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Jan 3, 2006
This thread is for those accepted into the Pet-tastic Swap. Here are some of the guidelines again...
  • Your wishlist should be from your pet. This is where they can introduce themselves and tell what kind of treats or toys they like, what kind of things they like to do, if they have any allergies. If you want you can even include a picture of your pet. As mentioned above, if you have multiple pets you're swap pet may mention their siblings here if desired and it will be at your swapper's discretion to include them or not.
  • You will also need to give your pony wishlist. Wishlists need to be for at least 15 ponies (or more), or at least close if you can only think of, say 12. Please be sure to list ponies that fit within the price bracket. If you wish to price check please post in discussion. I will review all wish lists to make sure your partners have plenty to choose from.
  • Let us know which flaws are totally unacceptable to you.
  • Let us know which flaws are ok with you.
  • Let us know if you are a G3/G4 mint in box collector.


Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006
Hello there! My name is Frank.....or Frankenstein in October, or Frankincense in December, or Francis when I'm being teased cause I'm in trouble or sometimes I'm Franklin when my mom sings the Franklin cartoon theme. With all of that it's amazing I know my name, right?!


I'm all dachshund but most people think I'm a stretched out beagle cause of my coloring. All my life people are always asking my mom what kind of dog I am cause I'm short and long but not the typical red or black/tan color, silly people, I'm a good dog, that's the kind of dog I am! Although for those who care my coat is called piebald, so I am a piebald dachshund. I'm about to turn 11 in a couple weeks and for a dachshund I'm in great shape if I do say so myself. I've been lucky enough to stay healthy and not suffer from any of the typical issues associated with my breed. I manage to stay trim even though I LOVE food because I'm still very active.
I've been living with my mom and dad pretty much my whole life. My grandparents (on dad's side) owned a pet shop for a little while years ago in NC. They were moving out of state and had to close the shop. I was the last puppy there and as the time drew closer and closer to them moving no one wanted to buy me and when the shop closed my grandparents didn't know what to do with me. Luckily my parents had just gotten married a few months before and had been talking about getting a dog, when they found out I needed a home they offered to take me. So a few weeks before Christmas my grandparents drove me up to VA to meet my parents. I was about 4 months old then and it was love at first sight!
My mom and dad don't have people children so I am really spoiled! My mom loves to dress me up and takes pictures of me all the time. I don't mind much cause I know I'll get some treats out of it and I secretly enjoy the extra attention, even at the cost of my dignity. I go with my parents lots of places, I like riding in the car so whether it's a trip up the street to McDonalds or camping for the weekend I'm ready to go! I don't have any siblings yet, my folks have talked about getting me a brother or sister maybe in a few years but they like focusing all their love and attention solely on me and I'm totally ok with that!
I love to snuggle and burrow in the bed and even though I have several "dog beds" throughout the house, I consider all the furniture in the house to be mine, including any throw pillows which I will rearrange to my optimal comfort. I love toys that squeak with stuffing I can pull out! My mom says I just like to make a mess but really I do it for her, she loves Christmas so I like to make it "snow" in the livingroom for her. She buys me inexpensive toys that aren't too terribly cute cause she says she feels guilty about sending them to their death, I just can't help it though, I'm an active chewer and I gotta get to that squeaker! I also love treats, never met a treat I didn't like but beggin' strips upset my tummy for some reason.

As I mentioned before my mom loves taking my picture so if you want to see more of my epic cuteness click below!

The only thing my mom loves as much as me are ponies! She has a whole room of 'em! I'm a smart boy cause I know I'm not supposed to mess with her ponies and I never have. It amazes me that there could possibly be any that she doesn't already have but apparently there are! I'd love it if you'd help me send her a pony, her wishlist is below...
She's not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks, no chewed on or missing limbs (don't want her to think it was me)! But little flaws or marks and such don't bother her.

Thanks for reading about me, I can't wait to learn about my swap pet!
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Crazy Crab Lady
Jun 25, 2013
Hello! My name is Arana. I am a Chilean Rose Tarantula (Grammostola rosea or G. rosea) as far as I know, I am a female but I don't know my age because tarantulas don't know how to count, most Chilean Rose Hairs sold in stores are wild caught, I come from the scrub lands of the northern part of the sourthern half of South America. Here is a picture of me!
My owner bought me off some guy who wasn't taking proper care of me. I have simple needs, but my favorite things to do is burrow and hide under things. I can't burrow in my tank because the substrate (bedding) in my tank isn't the same as in my ancestral home, because of this I wanted to have my owner make me an artificial burrow that I could hide in and feel safe. As for other things I like, stuff to make my tank look pretty is always nice. My tank's dimensions are 12 inches wide, 12 inches, 17 inches tall and 5 inches of space between the side opening doors and then 12 more inches of space. I eat very little (only 2 crickets a week or so) so please don't send me any food!

My owner loves ponies, some of the ones she wants I have discovered from reading her mind with my spider powers are:
-Zig Zag
-Any Sea Pony (other than Wave Dancer, Sea Shimmer and Water Lily
-Magic Mirror
-any Purfume Puff ponies
-Brilliant Blom
-Sweet Stuff
-Ember (Blue)
Only MIB
-Secret Wish
-Flower Garland
-Coconut Grove
She doesn't like ponies with cancer or hair cuts, other than that she'll love any pony


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Mar 21, 2014
Hi my name is Luna,

I am Carolina Dog (American Dingo). Most people aren't familiar with my bred. I am a wild dog that's a native to the Carolinas. We are barely bred as domestic pets so we are are as wild as it gets but just as loyal, cunning, and loving.

I was in apart of a wild pack when my mother got hit by a car and the person who hit here tried to rescue many of us as they could. My brother and I were adopted together 2 years ago when we were only 3 months old. Unfortunately, my brother was taken by my owners now ex boyfriend when they spilt up 5 months ago. I still really miss my brother and I suffer from bad separation anxiety since I am home alone now for at least 8 hours a day. Sometimes when I'm feeling this way I tend to find something to "play" with when I shouldn't while Rarishy is out at work even though I have plenty of toys. You can take the dog out of the wild but not the wild out of the dog :).

I am quite the avid chewer and runner. Raw hides and bones don't work well for me since I eat the whole thing in one sitting. Same goes for regular stuffed animals, I like to rip them to shreds within five minutes :).

I really like the really tough material toys since they last longer for me, the more durable the better and maybe some item to help me with my anxiety would be good too. As far as treats any treat bag would do except for milk bones, I just spit them out :p.

My owner is interested in:

1)Welovefine Flutterbat Vinyl Figure
2)Welovefine Nightmare Moon Vinyl Figure
3)Welivefine Future Twilight a Vinyl Figure
4)Welovefine Chrome DJ POn3 Vinyl Figure
5) Welovefine Derpy Chrome Vinyl Figure
6)My little pony universal power boost (target)
7)Full outfit (includes shoes) for my princess Luna build a bear plush
8) princess celestia pocket funko pop keychain
9) dr whooves pocket funko pop keychain
10) twilight, celestia, dr whooves funko pop tin
11) MLP Yatzee
12)MLP memory
13) MLP Connect Four
14) MLP Chutes and ladders
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Princess Rinse 'N Spit
May 20, 2015

Hi, I'm BronyTroy's little "sister" Schatzie Pearl. I usually go by Schatzie or Schatz for short. I am a miniature dachshund, but I'm a bit on the larger end of what's considered "miniature." I'm a red dachshund with white on the tips of my back feet. I was adopted as a puppy before I was potty trained. That was very hard for me to learn and my new family had to be very patient with me. My new new daddy wanted a dachshund for years, and one winter when he saw an add from a nearby breeder about my litter, he came and picked me out and brought me to my new home. :)
I'll be turning 9 in December and I'm starting to gray around my muzzle. It makes my family sad to see me age, but I'm still healthy. ;) My family says I'm spoiled, but they got me to spoil me. ;) I like to climb up brother's legs to give him kisses, we call it sugar. :) And sometimes I'll jump up at his face and sugar him when he's laying on the couch. And just to let you know I'm here and say "hello" I'll poke you on the leg with my nose.
I'm a shy girl and flies and loud noises scare me. During fireworks my family gives me benadryl to help me calm down, and I try to hide from flies. I'm usually very quiet unless I want to play, go outside or hear something I think you should know about. Things that move fast spook me, like little kids. And I'm not too keen on strangers getting too close to me or my family.
I like to be close to my family and go for rides with them, but I'll stay home if I have to. Sometimes I go to nursing homes and watch brother from my zipped up stroller while our parents play music for the residents. And if I'm really good they'll unzip me. :)
My brother likes to have my picture taken, but I make it a challenge! I've come to associate the sound of a camera with getting gifts and I just have a hard time staying still. LOL I want to find my gift! :D I'm the same way with bags. You never know when one might have a new toy for me inside! ;)
I like to play by batting my paws at you and chasing squeaky toys. Sometimes I will bring them back to your hand or squeak them teasingly just out of your reach. Other times I just want you to throw them one after another so I can just chase them. I have toys everywhere and 2 toy boxes. I am very blessed with and loved by my family. :) Sometimes I think I'm a people like them and even like to eat yogurt from a spoon for a treat!
I am picky with what I'll eat and like small bites. I like to eat whenever my family does. I usually turn my nose up or walk away like I'm insulted at food when first offered, but once I get started I can't get enough! :D I'm only aware that I'm allergic to bee stings and some shots, but nuts and chocolate don't like me. My family doesn't like me to eat anything with that glycol antifreeze stuff in it. They also don't like me to have toys with stuffing or things sticking out that I might chew off and swallow. Swallowed toy stuffing and bits, as well as cashew nuts make me sick to my tummy.
Oh, and I loooove opening wrapped gifts, I get so excited! Just start singing "Happy Birthday" and I go nuts. :) Here's a wishlist of my favorite things:

Zainey's (soft, flat round balls with faces on them that squeak)
Other soft, small toys that squeak
Nudges Jerky Cuts
Sweet Potato Strips
Small Dingo chewy bones

And don't forget my brother! :) I want to include him for letting me know about this pet swap. Here's a wishlist of G4 blind bag ponies and ponies from blind bag sized sets he's looking for. They're listed by what he wants most. He's not all that picky, but he doesn't like ponies with big blotches, scratches or other really obvious, noticeable damage on them. He's pretty much okay with any in decent shape, not necessarily mint, although he does like to have any cards that might've came with them when they were new.

Apple Family Set
Granny Smith
Wave 5
Princess Cadance #02
Princess Luna #07
Princess Celestia #19
Pony Wedding Set
Shining Armor
Elements of Harmony Set
Nightmare Moon
Royal Surprise Set
Queen Chrysalis
Daring Pony Set
Daring Do Dazzle
Wave 2
Cheerilee #13
Cloudsdale Set
Gilda the Griffon
Spa Pony Set
Cake Family Babysitting Fun
Mrs. Dazzle Cake
Pumpkin Cake
Pound Cake
Pony Friends Forever Collection
Dr. Whooves

I'm so excited to find out who my swap pet is! :)
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Jan 18, 2006

Hi! I'm Rogue! Can't you tell how excited I am to meet all of you!
I'm a 10yr old Rottie/Husky mix, who loves long walks on the beach... Well, I like long walks. Not so much the beach. Water's over rated ;) Though I'm getting up there in age, I'm still a pretty active girl. My favorite things are food, my mom, food, stuffed toys, food... Did I mention food? Mom spoils me by feeding me a semi-raw diet, but I'll eat anything! I can have rawhide type chews, biscuits, jerky, pretty much anything. But real bones make my belly hurt... Mom says bad words when she steps on squishy/sharp dog puke :p I also love toys, especially stuffed toys I can de-stuff! It's so much fun decorating the house with fluff :) And rope toys to play tug of war. Those are my favorites <3 I do share my house with 2 minions of evil... mom says they're cats, but I know better.

And Ti-

Pure evil- am I right?
They don't do much with toys, but they love this dried leafy stuff... Makes them crazy though! :eek:

The only thing that mom loves as much as me are ponies! :flutter2: I'm not sure why, but hey if she's happy I'm happy. <3 Here's her wish list (I can't believe it's this long, she has so many!)

Ciao! Can't wait to find out who my swap pet is! :D


Spike the Dragon
Aug 24, 2013

Hi there! My full name is Leto Moonstone, but you can just call me Leto. It is pronounced "LEE-toe" like the sun god from Fullmetal Alchemist. I am half-malamute and half-husky and 90 pounds of cuddles! I'm 8 years old but I don't think I look a day over 3. I have arthritis in my back right leg, but my mama gives me glucosamine supplements to help with that.

I love love love to run! Both of my breeds are sled dogs, and I was made to pull and run. Mama goes running with me 5 days a week, but she runs sooooo much slower than I do. I am very happy when she takes me to the dog park and I can run all-out, the way I want to.

I love food of all kinds! My mama feeds me twice a day but I am ALLLWAYYYYYS HUNGRYYYYY. Bacon, cheese, and fish flavored treats are my favorites and chicken is my least favorite. I also love rawhides, but I need big ones - I'm a very big boy, and the tiny ones might get caught in my throat. I love love love playing with long toys like stuffed snakes and my Tuffy shark. I don't care too much about squeaky things or toys that make noise. I need big toys because I'm a big dog! I also need toys that can withstand my big ol' jaws.

I don't have any allergies.

My mama collects Generation 1-3 ponies. She isn't a huge fan of G4, but she loves Nightmare Moon. She will accept any G1-3 ponies except for the ones with the scary eyes [BBEs]. She really really wants a Teeny Pony Twin Tootsie so her Bootsie won't be all alone, and wants all of the G3 Toola-Roolas (the second version). She loves the plush ponies too, but keeps them on her desk at work so I won't think they're dog toys. As long as the ponies don't have bad marks, missing limbs or terrible haircuts she'll be happy! Little marks and flaws won't get her too fussed.

I better go now - I think my mom's in the kitchen and maybe I will get some cucumber!
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