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Sep 1, 2020
So, I have recently been going through my ponies since they have been in storage for a wile and I'm trying to mentally get myself back into my hobbies I had put aside due to emotional and mental issues. I just happened to grab a pony out of a dusty nasty box to measure for a display box and just happen to notice it was a special pony with Italy on its hoof. I went through the others and found these lovlies. They are grubby and I will be doing some cleaning and washing on them since the box they were in was open to everything in the far reaches of an outdoor building for at least 7 years. They were in a bait box with mostly babies and princess accessories.

I have a few questions on these. Mostly is it worth cleaning them up or should I just bait them? Is it ok to oxiclean boil them or do you suggest a different method, especially to get the heads off. Also what are the price ranges for them as ok ponies?

I will update as I get them cleaned.

Italian Butterscotch

Condition: other than dirty there is a few rubs to her right symbols and left eye. Most of the dirt looks like a magic eraser will get it off. her hair is a little crunchy but from what Ive done it the past it should soften up nicely if not get completely smooth.
How do you tell if the symbol is version 1 or 2?

Brazilian Magic Star

Condition: other than the obvious hair cut and orange bloob on her side (looks to be highlighter or she was up against something neon at one time) she is just dirty. Symbols and eyes are perfect. No rubs.
I have no idea about bleaching especially a super fancy pony and she would not be the one I would start on. So, to get her ready to sell, if I sell her, should I remove what little crispy hair she has when I was her or just treat it like I would any other ponies? Should I rehair her?

Italian Trickles

Condition: dirty but looks to be scrub offable. Hair is dry but will wash and condition well. Bad rub to center of right eye. other paint looks perfect.

July Birth Flower

Condition: dirty but looks to be scrub offable other than a purple ink stain on her right rear lower leg and a very light neon pink splotch below the stem of her right symbol. Her hair is dry but looks to have factory curl in both main and tail. A few of the fore plugs look trimmed but I'm not sure if they came this way or if its cut. little bit of rubbing on left symbol.
Is it worth trying to save the curl wile washing the pony or do I just go ahead and condition and clean it with the rest of her?
Is she an ok option to try and bleach as my first time or should I leave it to someone else if I sell her?

Thank you for reading all this and helping me out if you can.
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Dec 26, 2015
They’re in pretty rough condition. Italian ponies are the easiest to find. I’ll send you a pm, but, honestly, I would sell them as is unless you really want to put in that much work. Birth flower ponies are USA releases. The brazilian has potential, but repairing lowers value and her poor side. You wouldn’t get much return. They’re more the kind of restoration that you do if you want to keep them.


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Mar 22, 2010
I would not bait any of the ponies you have if I were you. You might be able to sunfade that highligher spot off of magic star as that is your most valuable nirvana - can go to $200 in fab shape as brazilians are notorious with that hair choice so it is rare to find a soft /shiny hair brazil pony. I wouldn't restore them as in rehairing unless you want to keep them. There was someone who rehaired a spanish whizzer in her G1-show colors that came out wonderful but as was mentioned, was done for sentimental not financial gain.

I would say your italians are generally 20-25
brazil probably 50ish as is and get that spot sunfaded out probably 80
birthflower ponies can also be whitened/brightened with sunfade and oxi so $15-25ish would be my general guess on pricing

overall that is quite the "bait" box so yeah, I would spend the time to clean and pretty them all up :) that is the fun of MLP collecting

spa day :)