MLPTP EVENT MLPTP Christmas Photo Hunt -- TASK 2 -- SCORED

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Apr 9, 2010
:xmashug:The Task: Share the Pony Love :xmashug:

Let's spread the pony love around to those in need this season!


A photo of a brand new My Little Pony item being donated/dropped in the bin for a charity like Toys for Tots (can be any charity that collects toys/items for those in need for the holidays). The pony item must be clearly visible in the photo. This Task is worth 10 points.

2 Bonus Points: If a store employee/charity volunteer is holding/accepting the MLP item. (Must be clear that the person is an employee/charity volunteer)

Due Date: December 12th by 10:30 PM EST.

***Please remember that this thread is only for posting your photo submission. If you have questions or comments, please take these to the Chatter Thread. Thank you.***


Submission Scores:

ActionHank 12
babyblueducky 0
FizzingMagic 0
Harmony 10
h1m3. 0
icecreamgirl 0
Klpetten 0
Mlp Sunsparkle 0
Medley09 10
Miss Lilac 0
Ology 0
Philly 10
PrincessLio 0
Queen Chrysalis 0
Rarishy 10
Repeat 10
tulagirl 12
Wildshadow 12

evilbunnyfoofoo -50 for not jumping in the donation box thereby giving herself to the needy children as a human jungle gym
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