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Movies for Sale


When life throws you bricks, build a Castle!
Jul 22, 2005
Hello Everyone
I have a bunch of movies for sale

Blurays with Digital Codes - $7
Bambi Signature Collection New with Digital Code
Opened Blu-ray movies W/out Digital Codes - $5 each
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1
Twilight New Moon
Twilight eclipse 2 sided disc one bluray one DVD
Frozen - From Family Video Has no DVD with it
Thor (1st movie of Thor) also with DVD
Hunger Games (1st Movie) Special features Disc
Despicable Me also with DVD
20211207_153227 (1).jpg
20211207_153139.jpg 20211207_153200.jpg

DVD's W/out Digital Codes - $3 each
A Bugs Life
Kung Fu Panda
Blood the Last Vampire
The Italian Job
Ice Age (2 disc special)
Iron Man
The Dark Knight
A Knights Tale
The Departed
Azumi (2 disc special)

20211207_160617 (1).jpg

20211207_160719.jpg 20211207_160855.jpg