MLPTP's Word Association Game

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Sep 1, 2020

Hello and welcome to the MLPTP's Word Association game!
(Princess Twilight's favourite game)

If you have found your way to our little game of clever wits and quick thinking then you are also a fan of the written word. Or, are you here to run amuck and throw everyone off with your knowledge and humor?

Either way, the word association game has been running here on the MLPTP since 2014 and is one of our longest running games and boards with the most activity. In an attempt to keep our beloved game running and boost new member interest we have decided to start fresh.

What does this mean?
Well my pony loving friends, this means that we have officially retired our last board and the original board, and keep it forever immortalized here on the MLPTP for future generations to look through and remember our great history of word game loving fiends. This also means that with a new fresh start we are going to be placing some rules for the game to make it much easier for everyone in all time zones to follow (and our mod team to keep up with).

We hope everyone will continue to enjoy this new game!

MLPTP Word Game Rules Banner copy.png

We don't have many rules for this game but please be mindful and respect the ones we do have. They are in place so everyone can continue to enjoy this game.

1) As this is a word association game, please respond with 1 word answers that correspond with the previous word used.
2) Please only add 1 new word per day.
3) All responses must be PG rated.
4) Please no discussion (words) relating to current events, violence, foul language, keep it light and fun for everyone. Remember we do have a younger audience as well.
5) No chatter here. If you need to expand a thought please do so by the general chat, shout box or via direct message.

Enjoy the game! It's here for everyone to interact in an easy but fun way and to allow our newer members to get their chat counts up.
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