace with crystals on them
Living dead dolls

Favorite movie: labyrinth last unicorn how to train your dragon, Jurassic park
Old black and white monster movie mummy creature Dracula Frankenstein ect.
Newer mummy

Candy peppermint, gum only spearmint and peppermint the won't stick to dental work kind, choc like milky ways , snickers, cherry suckers and taffy. Rock candy ressies peanut butter pieces.

Dislikes: banana flavored any thing, anything coconut flavored, no choc cover cherries

Favorite colors purple silver black red
Dislike I hate yellow anything except fluttershy

Allergies:latex banana's please only the scents listed in the section. No lotion or powder,
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Aug 5, 2011
My favorite ponies are (in no particular order, I love them all) G4 Rarity, Derpy, Apple Jack, Dr. Hooves, Bulk Bicepts, and Rarity's cat Opalescence if she counts. Favorite G1s are literally any of them, especially Big Brothers and baby ponies. As far as candy goes, I am diabetic, so please stick to sugar free stuff, no grape or coffee flavors please. As for extras, I like cats, stickers, weird arty stuff, Moomins, mystery bags and that sort of thing, really, I'm sure I'll love what you put together. :)


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Jan 3, 2006
Well of course Gingerbread is my favorite pony but all the G1s have a special place in my heart. My grail pony was the Argentina Christmas pony, I love her as well as Stockings and Baby Stockings. Honestly I'd be happy with anything, so long as it's G1. I did acquire the rare Greek Ladybird this year, so she is a significant one for me for 2015. I love anything Christmas themed, so this swap is perfect! Christmas is my fav holiday!!!

As far as general likes go, I like cooking/baking and decorating for the holidays. I love Snoopy/Peanuts, Eeyore, Garfield and The Little Mermaid and I also collect Charming Tails. I have a dachshund that is my fur-baby :) so I tend to collect dachshund stuff too. I also collect gnomes and I like mice but not Mickey, nothing against good 'ol Mickey but I just like cute mice stuff. I like fun socks and jewelry too.

At Christmas time, I love the classics too like Rudolph and Frosty! If it's Christmas you can pretty much bet I like it!

None! I like chocolate, peanut butter and toffee. If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries. The only things I don't like are licorice, marzipan or gummy things. I like being surprised and I'm easy to please, I'll be happy with anything!
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Sep 2, 2013
As many of you know, I am a total nutbar (heavy on the cashews) for Minty, any gen. I find G3 Minty is often the prettiest even though i love G1. It's just that pink and green G3 combo is so purdy! I can't help but love it, and I'm not a 'pink' kinda gal.

Which makes my second favourite Pony a real quandry: Pinkie Pie. Why would a gal who's not into pink love a Pony that is nothing but pink? I cannot say. It is a mystery that will never be solved. Philosophers and historians will scratch their sagely heads and wonder why anyone even cared. Needless to say, I love Pinkie Pie with a passion I usually reserve for Deathlok and Mr Spock. You won't understand. it's a fan thing. :D

Otherwise ANY Pony will make me happy, and I do mean ANY pony. I love them all. Whatever you make me will become a cherished family heirloom.

As for candy I love pretty much any that isn't bitter or super super sour or licorice-y. But I have Action Hank and he will eat anything sweet, so no matter what you do, you can't go wrong! As for little things, I love anything quirky, cute or morbid. I'm a freak show lovin' skull wearin' comic book kawaii lover. Whatever I get will delight me, I promise!


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Dec 2, 2008
My favourite ponies are G1 ponies. I especially have a fondness for moon and star themed ponies like: moonstone, glory, twilight, nightglider, starshine etc. I also love Cherries jubilee and firefly. That being said, honestly anything g1 is fine for me, I would be happy with just about any of them :) and if you want to try your hand at making a custom ornament that would be great too :)

Please, nothing with peanuts :) As for candy: I pretty much love anything. I love love love candy and chocolate! The only thing I can't eat is sour candy, since it hurts my sensitive teeth :(

as for extras: I collect stamps, used or new... Nothing valuable, just love stamps :) I also love coffee and tea, socks, hair elastics (scrunchies too!!!). I love pens and markers (sharpies etc). I also love homemade stuff, lip balms etc. Pretty flexible and love tons of stuff.


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Sep 18, 2014
Prefered Ponies:
Wind whistler (duh)
Baby Quackers
G3 Snowflake
G3 Candy Cane
G3 Mittens I
Toola Roola (2007)
Lily (Flutter)
Cotton Candy (G1)
Rainbow Flash
G3/G4 Rainbow Dash
G2 Ivy
G2 Sunsparkle
G2/G3 Sweet Berry
G3 Sweetie Belle
G1 Posey
G4 Starswirl
G3 Party Cake
G3 Chocolate Chipper
Pretty Pop

I would love anything Vanilla scented, but no Candles please! I have a really bad story with candles lol. And glass. I don't like glass even though it is pretty. I also like anything bubblegum related.
I LOVE pretty pastel things and bold, bright colors, so please add those in! They would add some fun to the suspense! Hehehe!
I would appreciate any candy, especially anything like Pretzel M&Ms and Kit Kats. My new weakness are Chocolate Hello Pandas and Pocky (I would have to send you a hug if you manage to find some LOL) I would like to try any candy though.
Again, no glass or candles please!
And last, I like Vocaloid, so if possible, some Vocaloid goodies will be really awesome! Gumi, Luka and Miku are some of my favs, but I am happy with any Vocaloid! Anything japanese is fine by me!
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Apr 6, 2015
I love all G1 & G3 ponies the only exception being BBE's & SS. I don't even mind buzz cuts I enjoy re-hairing ponies so much :) I like all colours

When it comes to candy I just love the old school stuff, with the exception of licorice, sour & aniseed. I'm am a confrimed chocoholic

As for extras I have no idea where to start but I am a cat, dog & horse lover. I also love my garden

Basically I'll love pretty much anything :)


Jan 30, 2014
Hete is my list of fav ponies. I am abroad and the Internet is bad so extra comes later when I am home (weekend)
I love all G1 ponies so it does not nessesary need to be on my list (*fav pony)

Any flutter pony
Bow tie
Merry go round ponies

Here s my likes/dislikes

I have no allergies

Candy: Any candy/chocolate with no big peanuts or liquor
fragrances: sweet candy like or fruity
Animals: Horses, dogs, guinea pigs, lil pigglets, hedgehogs and anything cute and fluffy
Colors: pink, purple, bright colors, silver and gold

Old Disney movies the best is beauty and the beast.
I drink coffee and tea
Crafting supplies
dragons and fantasy stuff
tin, wood etc. boxes were you can but your stuff for example jewellry
Donald ducks comics and related stuff
All that sparkle is awesome. Bling bling ;)

No gum
decorations, candles, I have no room for them
No religious things (I know it is christmas but nothing like refes too much to religious)


I like red, gold, silver co9lor themed christmas things. More sparkle the better :'D.

And so on and so on.. I am not too picky so you don't need to worry too much ;)
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Apr 9, 2010
Oh, let's see here....

Ponies: I only collect G1 and my favorites are all the TEs, Merry-Go-Rounds, TAFs, Snowflake, Applejack, Baby Applejack, and my army pony is Moondancer/Baby Moondancer. My signature has my ponysona, Thimble-Bright Sew-Bottom (she's a hobbit pony). I'm open to a non-Hasbro inspired pony as well. :)

Other Things: I like to sew, cross stitch, bake, and make cards (with rubber stamps/inks, etc). I love everything Christmas, especially vintage/old time-y Santa/St. Nicholas. The more traditional, the better. I love retro/vintage/1950s feel Christmas decor. Oh, and I'm OBSESSED with snowmen and snowflakes!

I also really love birds of all kinds. We have two green cheek conures and a small flock of finches. We love to feed the outside birds and have quite a flock that frequents our patio. I just moved to Michigan and am obsessed with the blue jays here and can't wait to start seeing the red cardinals.

Foods: I love coffee. I love chocolate. I love homemade goodies. I enjoy chocolate/mint, chocolate/orange, chocolate/peanut butter, chocolate/caramel, really chocolate/anything is worth trying. Cookies are as good as candies, in my world. Gummy candies are okay too.

For Lotions/Candles: I enjoy spice smells like cinnamon, and sugar plum spice. Fall and winter flavored candles are usually really good too. Please avoid things that smell flowery.

Things to Avoid: Spearmint, black licorice, hard candies. Even though I am a dancer, I don't really collect dance things. I HATE LEMONGRASS.
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Aug 16, 2015
:) hi lovelies :)
1st time I've ever wrote myself a wish list so apologies if it's not perfect :) lol

My favourite ponies are G3....

* winter series being one of my favourites :)
*marshmellow coco
*Adore any G3 rainbow dash
*anchors away
*aurora mist
*candy apples
*autumn sky
*any G3 breezie
*party cake
*coconut grove
*morning glory

Id be happy with any g3 pony, G3 memorabilia I love G3 ponies :)

I like most types of sweeties :) mainly fruity chewy ones...Nerds :) love Nerds....Popping candy is my favourite sweetie!!
Just nothing with mint, coffee, aniseed or
I hate peanut butter!

Other interests :)
*Anything rockabilly :) This is the best way id describe my style....
*Handmade jewellery, gifts, soap etc :)
*Disney! Oh I love disney!! Flotsam and jetsam are my favourite disney characters! Closely followed by Simba!
*I'm a huge Maleificent fan!
Love the Cheshire Cat :)
*love Bats
*glitter and sparkles :)
*Anything cute,kitsch...
*Rock and roll
*care bears
*Animal print
*lovely lady locks pixie tails

Favourite colours Green, purple, Aqua....

I don't do horror,clowns and dolls freak me out.....
I don't like anything creepy to be honest.....(my inner whimp)

Favourite films
*the goonies
*the little mermaid
*The hunger games 1-4
*Free willy
*Alice in wonderland
*the lion King

Certain scents :) fruity,fresh.Ocean scents are my favourite Scents....
Clean linen Scents also a favourite...

Please avoid Vanilla, lavender, mint, cinnamon anything too strong,over powering....

I'll be happy with whatever I receive....
Have fun everyone
:) xxxxx
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Jan 18, 2006
Yay! I can't wait 'til after Thanksgiving & I can pull out my little tree. :flutter2:

I love most ponies, but my real passion are G1s as that's what I grew up with. Favorites: Firefly(I have a small army...), Twilight, Moondancer, Minty, Baby Flicker, Munchy.
But be creative, I'll love any pony :)

As far as goodies & sweets, I like anything chocolate. With nuts, peanut butter, orange flavor, mint... I love it all! I also like fruity candies as well. And I really love home made treats. I have a super huge weak spot for baked goods. :winkpony:

Other extra ideas- Craft supplies (I do a little bit of everything, and am a little bit of a hoarder), vintage style Christmas decorations; I also have 2 cats & 3 dogs that enjoy little treats.

Fav. colors- Blue, silver, green, purple. I'm not much of a gold person.

The only big no-no's I have are anything heavily scented (triggers my migraines), and string tinsel (because of the cats). Other than that I'm very easy to please.