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~*~ MLPTP Spring Swap wishlists 2022 ~*~


Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006
Please use this template as a guide for your wishlist in the Spring Swap. We're hoping this will help give our participants the most info to put together and receive fantastic swap boxes. Feel free to elaborate on this list as much as you like but let this be your guide. Lines in BOLD must be included in your wishlist. Since this is a "SPRING" swap feel free to list things you enjoy about the season. We cannot guarantee packages will come by Easter so if you do include any Easter specific items in either your wishlist or in your shopping for your partner please make sure you understand it may not arrive on time and/or strive to ship out with an appropriate amount of time for it to do so, respectively.

Once accepted into the swap please get to work on your wishlist ASAP. Wish lists should be posted no later than 3/27 to give partners time to start shopping right away!



My Little Pony items wanted:
(List or link to all of your MLP wishes here)

Acceptable flaws:
(examples: hair trims, frizzy hair, missing hair plugs, marks on the body, pindot mold, inground dirt, paint wear, chew marks or other body damage, odors, broken mechanisms, "pony cancer"-- be as specific as you can!)

Unacceptable flaws:
(examples: hair trims, frizzy hair, missing hair plugs, marks on the body, pindot mold, inground dirt, paint wear, chew marks or other body damage, odors, broken mechanisms, "pony cancer"-- be as specific as you can!)

My favorite pony/ponies:
(Include as many as you like, from any generation--be specific!)

I have an "army" of this pony and would accept one in ANY condition: ___________________(Generation ______ )
( Yes / No )

Candy or Snacks that I like:

Things I am allergic to:

(example: food contents, pets, contents in makeup/jewelry/candles/etc.)

Please do NOT send me:

Things I like that are associated with the swap theme:

(examples: Colors, movies, what do you enjoy about this seaon, etc)

My favorite color(s):

I would be happy to receive scented items:
( Yes / No )
(If yes OR no, include any preferences)

Other things I like or collect:
(examples: Movies, TV shows, other collectibles, crafts, hobbies, certain animals, decor, clothing, jewelry, etc. Be sure to include things like clothing sizes!)

I would be happy to receive a handmade item in my swap box:
( Yes / No )

I would be happy to receive a custom pony in my swap box:
( Yes / No )
(If yes, include any preferences)

I have a pony persona that I would like artwork or other items featuring it to be included:
( Yes / No )
( If yes: My persona information can be found here: __________________ )

I would be happy to receive goodies for my pet(s) in my swap box:
( Yes / No)
(If yes, include specific preferences)


Greek Lady Bird Mint in Egg
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Sep 1, 2020


Honestly, at this moment, I honestly do not have a wish list.
(all the ones on my list are super expensive lol)
If I had to pick, id probably put down:


Baby Frosting: Bonus Points if you make her ready for spring!
Any Condition!


A really nice Blossom and/or Baby Blossom
Sleep Tight
Sleepy Head
Swirly Whirly
Boysenberry Pie
Baby Waddles
Star Gleamer
Any of the Glittery Sweetheart Sisters
Any of the "Pretty Ponies" they look like sweetheart sisters
Nirvana ponies


Picture below is who I do have


White Bodied Ponies
Picture below is who I do have


Your guess is as good as mine, they are a plague lol
I pretty much have the ones that I need ♥
Rarity and Pinkie are my fave commons
Coloratura is my fave non-common


Merch - I pretty much have the actual ponies I want


I will gladly accept customs or hand made Items!
Spring Customs/hand made items in General or of my pony, Po-Nay!

Both by me!


Honestly, anything should be fine since this is all for fun and games ♥
Just use your best judgment "Would I like to receive this pony?"


The only thing I really wouldn't like is a really smelly pony.
Please no really bad haircuts, no large age spot/cancer.
Rubs are fine if the eye/symbols are mostly still there.
Please no heavy marker/pen marks.
No bites or chewed on spots.
No Nail Polish on ponies.
Please do not send baits.


I do advise: this box is coming to Texas, so make sure when the candy melts, it wont leak lol

I have no allergies. But peanuts/peanut butter does give me headaches.
Now I did say before that peanuts gave
me headaches but Peanut M&Ms are perfectly fine ♥
I DO NOT like Coconut or Mint! (blegh!)

Chocolate Covered Almonds
Regular and Peanut M&M
Kit Kat
Baby Ruth
Hershey Kisses/ Hugs
Caramel Apple Suckers
Candy Corn
Mentos Fruit Flavor (not regular)
Spring Themed random candy is fun too!
Sour and Regular Gummy Bears

Beef Jerky
Cheeto Hot Fries
Cheez-Its (extra toasty is best!)
Animal Crackers
Kettle Corn
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chex Mix
Rice Krispy Treats
Nothing Ranch Flavored Please!


My favorite parts of spring are probably the chickens!
I also love the little bunnies and deer. I just love animals lol
I also enjoy just your random cute stuff.
Do not send any flower seeds because I know I wont try to grow them lol.

Oh! and my Birthday is May 28th! So It kind of fits in with this swap!


♥ Maneki Nekos (Lucky Cats) ♥
Kiki's Delivery Service
Shy Guy From Mario
Gravity Falls
Horses in General
Lion King
(There is this lion king make up Target right now and I want it so bad)
Beer Steins
Random Cute Anime Girls/Doesn't have to be any particular anime, just cute stuff!
If you wanna sneak in anything for my other half: Pokemon (especially Glaceon and the eeveelutions)


I have two little Black Kitties,
(Spooky (F) & Smokey(F))
a Chihuahua and a Big Dog!
(Steevy (F) & Spanky (M))
and Three Chickens!
(Eagle, Mama's Chicken, and Carl)
They wouldn't mind gifts!


PLEASE NO: Blankets... I'm overrun lol
Mint or Coconut flavored items
Ranch Flavored Things
Earrings? lol ive never received them, but please dont send them.
Candles (I have SO many unused ones lol)
No bath stuff that you need an actual tub for, example: bath bombs, bubble bath

(I only take showers lol that's why I cant enjoy "tub" things)


Honestly, just throw so much cute stuff my way lol
Colors: Pink/Blu

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Slice of Life Pony
Sep 30, 2021

:blue:Happy Spring every-pony! :minty:

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 12.24.42 PM.png

:star::buttonstaf: <3

here are all my pony wants from G3 ONLY in alphabetical order-
i tried my best to choose ones that were spring-related and relatively cheap!
please use mylittlewiki as your resource if you need a photo reference for any ponies below. :smile:

i'm fine with either MIB or loose for these, but i do like to save backcards most of the time! just a note!

i don't want to limit my partner too much, i will also take any pony from my regular WL! link in my signature :xmashug:

Baby Boogie Woogie (w/ stickers)
Baby Keen Bean
Banjo Blue
Bashful Bonnet (with hat accessory)
Berries n' Cherries (with white accessories from 2006 Spring Basket)
Brights Brightly
Bumblesweet (2004 Release)
Bunches-O-Fun (2005 Release, with her 2006 accessories)
Cheerilee (Core Friend, 25th Bday or Fave Friend Waves 4 & 5)
Cherry Blossom (2004 Release)

Daisy Jo (2003 Release)
Daisy Paisley
Fair Weather
Finger Paints

May Belle
Morning Glory
Pick-a-Lilly (w/ rain jacket & hat accessories)
Royal Bouquet I or II
Spring Fever (2003 Release)
Spring Parade
Strawberry Sunset
Strawberry Swirl (w/ wrap-around purse)
Strawberry Surprise
Star Swirl (w/ 'Rain or Shine' accessories)
Sunny Sparkles
Wind Wisher (w/ all accessories)
Wysteria (Fave Friends Wave 1)

Acceptable flaws:
◦ some messy hair (preferably not dry but even then i can work with it!)
◦ surface marks that can be removed w/ acetone
◦ hoof heart/eye marks
◦ small bite marks
◦ minor neck discoloration

Undesired flaws:
◦ faded pink hair or other faded features
◦ discolored white ponies

◦ major warping of the body or mold/"cancer"
◦ tail rust or haircuts (fine with minor cuts)
◦ scratch/scuffs on cutie mark/gradient paint
◦ bad smells

my absolute FAVE G3 ponies are, in no particular order:
Sweet Breeze
Silver Glow
Denim Blue

i strive to get anything featuring them <3


just putting these here to give an idea of what G3 i like besides the figures- here's some G3 merch i have my eye on if you want to add to the pony!

Butterfly Hunt book (or any other 'spring' themed G3 book)
Cheerilee or Rainbow Dash Knit Plush
9' Shenanigans or Skywishes Yarn Hair Plush


Sweetberry or Sweet Breeze NANCO Plush

Stick-on Earrings & Ring Set
70pcs Sticker Puzzle


Sparkleworks or Scootaloo/Bumbleberry Puzzle

Magnetic Create-a-Scene
Fuzzy Felt Set
Any selected toothbrushes above

any of these :) Sweet Breeze purse, sandals, and socks

Cherry Blossom Girls Briefs
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 2.48.47 PM.png

MLP Bike Bell
last but not least, i'll take ANY stickers! i love G3 stickers! NIP (new in package) please :)

<3:ringlet::star:Sweets & Snacks :star::munchy:<3
i have no allergies, so anything is fine with me. but of course i have preferences- so i will list 'em below :winkpony:

Sweet ◦ Salty ◦ Savory ◦ Spicy ◦ Sour is OK ◦ Fruit flavors ◦ PB flavors have my heart ◦ Mint & Coconut flavors ◦ Vanilla ◦ Caramel ◦ Matcha ◦ Coffee & coffee flavors ◦ All types of chocolates (white/milk/dark in that order)
Bitter ◦ Licorice flavors (ESPECIALLY black) ◦ some Herbal flavors ◦ Nougat ◦ Hard Candy

◦ reeses anything!
◦ pocky and hi-chews!
◦ gummy bears or worms/gummy candy
◦ fruit snacks
◦ kitkats of any flavor, crunch bars, twix
◦ starburst
◦ rice krispies
◦ frosted animal crackers
◦ oreos or other cookies
◦ choco-covered pretzels
◦ wafers
◦ most little debbie snacks!
◦ lays/ruffles/sun chips (regular, bbq, cheddar, sour cream/onion or salsa flavored)
◦ pretzels
◦ cheez-its or cheetos
◦ goldfish crackers

one last thing- i know it's spring/easter, but i would prefer no jelly beans, mini egg candy or marshmallow/peeps please. thank you though!

:star::brighteyes:<3Spring & Other Faves <3:cuddles::star:

some things i love about the season of spring have to be the breezy & warm weather, rainstorms, and bunnies/birds. and just the very cute aesthetic surrounding it.
i love any colors with a preference for reds, pinks, blues and greens. i love plants too, so i'll take in any seeds like: basil, catgrass, and any bee/butterfly wildflower mixes.

some of my own personal likes are kidcore or retro aesthetics, stationery (like stickers, washi tape etc), neopets, webkinz, littlest pet shop, any jewelry like rings/bracelets/earrings and drawing. i wear a size small or medium for tops & shorts (keep in mind i'm very short- 4'8).

i am perfectly fine with scented items! candles, lotions, etc are always great. i like lightly sweet scents, fresh scents - i.e sandalwood, eucalyptus, rain & 'laundry' or bamboo scents. stuff that is calming
i would be happy to receive a handmade item, if you so like.
i would be happy to receive any goodies for my cat, Oliver! he loves catnip, pretty much any treats and feather/string toys. :smile:

i think that's about it!


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Flighty Pegasus
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Aug 5, 2019
My Little Pony items wanted:
G1 character pins (fan made or mass made)
Flutter replacement wings (the more butterfly looking the better) if you want to match to individual ponies I have Honeysuckle, Windsong, and Forget-Me-Not.
Any alternate pose/alternate rehairs in G1 style
G1 or see full list here
Brilliant Blossom
TE Sweet Pop
Flutter Rosedust (upgrade= pink or repinked hair)
Flutter Wind Drifter
Peppermint Crunch
Romper (upgrade=pink or repinked hair)

Buttons (not TAF)
North Star
Kiss n Curl
Milky Way

Acceptable flaws:
Hair trims, frizzy hair, minor marks, faded hair or symbols, marks on hooves, missing wings (for flutter or wingers). Missing hair plugs are fine as long as the mane still looks full. Really, anything that doesn’t affect the overall display is acceptable.

Unacceptable flaws:
Mohawk/no hair, large stains, pen marks, chewed or damaged body parts, severe head/body mismatch, or pony cancer.

My favorite pony/ponies:
I have an "army" of this pony and would accept one in ANY condition: Fizzy and Lil Flitter (both Generation 1)

Candy or Snacks that I like:
Jelly beans (fruity or spiced), Reese’s, Kit Kats, Oreos, Mike and Ike’s, Airheads, Pringles, Cheetos. I love trying new and/or exotic chocolate, candies and snacks so have fun and don’t be afraid to go a little crazy. :winkpony:

Things I am allergic to:
I’m blessed with no allergies.

Please do NOT send me:
Marshmallows, Easter specific decor, MLP pony wear or MLP accessories, candles.

Things I like that are associated with the swap theme:
Pastel colors, rainbows, sunflowers, butterflies, dragonflies, bees.

My favorite color(s):
Purple, mint green, yellow

I would be happy to receive scented items:
Yes, I enjoy light floral scents (lavender, honeysuckle), bright fruity scents (summery like peach, pineapple, mango), or nature themed (rain, night, woodsy). I mentioned above please no candles. I have cats and limited spaces they can’t reach. However I do use wax melts and oils (either warming or diffusing) as well as Wallflowers.

Other things I like or collect:
Supernatural (the show), Harry Potter, fake plants (especially succulents), cats, Outlander, pins, fandom stickers/decals. Clothing size is Women’s Large or Unisex Medium.

I would be happy to receive a handmade item in my swap box:

I would be happy to receive a custom pony in my swap box:
YES! I’m especially fond of alternate rehairs or a custom of any G1 pony on my wishlist (maybe one of those pricey ones I’ll likely never own otherwise) or Fizzy! :fizzy:

I have a pony persona that I would like artwork or other items featuring it to be included:
No, but feel free to use Fizzy for artwork if so inclined.

I would be happy to receive items for my pets:
Yes, I have 3 cats (2 males, 1 female). They like any crunchy cat treats or catnip. They do wear collars occasionally (I use extra small dog collars for them).
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Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006
:blue: My Little Pony items wanted:
Okay, I don't have many reasonably priced ponies left on my list. I know the swap says a pony must be included but in my case, this is NOT required. I have a HUGE list of merch and stuff I'm looking for and am TOTALLY fine with just getting accessories instead of a pony! My list of accessories is very long and I'm thrilled to mark things off it so if you can't include a pony that is A-OK with me! I have recently added some G3s to my list but I would always prefer at least 1 little G1 item, even if it's just a small accessory to be included since that's my main collection.

:blossom: Acceptable flaws:
I'm not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks. A little hair trim or dry ends, faded blush or small flaws or marks don't really bother me.

:minty: Unacceptable flaws:
My biggest pet peeve is body/head color mismatch, cancer/regrind and bad pindot mold. I prefer symbols look good, they don't have to be perfect but not too badly damaged. I try to avoid tail rust unless it's just a teeny tiny bit.

:butters: Candy or Snacks that I like:
My favs are York patties and Skor bars but really anything with milk chocolate, peanut butter, raspberry or toffee. Of course Cadbury eggs, cause it's Easter! If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries. Starbar and Violet Crumble are favorite foreign candy bars. I'm not a fan of gummy texture treats though.

:snuzzle: Things I am allergic to:


:cc: Things I like that are associated with the swap theme:
I'm gonna be honest, spring is not one of my favorite times of the year. Pollen, bugs, yard work, it starts getting hot :hmph: I'd rather crank the A.C. close the blinds and pretend it's still winter :snowsmile: I do look forward to Easter, I'm the family host for everything and I do LOVE all holidays! So that gives me something to look forward to, I'll decorate the house all up and cook a big, yummy Easter dinner. I do like seeing all the cute summery and spring things come out. I find myself drawn to cute fruit or beach themed things when it gets warmer. I will go to the beach but that's not til August. Being a holiday nut, I'll also cook and do something fun for the smaller after-Easter holidays too, Harry Potter day, May the 4th, Cinco de Mayo, KY Derby, pretty much any excuse to decorate, cook and do something fun! But don't feel limited to "spring", there are also other holiday themed ponies and items on my wishlists and I would be just as thrilled to get a Christmas-y item, cause I'm a all-year holidays junkie. My husband teases me cause I have already started my Christmas shopping and cards :unsure: let's just say I do all holidays all year LOL

:sundance: My favorite color(s):
greens and purples

I would be happy to receive scented items:
Sure, but not candles please. I have tons. I do prefer fruity and food smells vs floral

:CJ: Other things I like or collect:
I like fun socks (sz8) and jewelry (silver-tone), I do have pierced ears. I like to cook/bake and love to get people's tried and true recipes!

I would be happy to receive a handmade item in my swap box:


Big Bulky Brother Pony
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Sep 24, 2012
My Little Pony items wanted:

My complete wishlist can be found HERE... but it is getting EXTREMELY small by this point, which means that these ponies can be very hard to find, and are also usually waaaaaaaay out of the price level of these swaps.

:ROL: I have made a truncated list particularly for this swap, of ponies I think can still be found under the price limit (I hope - if they aren't, please ignore), and that list can be found further down on my wishlist page, RIGHT HERE. I go into MUCH more detail on this list, so please check it out. :ROLO:

To actually list a few ponies here, for G1 I'm looking for Teeny Tiny Twins Rattles and Bootsie. I'm also looking for Windy Wings Starry Wings, Sun Glider, and Whirly. For G3 I'm looking for the birthflower ponies February Violet, June Rose, August Gladiolus, October Calendula, November Chyranthemum, and December Pointsettia. For G4... best to go look at the visual list, given the many MANY versions of each character out there! :lolpony:

To make things a lot easier, I DO collect the Basic Fun MLP re-releases. I like to have these mint in box, if at all possible, please. I've put up a full picture list on my truncated 2022 Spring Swap Wishlist, but I'll list them here:

Any of the following Rainbow Collection: Starshine, Skydancer, Moonstone, Windy, Parasol, Sunlight, Confetti, Pinwheel, Starflower, and Trickles.

Any of the Earth Ponies: Bubbles, Seashell, Applejack, Bowtie, Cherries Jubilee, Posey, and Tootsie.

Any of the following Unicorns & Pegasus: Glory, Moondancer, Twilight, Medley, Firefly, Heart Throb, Surprise.

Acceptable flaws:
Light wear, surface dirt, writing on hooves, slightly rusty/tail rust, messy/kinda frizzy hair.

Unacceptable flaws:
Pen, sharpie or highlighter marks, hair cuts, bite marks/holes, smooze/mold/cancer, major paint rubs, cigarette smoke.

Candy or Snacks that I like:
I love plain milk chocolate, like Hershey's and Caramilk. I also love Cadbury's Creme Eggs. XD And chocolate + mint like York peppermint patties. XD; I like sugar candy, too, like Skittles and Runts.

Things I am allergic to:
No allergies to food stuff! I am a little allergic to cats.

Please do NOT send me:
No chocolate with nuts in them (just a preference). No licorice or marshmallow candies, either, please.

Things I like that are associated with the swap theme:
For spring things, I love cute, adorable little bunnies! :3 Little ducklings and baby deer are cute, too. Adult deer are lovely and elegant. For flowers (not real, and no seeds! - I mean for stuff like fake flowers, or pictures/wrapping paper, etc.), I like purple lilacs, blue hydrangeas, and cherry blossoms. Also, my birthday is in April, and that makes me an Aries... so anything with the ram or Aries-zodiac stuff would be welcome. Also, my Chinese zodiac is the year of the Horse (fitting, yes? ;3)... so anything regarding that would be cool, too.

My favorite color(s):
blue and red!

I would be happy to receive scented items:
Not really, no. I don't mind if you DO (and as far as spring scents go, I like lilac)... but the problem is I have a very bad sense of smell, always have, so I can't always appreciate it. :(

Other things I like or collect:
I love the Disney ducks: Donald and Ducktales being favourites. I also like the Transformers (Hot Rod/Rodimus, Red Alert and the Aerialbots are faves, but I like a lot of Autobots in general). I collect pins, especially Disney pins. I also like fandom patches to put on my luggage. I play Animal Crossing, and my villagers are Reneigh, Axel, Marshal, Gayle, Gladys, Kabuki, Pango, Leopold, and Clay. I also find many of the NPCs cute: Blathers, Celeste, CJ, Tom Nook + the twins). Other fandoms include Back to the Future, Final Fantasy 6 + 7, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and (original trilogy) Star Wars. I also love arts + crafts and doing anything crafty/creative.

I would be happy to receive a handmade item in my swap box:

I would be happy to receive a custom pony in my swap box:
Yes! No real preferences that I can think of.
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Dollar Store Baby Fakie
Jan 7, 2010
Sincere apologies to my partner for the condition of this wishlist...I've hurt my elbow a few days ago and can't type very well so /im cutting and pasting things from before. But seriously, I love surprises and am not very picky in general.

Recyclebella's List of Pony Wishes

Anything given out of friendship will be loved and appreciated.

My Little Pony items wanted:
Childhood memory items:

Mommy Apple Delight
Baby Apple Delight
Daddy Apple Delight
Raincurl/Rainbow Cloud
Any princess accessory wands and/or hat or Bushwoolie (bonus points if it's for Princess Starburst)
Poof n Puff Perfume Palace
Lavender Lace
TAF Sundance
Any party pack ponies or accessories:

I love rainbow ponies and ponies with rainbows.

Other G1:

Night Glider
Sea Breeze

Newborn Twins:
really any of them

I would be THRILLED to get literally any baby pony with regular painted eyes (NBBE). Baby ponies are my army. I love all of them.

I do like BBE Baby Frosting and BBE Baby Gusty.

My favorite pose is Baby Blossom's pose.

I would appreciate a very nice Baby Blossom, Baby Moondancer or Baby Glory.

Baby Pony Bucket List:
NBBE Baby Gusty
Baby Bowtie
Baby Cherries Jubilee
Baby Applejack
Baby Lemon Drop
Any non-US babies

Adult Pony Bucket List:
Gypsy (replacement; mine was lost in a move).

I only have a couple and haven't gotten that into them but I'm always open to surprises.

My favorite G2 is Eve since that's my daughter's name.

I love all G3s except donkey pose unless it's Minty. I love Minty in all gens and poses.

I especially like G3s with full-body designs.

I would love a new G3 blank white pony as the glue has yellowed mine at the neck seam.

Princess Gold Lily
Sweetie Swirl

MLP: A New Gen Unicorn Party Celebration Collection Pack, Walmart Exclusive

Pony Condition:
Nobody's perfect and I can still love ponies with little paint rubs, hair trims, small marks, etc. I am a little sensitive to smoke and generally prefer smoke-free ponies. I prefer not to have ponies with cancer, brown spots or severe body damage as I'm not great with repairs. I especially love ponies with soft, silky hair. I'm not really a MIB collector, but it's a special treat to get a pony in a damaged box so I can take it out to play without feeling guilty.

I have no allergies & like almost all snacks except marshmallows. I don't like Peeps but I do love the Peeps plushes. I'm a big fan of tea. My favorite treats are things like Peach Rings, Twizzlers & strawberry licorice. I do NOT like "red" flavors in anything else, though. I keep chickens and have 3 cats. scented things are fine.

Hobbies & Likes:

Space science, Universal Orlando, Harry Potter (I'm a Slytherin with Puff tendencies), photography, pretty stationery, MLP stickers/confetti/party supplies, my pets (cats/chickens/Pekingese), things related to Chinese culture and cuisine, music of all sorts.

I LOVE bells of all kinds, art glass, Willow Tree figures, Woodstock wind chimes, Schleich, rocks/minerals, stone or glass bead jewelry.

Handmade items, arts, crafts & customs:
Yes, please! I LOVE LOVE LOVE original art, especially when it is made by friends.

Spring style:
chicken-themed decor (I keep pet chickens), natural materials (wood, metal, jute, cotton fabric, etc), anything from different countries/cultures. Anything vintage is always fun. I do enjoy Easter.
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Pied Piper of Ponies
MLPTP Supporter
Jan 20, 2018
My Little Pony items wanted:

G1 Ponies

Year 3
Seabreeze and shell
High Tide and shell
White Cap’s shell or repro
Wave Jumper and shell
Sand Dollar’s shell or repro
Sea Star
Also need yellow duck float and blue fish float

Year 4
Snowball puppy
All 6 McDonald’s Collector charms

Year 5
Cheery (pink)
Wavy and float
Sweet Dreams

Year 6
Coco Berry
All mommy charms
Princess Sunbeam
Newborn twins speckles,
Tall Tales
Raspberry Jam
Cha Cha
Cat nip

Year 7
Baby Hoppy

Year 9
Secret Surprise Secret Star
Secret Beauty

Year 10
Colourswirl Lovebeam
Colourswirl Starswirl
Flower Fantasy sweet blossom
Fancy mermaid Sea princess
Fancy mermaid Sea Shimmer
Teeny Tiny sniffles and snookums

bandannas for Wigwam, 4 speed, Steamer and Quarterback

International Ponies
Italian Buterscotch (white hair)
Magenta Blossom
UK NBBE babies, Lemon Drop, Gusty, Ribbon, baby honeycomb
Any Dragon that came with Princess ponies
All Sweet Kisses ponies
Surf Dancer with Shell
Sea Spray with Shell
Starlight Baby Ponies (except Baby Mischief)
7 Tales (except Clover)
Cookery pony aprons
Romance Ponies Love Letter
Nurse Ponies
Rollerskate pony Jazzie (the green one)
Hair do pony beautiful bows
Berry Town family
Meadowsweet Family
Dad and mom Sunbright
Best Friend Ponies except baby Susie
Sweetie babies
Jewelry ponies
Seaside ponies except Splosh

Satin slipper (complete and in good shape)
Poof and puff perfume palace (complete and in good shape)
Perm Shoppe
Lavender Dream Castle
UK School house
UK kitchen

G3 ponies
Black Project Pony
ComicCon 2007 Superhero
MLP Fair 2008 Providence *

35th Anniversary
Twinkle eyed ponies, except Sweet stuff

Not super picky. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but fixable stuff (minor haircuts, frizzy hair or minor marks)
No cancer or head/body mismatch, odors, missing parts please

My favorite pony/ponies:
Dutch shell pony

Candy or Snacks that I like:
While I love many candies and snacks, I’m currently on a keto diet. No sugar, no carbs, no fun. Keto friendly snacks are fine, but not necessary.
No allergies

Things I like that are associated with the swap theme:
Small crafty supplies such as ribbons, bows, flowers, chicks, bunnies,

My favorite color(s):
I love all bright colours, I love purple, blue, and green combos

I would be happy to receive scented items: Yes

Other collections:
Monster high

(I’m not an in box collector, but I prefer fully dressed with most or all accessories.)
Wheelin’ Werecats Sisters & Scooter (2015)
Draculaura(2014) Monster Exchange
iris clops
Lagoona Blue & Kelpie Blue 2-Pack (2017)
Jinafire Long (2013) New Scaremeister
Frankie Original favourites
Party Ghouls
Frankie and Operetta Picture day
Amanita Nightshade & Nefera de Nile 2-Pack(2016) scream and sugar
Meowlody & Purrsephone 2-Pack (2012)
Voltageous 28’ dolls
Zombie shake
Draculaura I love shoes
Freak du Chic Torelei and Honey Swamp
Ghouls rule Clawdeen

Cave Club

My Child
Any doll in any condition

Vintage (pre-80’s) dolls, especially mod era


Small blue Pegasus
MLPTP Supporter
Oct 18, 2017
MLPTP Skybreeze Spring Swap Banner.png

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My Little Pony items wanted:
(Please click on spoilers for a visual guide to my Spring Swap wishlist (click photos to enlarge).
Just G4 & G5 to make shopping easier this year)

MLPTPSkybreezeG4-pg1 Wishlist MAR2022.pngMLPTPSkybreezeG4-pg2 Wishlist MAR 2022.pngMLPTPSkybreezeG4-pg3WishlistAUG2021.pngMLPTPSkybreeze Spike Wishlist MAR2022.png
MLPTP Skybreeze GOH Wishlist APR 2022.png
MLPTP Skybreeze MightyJaxx Wishlist APR 2022.pngMLPTP Skybreeze Popmart Wishlist APR 2022.png


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Acceptable flaws:

I am slightly more picky with G4/Reboot/G4.5/G5, I don't re-hair these ladies so hair that I can brush and treat is best. If it's an Equestria Girl, G5 or SDCC exclusive I prefer MIB but may take open stock if in good condition.

Unacceptable flaws:
I very much prefer:
tiny sprout.gif
No head & body mismatch
tiny sprout.gif
No hair trims
tiny sprout.gif
No extreme frizzy hair
tiny sprout.gif
No missing hair plugs
tiny sprout.gif
No marks on the body (that require more than an easy clean)
tiny sprout.gif
No pindot mold
tiny sprout.gif
No inground dirt
tiny sprout.gif
No extreme paint wear
tiny sprout.gif
No chew marks or other body damage
tiny sprout.gif
No missing limbs
tiny sprout.gif
No odors (smoke/mold/animals)
tiny sprout.gif
No broken mechanisms
tiny sprout.gif
No pony cancer or regrind

My favourite pony/ponies:
tiny sprout.gif
G1 Favourites:
Shady, Lickety Split, Windwhistler
tiny sprout.gif
Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer, Cheese Sandwich, Sunburst, Coloratura & Discord
tiny sprout.gif
G5 Favourites:
Izzy Moonbow, Hitch Trailblazer & Zipp Storm

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Candy or Snacks that I like:
I am on a very strict no/low sugar and low sodium diet, so please don't feel like you need to send any snacks.
If you want to send snacks, I can have Twizlers (red only), Werther's Original, the brand
Smart Sweets makes dummies I love and can have any flavour is great! I also like the veggie based snacks (veggie sticks), and cheese type snacks like "Moon Cheese."
Things I am allergic to:
No Allergies, just restrictions as noted above.

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Things I like that are associated with the swap theme:
I am Canadian, so Spring is very exciting for this city dweller. I enjoy going on hikes, and getting out to go explore. Long car rides (lol gas prices will dampen that this year some). I love watching animals while I go out on hikes, and walking my dogs. Retail wise, I typically buy new bird feeders this time of year ones to deter the squirrels. I always organize and do a deep clean of everything this time of year too and start my seedlings for the gardens.

My favorite color(s):
I'm pretty into teal, pink's, purple's and blue's in general.

I would be happy to receive scented items:
This time of year I tend to go towards more "summery" scents, I love coconut and pineapple. I am obsessed with mint and
eucalyptus scented things, as well I like what I call "boyfriend" scents (like Mahogany Teakwood from Bath and Bodyworks).

In the warmer weather I use a lot of scent melts and plug-in's over candles.
I have Scentecy wax melters, Bath & Bodyworks wallfowers & Bath & Bodyworks Car thingy's (I do need a new clip ;) )
Refills of wax melts (from anywhere really), wallflower and car refills are always great.

Other things I like or collect:
I also collect Lady Lovely Locks and Fairy Tails Birds

LLL Dolls Wishlist NOV 2021.pngLLL Pixietails Wishlist AUG 2021.png
FTB Wishlist AUG 2021.pngFTB Accessory Wishlist May 2021.png

General things I enjoy and love:
tiny sprout.gif
Disney lover of all sorts, but I love Stitch, Disney dogs, Panda Mei (would kill for this plushie).
tiny sprout.gif
Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts!
tiny sprout.gif
Shih Tzu or Pug related things
tiny sprout.gif
Centaurworld - literally
tiny sprout.gif
Stationary things like notes books, pens,
tiny sprout.gif

Crafty things I can use for pony fixing like:
tiny sprout.gif
Nylon Pony Hair (would love some fx hair)
tiny sprout.gif
Acrylic paints that are airbrush friendly
tiny sprout.gif
Extra fine glitter
tiny sprout.gif
Tinsel for pony restoration

Ummm basically I’m a bit of a nerd for all things animation and cute.
Obviously I love any MLP merch.

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I would be happy to receive a handmade item in my swap box:

I would be happy to receive a custom pony in my swap box:
Skybreeze, my OC could use some love. ;)

I have a pony persona that I would like artwork or other items featuring it to be included:
Yup!! Here's her G4 & G5 looks, nothing crazy and pretty basic.
Most important would be her mane is always in a (messy) pony tail, with side "wisps." Kinda like a lot of
Don Bluth female leads. She only has pink hooves when G5. :3
Skybreeze Update.pngG5 Skybreeze 2021.png

I would be happy to receive goodies for my pet(s) in my swap box:
I suppose Clover & Fred would be happy to get a lil something if you feel so moved.

They are both very picky Shih Tzu's, so treats can be tricky for them. They do really like Benny Bullies.
They are both dogs who LOVE toys. They both love smaller squeak toys, Fred is obsessed with balls, Clover likes a toy she can hot herself with and "disc's" (dog friendly frisbee). I
typically buy them a size sm/med (they both weigh about 6-12lbs) clothes/collars.

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I think I have covered everything here.
If you have any questions, please send a message to @Gingerbread or @MustBeJewel and they will be able to relay any questions!
Most of all have fun shopping!!

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