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~Pink Chicken's Wishlist ~

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UPDATED: 18th Jan 08

**** ~ Most wanted



Year 5

Princess accessories
Princess Serena's purple Bushwoolie, pink ribbon, light purple comb, blue comb, dark purple wand, green dragon, puffy sticker and purple hat with hearts and teardrops
Princess Tiffany's white ribbon, puffy sticker, orange dragon, yellow ribbon (maybe?), light and dark purple combs, and blue hat with hearts and teardrops
Princess Sparkle's aqua Bushwoolie, puffy sticker, purple dragon, pink hat with butterflies and flowers, aqua ribbon, blue wand, purple hat with stars and moons, dark purple wand, and blue, light and dark purple combs
Princess Starburst's purple Bushwoolie, puffy sticker, yellow dragon, aqua ribbon, aqua hat with hearts and teardrops, aqua comb, dark purple comb, dark pink wand and aqua hat with stars and moons
Princess Royal Blue's blue dragon, dark purple comb, light pink wand, pink ribbon, blue hat with stars and moons, puffy sticker, aqua ribbon, dark purple wand, aqua and blue wands, and purple hat with moon and stars
Princess Primrose's pink ribbon, pink comb, pink wand, puffy sticker and red dragon

All Big Brother Bandannas apart from Salty's and Slugger's
All Big Brother combs apart from Tex's and Slugger's
Quarterback's hat

All Newborn twin accessories

Year 6
All Princess crown clips, brushes and wands
All Big Brothers Bandannas and combs (apart from Barnacle's)
Wigwam's Headress
All Newborn twin ponies accessories

Year 7
All Candy Cane pony barrettes
All Princess Brush 'n Grow pony barrettes

Year 8
Pony Bride ring and veil

Year 10
Strawberry Scoop's soda and both SS brushes
10th Anniversary pony's pink giftbox, necklace, cloth-plaited bracelet, locket and hairclip

All Mountain boy's combs/brushes apart from Icey's
All Mountain boy's stickers and ribbons
Painting Time's yellow satchel****
Jazzie's sungl*********
All Sweet-Kisses Ponies lipsticks
Baby Susie and Katie's cat and dog
All Bedtime Newborn bottles
All Loving Families combs
All Seaside Babies floats


Daddy Berrytown **** Will trade VERY well for!
Mummy Berrytown

All Rainbow Ponies apart from Starflower, Parasol and Moonstone

Baby Billie
Baby Susie

Both Sippin' Soda ponies

Any carded BnG's apart from Ringlets

Any UK/euro ponies, ESPECIALLY Jazzie and Hip-Hop, Gypsy, Honeycomb and Hopscotch

Any Flutters apart from Tropical Breeze and Cloud Puff

Any Princess ponies

Cranberry Muffins
Blueberry Pie
Cherry Treats


Year 1
My Pretty Pony (Pink)

Year 2
All must have nice symbols!

Year 3
All must have nice symbols!

Year 4
SS Heart Throb****
SS Truly****
SS Bouncy****
SS Hippity Hop****

Year 5


Jangles and Tangles
Dibbles and Nibbles

Baby Sleepy Head

Year 6
TAF Yum Yum***

Sandcastle and Shovels
Speckles and Bunkie
Big Top and Toppy

Year 7

Lemon Treats

Year 8

Baby Princess Sparkle

Year 10

Love Petal

Mail Order


Lil Cupcake
Lil Sweetcake

Baby Sugarcake
Baby Gametime

Sweet Scoops

All TAF babies except Milky Way

Purple valentine twin

Chuck E cheese baby


Activity club Baby pony (plain white)

Love Story
Love Letter

Mummy Berrytown (MUST be minty!)
Daddy Sunbright "
Daddy Berrytown "


Kiss 'n' Tell
Kiss 'n' Make Up

Baby Candy
Baby Lollipop

Baby Ruby
Bbay Sapphire
Baby Diamond

Great Hair Highlights

Baby Bouncy
Baby Snoozy

All dutch babies

Nirvanas (I wish!!)

Light blue greek Bluebelle
Yellow Moondancer (Hong Kong version)
Greek Baby Minty
Greek Baby Cotton Candy




Sunrise Song
Daisy Paisley
Jade Garden


Custom supplies

All nylon and saran hair (dollyhair, katsilk etc)
Big Brother baits
G3 unicorns
G3 babies
G3 prepared white baits
Any G3 prepped baits!
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