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Dec 26, 2015
Here's my wishlist. (I hope it's not too long) :spider:

First a note, what we love about Halloween is costumes, colors, uniqueness, bats, spiders, pumpkins(not for eating), skeletons, stuffed dog toys, sugar skulls, ghosts, and candy. (That last is my daughter's favorite)

What we don't like is anything gory, bloody, horror movie related, loud noises, my dog hates flashing decorations, we both get nightmares if it's, too real so we keep it fun and amusing. More hocus pocus, less nightmare on elm street. Also, please don't send palmer's chocolates. We're both pretty sensitive to taste and won't eat them. A cute dispenser that could stay packaged is alright. I just would rather not waste food.

My two most desired ponies right now are mo sparkle pony twinkler, and mo sparkle pony sunspot(with pink hair).

A little about condition. I like pretty ponies. Haircuts, cancer, chewing marks, permanent marker except on bottoms of hooves, major symbol rubs, missing g2 eye gems, and head/body mismatch aren't my cup of tea. A little frizz, dirt, scuffs, and light rubs are ok. They just show the pony was well loved.

I Love g1's first and foremost. I like purple, green, pink, sparkles, long hair and bright vivid color combinations. My daughter is collecting with me and she likes, erasers, colored pencils, and puppies.

Ff blossom
Ff cotton candy
Ff peachy
Twinkles (cat)
Brandy (dog)
Ember with star (set completer)
Princess misty
Princess pristina
BnG Ringlets (set completer)
Sand digger
Star gleamer
Brilliant bloom
Baby bows (set completer)
Sky dancer (set completer) winger
Pretty beat
Mo twinkler
Mo sunspot
Lil tot
Factory errors, rehairs, and customs are awesome, too.

Long hair
Petite petunia
Pick a lily
Rainbow berry
Silly sunshine

Aurora mist
Windy wisp
Winter berry

Chocolate chipper
Soda float
Tangerine sunset
Tropical surprise

3-d symbol
All my heart
Candy heart
Cloud climber
Lovey dovey
Minty V
Paradise palms

Cascading symbol
Amazing grace
Comet tail
Sunrise song

Pinkie pie VI


Holly dash
Mrs. Dazzle cake
Twirly treats
Photo finish
Pony mania, rarity, fluttershy, celestia

For swaps
I'm not a big fan of merchandise. Small oddities, ones that fit my other collections, useful items, or ones easily incorporated into my displays.

Other collections

Monster high dolls and accessories
Sig lagoona's shorts and shoes
Sig clawdeen's skirt
Sig torelei's shoes
Monster high season two minis and cases

Key chains
I'd love to have one from every city in the world

Horse/pony figurines
Stone, metal, wood, wax, glass, brass, ceramic

Stone, metal, wood, glass, ceramic

Antique with advertising preferably small

Other random collectables
Seashells, rocks, small decorative, containers, plates, and bowls, buttons, old glass bottles without labels, and anything schipperke related.

Plastics (prolonged exposure), lotions, scents with any chemical, oils, perfumes, and most jewelry.

The only goodies I don't like are sour, black licorice, anything coffee even a tiny bit, and cilantro. No palmer's brand please.

Favourite colors
Purple, purple, purple, dark green, butter yellow (think pansies). My daughter loves pink and sparkle

Scents I do like
Lilac, almond, honey, light vanilla, gardenia, peony, sweet elisia, and honeysuckle. Any of them too strong or with a chemical background are a no.

Always can use
Post-its, key chains, magnets, notebooks, stickers, national monument posters or other art (I like key chains and magnets of local landmarks, too), hair ties, gel pens, adult coloring books, yarn, and decorative pins, glue stick, craft glue, tape, pipe cleaners, beads, elastic cord, pencil sharpeners (somehow I kill them), sequins, glitter, glitter glue, stamps, and stamp pads.

Don't use
Perfumes, lotions, lip gloss, make-up of any sort, jewelry (except pins which I collect, but don't wear)

I have a schipperke and he loves pizzles, stuffed toys, and real chicken treats.

My full wishlist link is in my signature.
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Peppermint Truly

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Jun 10, 2005
Wishlists here, please!


Turn Your Color Up!
Oct 6, 2013

OlogyPonynormal Investigator!
Ology's Hauntedly ghoulish list of Ponies!


Not picky on flaws just nothing with marker or words on it. No super bad hair cites.

I Collect G4 I DO NOT LIKE PINKY PIE sorry just putting this out there!
Ponies to Unearth

I LOVE RARITY . But I have a lot of the stuff already.
Twist and twirl Applejack
Rarity in the travel purse she is plastic no plush
TRU Princess Luna Plush Funrise large.
Friendship express train set with princess twilight

Land To Sea Rainbow Dash

FS Seapony Fluttershy big
FS seapony Twilight Sparkle big

Tempest Storm in hover car Guardian of harmony-REALLY REALLY WANT
Pirate Applejack Guardian of Harmony

SongBird that sings.

Pearlized pony
Sappier Joy -most wanted
Sea Swirl

Fake G4 Princess AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity, Fluttershy

Older G4
Magic and Motion

Rarity carousal Bouquet
Rarity with breezie

New light up
Rainbow Dash hoof lifes up and you brohoof it to light up there is a pinkie pie one too.

Build a bear


What I love about Halloween. Everything. I love pumpkins. Ghost hunting. Ghost stories. Scary movies, Ouji. Dressing up MUMMIES I LOVE MUMMIES AND HAUNTED DOLLS>
Trick and treats, I do kinda like cute Halloween things but now super cute I like horror cute.
I love old school movies black and white: mummy, creature from the black lagoon, Dracula, wolfman.
I do like black cats
MUMMIES did I say that already.
I love gore and haunted house stuff.
I live purple lights
Black and purple colors
Black cats
Pumpink candles
I Really really love mummies and ghost
Freddy and Jason movie.
Paranormal books
Autum things
Any thing with fall leaves yes even a little yellow.
Candles with fall smells except pumpkin spice.
Those fall jelly clings of leaves and pumpkin you put on Windows.
Favorite candy:
Cherry suckers
Cherry twizzler
Candy corn
Milky Way

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDIES AND SISTER LOCATION ( I like Puppet,Circus Baby, Ballora, and Springtrap.
I like Mewtwo the pokemon NOT IN THE NEW FORM NO THANK YOU
Paranormal stuff
Ghost storybooks
mummy/Egyptian things
Fun Halloween socks
Stickers creepy ones
Ouji Boards
Voodoo string dolls kits
Dowsing crystal
scary movies

Allergies: banana, latex, lotion, certain scented thing. ( I not allergic to everything lol. Not so much allergic but super sticky candy I cant really eat.

Don't like sounds strange but there just a few small thing I don't like at all.
Color yellow (gold in small bits ok small small bits of yellow I can handle)

Nuts in candy I just can't eat this

No clown stuff. I love horror gore all that stuff paranormal to the max but hands down please for the love of the gods no clowns. Thank you.

Spiders no thank you.


Yes I have a horrible horrible fear of clowns and spiders. Please no IT joke I hate that movie.
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Jan 3, 2006

I'm not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks, no chewed on or missing limbs LOL! But little flaws or marks and such don't bother me.

I like cooking/baking and decorating for the holidays. I love Snoopy/Peanuts, Eeyore, Garfield and I also collect Charming Tails. I have a dachshund, Frank who is my fur-baby :) so I tend to collect dachshund stuff too. I also collect gnomes and I like mice but not Mickey, nothing against good 'ol Mickey but I just like cute mice stuff. I like fun socks and jewelry, particularly earrings.
As far as Halloween stuff goes I like cute Halloween themed stuff, I'm not really into the gross/gory stuff. I like it all, bats, pumpkins, witches, ghosts...I get into all the holidays and love this time of year!

None! I am trying to diet though, so little or no treats is ok with me. If you find you can't resist, I like chocolate, peanut butter and toffee and since it's that time of year, of course pumpkin too! If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries.



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Aug 5, 2011
My Wishlist (G1):
  • Baby Moondancer
  • Any Tiny Baby Pony
  • Birthflower January Carnation
  • Little Whiskers
  • Any Nurse Pony
  • Catnip the Cat
  • UK Baby Cuddles
  • Heart Throb (ss or nss)
  • Little Tabby
  • Mommy Pony
  • Cheif
  • Wigwam
My Wishlist (G3):
  • Port-o-Bella (I can dream, can't I?!)
  • January Carnation
  • January Joy

My Wishlist (G4):
  • New Big Mac with picture on side (all about series)
  • Derpy Hooves Equestria Girls Mini
Side note: I am also cool with re-hairs and customs.

Flaws that are Acceptable:
  • slight smoke smell
  • minor haircuts
  • small scuffs on body and/or face as long as they still display okay
  • small amounts or regrind or discoloration
  • marks on bottoms of hooves
  • fading
  • missing accessories/no accessories
  • dry hair
  • Really, if you're a not too picky collector and you'd be okay with it, so will I!
Flaws that are not Acceptable:
  • cancer/big old moldy patches
  • major haircuts (really applies to manes more than tails, I can deal with a cropped tail, but not a full buzz cut)
  • big bite marks or missing limbs
  • huge, glaring marks on eyes or symbols
  • I am diabetic, so if you can find sugar free candy, that would be awesome. If you can't find sugar free candy, that's okay too, I can survive without sweets.
  • I am allergic to dogs, but as long as no one was intent on mailing ponies wearing dog hair sweaters, it should be fine.
What I like about Halloween and other Fun Tips:
  • I love cats a lot, so anything with black cats or witches on it is super cool.
  • I also love possums, raccoons, mice, sloths and pterodactyls.
  • Rarity and Derpy are my current favorite ponies, so I love anything with them on it.
  • I also like costumes, fall scents, spiderwebs, skeletons, monsters, and owls.
  • I am okay with scary stuff and cute stuff in equal measure.
  • I don't like grape or coffee flavored stuff. I like chocolate and pretty much any other flavor.
  • I like new and weird stuff, don't be afraid to surprise me!
  • My other likes are Pokemon (Espurr is my favorite), Anime, Hello Kitty/ Sanrio, Monster High, Disney Tsum Tsums, and arts and crafts (feel free to draw something if you like to draw or color).


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May 13, 2010
Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! My birthday is in October, and autumn is my favorite season. Most years we have a Halloween party and decorate the house. I like to watch scary movies all through October. Some of favorites are Amityville Horror and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Overall I enjoy paranormal things. I love paranormal romance books like those written by Keri Arthur, Amanda Ashley, and Jenienne Frost. Some of my favorite paranormal TV shows are The Walking Dead, Van Helsing, Witches of East End, and Dark Shadows. My favorite monsters/Halloween stuff are vampires, witches, Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, candy corn (symbol and colors, not as much to eat). I love the vintage look and feel for decorations and replacing things in the house with Halloween things such as potion bottles on the bookshelves.

I will be updating this post with questions throughout the swap and as I think of more things to help my partner. Here is the link to my Halloween board on Pinterest so my partner has a good idea what I like. Feel free to check out my other boards for inspiration. I need to describe stuff a bit better than I did. Feel free to use my lists in my sig for extras or ideas.

Favorite candies:
milk chocolate with almonds, toffee, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Milka chocolate, Cocoa Kinder Happy Hippos, Tootsie Rolls, grape and chocolate Tootsie Pops, Riesens, Kinder Bueno, mini Snickers (not King sized, fun sized or regular sized), Twix, and Kit Kat. I love trying foreign candies that fit into my likes!

Food Dislikes: Coconut, white chocolate, licorice, non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls, Rolos, green (soy?) Kit Kat

Allergies/Sensitivities: I do not have any known food allergies. I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke and hate stuff with cigarette smell or taste (food). I am allergic to nickel so no such jewelry.

Others to Avoid
Due to large numbers of these items already in my possession, try to avoid the following: candles, body items like wash and lotion-unless it's a good quality small tube of hand lotion, keychains and magnets unless pony related,

Pets These guys appreciate goodies too!
Cherokee: 28 yr old Paint mare. She can only have forage based edibles due to laminitis.
****: 13 yr old female white domestic short hair. She is allergic to beef and rabbit.
Anubis: 9 yr old male black domestic shorthair. He is allergic to beef.
Neelix: 17weeks-old male black and gray tabby

A note on acceptable conditions: I am not a MIB/MOC collector. I don't like ponies with head/body mismatch, regrind, discoloration of body, tail rust, missing manes (haircuts ok, just no baldies, mohawks or hack jobs) or tails, smooze, cancer, amputees, bad regrind or fading, chew marks, major permanent marks or mostly missing/smeared symbols, or smeared eyes. I also like ponies that are supposed to have pink hair, to have pink hair (ex: SS Twilight, Posey, etc.). Otherwise I am not a terribly picky collector, unless it states on my wishlist something specific about a specific pony. I am okay with hair that is a little dry and frizzy (even though wouldn't mind having their hair done before I get them
since I can't do hair to save my life
). I prefer that my ponies are able to stand up on their own unless of course they aren't supposed to (sea ponies lol). I am okay with broken earrings on SHS and mechanisms that don't work (BnG-as long as the tail is not horrendously short). Writing under hooves is ok.

Most wanted ponies are marked with an *. For swaps I do not prefer to get upgrades if possible unless otherwise requested or they are included as extras. G1 is by far my favorite generation but I collect all, only on my list though. I am trying to wrap up my US G1 list as there are less than 10 ponies left on it so feel free to find those! My favorite colors are pastel pink, blue, yellow and mint green. For Halloween, orange, black and candy corn :) . I am sort of a Trekkie with Spock being my favorite character. I am also a fan of The Big Bang Theory, Roseanne, and Disney. Maleficent is my favorite villain and Sleeping Beauty is my favorite movie. I like pony art and customs, especially any featuring Sugarberry/ Strawberry Fair or mine and husband's OCs. My favorite pony color scheme is yellow with "fading" pink hair.

What do you like for extras? MLP FiM Enterplay trading cards from my list in my sig, MLP Accessories, other items from my non-swap wishlists and other collections, hot chocolate, customs or merch of Sugarberry, culturally/regionally unique items/food, international candy items, different coffee Keurig cups for my husband, favorite Halloween recipes, retro and vintage G1 merch, FS, AJ, and RD G4 merch, autumn/Halloween Bath and Body works hand soap, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer. I like their Halloween/Autumn accessories/home items too. My favorite scents are Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin cupcake

USA Non-Mail Order
Precious Pocket

Rainbow Ponies
Starshine-upgrade (no head/body mismatch)

Flower Fantasy
Sweet Blossom


Baby Seaponies
Baby Sea Star
Baby Surf Rider with pink hair

USA Mail Orders
Pearlized Babies
Baby Glory
Baby Moondreamer

Bridal Beauty's 2-layer pink beaded veil, silver wedding ring, pink bouquet barrette

Princess Ponies
Light Purple (Princess Royal Blue)
Pink (Princess Starburst)
Light Green (Princess Dawn)
Pale Pink (Princess Moondust)
Raspberry Pink (Princess Pristina)
Dark blue (Princess Sunbeam)

Newborn Twins
Puddles and Peeks's aqua and yellow seesaw, variant pink and yellow seesaw

Megan and Sundance
So Soft Megan's dress and shoes
Megan and Sundance wear Flower Darlings-Megan's blue dress, lace headpiece, Megan's white heart shoes

First Tooths
White sippy cup
Pink teething ring
Felt tooth

Baby Drink and Wet
aqua changing table

Playset Accessories
-Home Sweet Home: 2 purple window shelves
-Megan's Place: Snowball
-Dream Castle:1 blue goblet

*Mommy and Baby Wear
Prima Ballerina-baby tutu

*****Baby Wear
elephant suit

*Play 'n Wear
Milk and Cookies-cookies on plate, milk mug

Purple Canteen with Rosedust, Princess Tiffany
Sugarberry Merch
Bubblegum dispensers with Baby Firefly, mommy and baby Firefly
Duffle bag with Megan, Sundance and Rosedust
Dishes with TAFs-Sugarberry
egg cups and pomanders
Sea Pony Bath Book
Soft lunch box

Plastic Puzzles
Megan and Sundance
Mommy and baby Firefly
Show Stable and Cotton Candy
Twilight or Sunbeam? and Firefly
Sea Pony

-wood Baby Cuddles and buggy puzzle

Sparkle Ponies
Purple with pink hair and yellow perfume bottle

Baby Blue Belle
Baby Sparkler
Baby Confetti-pink haired
Baby Posey

Brush n' Grow
Twisty Tail-different pose than US version

Starlight Babies

Baby Nightsong with non-faded hair

Flower Ponies

Loving Families
Baby Son Bright Bouquet

Secret Surprise
Hip Holly and her bag, orange flower barrette

Magic Motion
Satin Splash's waterfall and rainbow
Dizzy Lizzy

Playsets/Playset Ponies
Wedding Chapel-ring

Princess Ponies
Princess Silver Swirl's dragon
Princess Twinkle Star's wings
*Her Majesty Ballerina and dress
Her Majesty Pearl's blue shell case

Light Up Families
*Baby Fern
Baby Swirly
Baby Twinkles

Fantasy Hair
White Pearl


*Magic Diamond Glow


*Muse and accessories

Fancy-Dress Ball Ponies
Honey and her bunny outfit
Dragon Suit outfit

Wednesday Afternoon
*Bride and accessories

Purse Ponies
Glittery Heart

Seabreeze (not purple haired version)

Spring Breeze

Baby Hula Lula
Baby Northern Lights
Baby Winter Ice

Super-long Hair
Rainbow Bubbles
Snowdrop Swirl
Silly Sunshine
Dream Blue's barrette

Valentine's Day

January Carnation
February Violet
March Daffodil
May Lily of the Valley
August Gladiolas
September Aster
December Poinsettia

25th Birthday Celebration Collector Set
Rainbow Dash "Hope"
Cheerilee "Beauty"

Favorite Friends
Rainbow Dash IV (name on leg)
Sweetie Belle (name on leg)

Core 7 Friends
Sweetie Belle (lollipops on leg)

*Minty with white tail

Ponymania Maude Pie
Runway Fasthion RD with Rainbow Dress
All About Friends Soarin'
Queen Novo from Seaquestria and Canterlot playset
Spike fish from Seaquestria and Canterlot playset
Coco Pommel (Friendship Festival Party Friends) TRU exclusive
Octavia Melody (Equestria Girl Rainbow Rocks Doll and Pony Set) 2014

Rainbow Power: Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset

Fashion Style
RD with Rainbow Dress (2015)

Baby Seaponies
Crystal Pearl
Ocean Gem

Baby Hippogriff
Flash Feather
Flutter Cloud

Blind Bags
Miniature Sets
:muffin: pony

Wave 2
*Dewdrop Dazzle

Wave 11
F. Big Wig
G. Helia
R. Swanky Hank

Wave 16
AB. Fiddly Twang
AC. Golden Harvest

Friendship is Magic Collection
Pinkie Pie
Maud Rock Pie and Gummy single story pack

Nightmare Night
Spike small story pack

The Baby Unicorn
The Talking Eggs
Thunder Cake

Berenstein Bear Books
Ghost Tour (?)
Give Thanks
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