my very huge wishlist


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Apr 23, 2021
Yes I know a very overwhelmingly big wishlist. I'll be using this as a checklist.
  • G4 royal pose Nightmare Moon
  • G4 Fluttershy: Breezie
  • G4 Princess Luna: Crystal Princess Ponies or Rainbow Shimmer
  • G4 Mane Six: Plain, although if I can get some pearlized / sparkly / whatever that would be < 3
  • Any blind bag Fluttershy, Luna, or glittery pony I happen to find cool. I wanna make earrings outta them. The blind bag ones aren't too important to me, but I thought I'd add them anyways.
For now I can only afford to look in thrift stores which I haven't had much luck with, I've only found blind bag ponies. I did find a chewed up spaghetti stained Rainbow Dash though.
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