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Ponies you didn't like, that won you over


Rusty pony revitaliser
MLPTP Supporter
Sep 9, 2022
I have a few. But my most recent are baby Blossom and baby Cotton Candy. I always thought their colour was too wishy washy in photos. IRL they are actually really pretty and delicate :hearteyes: Do you have any examples?
All of g2 honestly, I thought they were fakies until a few years ago so I didn’t pay much attention to them. When I joined here and found out they were actually mlp I dug through my sisters old box of toys and found this little lady that I remember she had and never knew was official. And now after seeing pictures of some on here and holding a full size one (cause Sundance is mini) they’ve definitely won me over :) I’ve got a few on my wishlist even
Oh no! I was the same with g2! I didn't like them until I held one irl. Those sparkly eyes just enchanted me XD hated them when they first came out because they were so different from what I knew!
Ive never disliked a pony but I was skeptical of G4 for a short period before I saw Cherry pie <3
G4.5 wasnt my cup of tea but the more ive looked at them theyve grown on me. I really like Potion Nova's coloring! And I love that they did some g1 characters in g4.5 :D
download (5).jpegFizzleShakePonyFriend_L.jpgGustyPonyFriend_L.jpgPotionNovaPotionSingle_300_L.jpg
all the ponies in general lol. growing up I didn't want any "colorful ponies", I was a "horse" girl, they needed to be realistic lol
I went that direction in my teens which meant that my remaining ponies went into storage and it was Breyers Breyers Breyers!! Until I was 19 and brought the ponies back out and felt all that nostalgia. I still adore my realistic horses but the G1s melt my heart. <3
Quite a few but more recently the g4 blind bag figures! I used to think they were kind of meh but now I seem to have a couple dozen of them. I try not to get them too frequently, but every so often one finds it way into my collection.
The Twinkle Eye ponies always creeped me out as a kid. Now I think they look stunning with their unique eyes!
I thought they are a bit creepy until I met them in person. In the photos, especially with flashlight these eyes look a bit weird. But in the real life they are cute. I have Fizzy and Tic Tac Toe and I like them.

And my answer to the question is the whole G2 line. I almost completely missed it and I thought at first, oh... that's very horse-like but looking cheap. I had a Happy Meal Princess Silver Swirl, and I like her, but never had any from the main line. I found Lady Light Heart recently in a second-hand shop and I immediately liked her. In person she does not look cheap, smaller that the G1 ponies but not bad. So I just liked this simple, not too "extra" design. :)
Whoa, I need my memory refreshed here! Darker than Tirac using a Rainbow of Darkness to transform manacled ponies into draconic beasts of burden?? (My dark favorite moment, LOL)
The twinkle eye ponies were slaves in a mine, and the darkness blinded them. When the wizard was vanquished, gems flew into their eyes and they could see again @_@