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Jan 1, 2020
My wishlist is absurd haha, I kinda tend to add basically any ponies I find pretty. I figured it was time to set up a proper wishlist though, complete with priority lists, instead of leaving it in some links and spoilers on my profile. I'm sure if there is a character limit, I will reach it.

This will probably take me a few days to set up fully. For now, here are the things I've already had on my profile.

Complete Collections/Sets

Prior to now I have not gone out of my way to complete any collections, so I have maybe two completed.
In order by generation, and then by priority, and excluding playsets...

These are my (mostly) "custom" G1, G2, and G3 sets, based on the themes I love most, in no particular order:
  • Holidays and Seasons
  • Wind and Rain
  • Day, Night, and Stars
  • Sweets and Drinks
  • Sleep, Dreams, and Similar
  • Symbols spanning a pony's body
  • Transparent glitter body
  • McDonald's Happy Meal toys
G1: (4, 5, and 6 are tied)
  1. Sweetheart Sisters - YES ALL OF THEM
  2. Colorswirl
  3. Twice as Fancy & Flower Fantasy
  4. Glow N' Show
  5. Rainbow Curl
  6. Basically all of the sweets ponies (Candy Cane, Sweetberry, Sundae Best)
  7. Sparkle
  8. Princess (Years 5 & 6)
  9. Tales main characters
  10. Rockin' Beats
G1 Retro:
  1. Clear Glitter Loyal Subjects
G2: (I love G2 but the sets hold next to no weight, so all but the first are low priority.)
  1. Friendship Gardens characters
  2. Changing Mane and Tail
  3. Magic Wings
  4. Fancy Dress Ball
  5. Magician
  6. Magic Motion Family
  7. Romantic Couple & Royal Wedding
  1. Fair/Con & Art Ponies
  2. Holidays and Seasons
  3. Divine Shine
  4. Super Long Hair & Fancy Hair
  5. Jewel
  6. Cutie Cascade & Pretty Patterns
  7. Styling
G4: (I don't really collect G4.)
  1. Equestria Girls Minis
  2. Equestria Girls Minis
  3. Equestria Girls Minis
  4. Guardians of Harmony

Collections/Sets Details

Detailed lists of items that belong in the above section. Separated by gen, and in no particular order.
For all of the categories I have listed below, I will strike through items I already own and am happy with.
For all of the categories I do not have listed below, items I already own and am happy with are listed at the bottom.

Holidays and Seasons

Coming Soon

Wind and Rain

Coming Soon

Day, Night, and Stars

Coming Soon

Sweets and Drinks

Coming Soon

Sleep, Dreams, and Similar

  • Pillow Talk

Symbols spanning a pony's body

This one's more for listing the types, rather than individuals, as these heavily overlap with others.

  • Many of the Fair/Con/Art ponies
  • Twice as Fancy
  • Flower Fantasy
  • Cutie Cascade
  • A couple of the Winter ponies

Equestria Girls Minis

This one is ordered first by which character I like most, and then by which of their minis I like most.
(Okay, I still haven't even added the "Best Friends"/Fashion Squad/Reveal the Magic versions and I'm having second thoughts. There are clear sets I like and don't like. Will revamp this later.)

Sunset Shimmer
  1. Movie Collection
  2. Beach Collection
  3. Rollin' Sushi Truck Set
  4. Theme Park
  5. Pep Rally
  1. Theme Park
  2. Pet Spa Set
  3. Sleepover & Elements of Friendship
  4. Beach Collection
  5. School Cafeteria Set
  6. Slumber Party Set
  7. Fall Formal
  8. Rainbow Rocks
  1. Fall Formal & School Dance
  2. Slumber Party Set
  3. Theme Park
  4. Sleepover & Elements of Friendship
  5. Theme Park Costume Creations Set
  6. Beach Collection Relaxing Beach Lounge Set
  7. Trendy Accessory Shop Set
  8. Movie Collection
  9. Switch n' Mix
  10. Rainbow Rocks
  11. Pep Rally
  1. Rainbow Rocks Science Star Class Set
  2. Beach Collection
  3. Theme Park
  4. Switch n' Mix
  5. Mail Collection
Rainbow Dash
  1. Theme Park
  2. Sleepover & Elements of Friendship
  3. Beach Collection Sporty Beach Set
  4. Rainbow Rocks Set
  5. School Pep Rally Set
  6. Fall Formal & School Dance
  7. Mail Collection
Misc 1
  1. Starlight Glimmer - Movie Collection
  2. Adagio Dazzle - Rainbow Rocks
  3. Photo Finish - Rainbow Rocks
  4. DJ P0n-3 - Fall Formal
  5. DJ Pon-3 - Movie Collection
  6. Sweetie Drops - Mail Collection
  7. Trixie - Beach Collection
  8. Derpy - Mail Collection
  1. Slumber Party Set
  2. Theme Park Snack Creations Set
  3. Beach Collection
  4. Fruit Smoothie Shop
  5. Sleepover & Elements of Friendship
  6. Rainbow Rocks
  7. School Dance
  8. School Dance Set
Pinkie Pie
  1. Sweet Snacks Cafe Set
  2. Theme Park
  3. Rainbow Rocks
  4. Slumber Party Sets (Pink/Blue)
  5. Rainbow Rocks Set
  6. Sleepover & Elements of Friendship
  7. Movie Collection
  8. Beach Collection
  9. Switch-a-Do Salon Set
  10. Theme Park Bumper Cards Set
  11. Pep Rally
  12. School Dance
  1. Dance Party Set
  2. School Dance
  3. Slumber Party Set
  4. Rainbow Rocks
  5. Sleepover & Elements of Friendship
  6. Pep Rally
Misc 2
  1. Juniper Montage - Movie Theater Set
  2. Trixies - Mail Collection
  3. Daring Do - Movie Collection
  4. Celestia - Lessons and Laughs Set
  5. Roseluck - Mail Collection
  6. Flash Sentry - Fall Formal & School Dance

Other Owned

  • Starflash


Coming soon!

Individual Ponies​

This section is entirely separate from the above ones, so expect some duplicate names.

For now, I'll just have these links here. I'll definitely make a full and proper list, but until I finish that this is a good resource.
Wishlist - Pretty much as it sounds, this is just every individual pony I am interested in.
Checklist - A completely misleading title, I am actually using my "checklist" page as a Priority Wishlist, because I have far too many.

I thought about creating a second account to house my actual checklist, but ultimately I think making this post is a better option. I may change my checklist to an actual checklist once I have this page updated.

Godly Priority

NEEEEEEEEED I need these in my life!

  • Spring Song
  • Twinkler
  • Sunblossom
  • Starswirl
  • Springy

High Priority

Oooooh! These would be soooo cool!

  • Bright Night
  • Rosy Love
  • Flower Dream
  • Gardenglow
  • Beautybloom
  • Ruby Lips
  • Lovin' Kisses
  • Lovebeam
  • Pillow Talk
  • Junko Pony

Nice Priority

I definitely like these more then the average! Just on the verge of ponies I get really excited about.

  • Cha Cha
  • Daisy Dancer
  • Sweet Sundrop
  • Pretty Belle
  • Goldilocks
  • Happy Hugs
  • Sunbeam
  • Sunglory
  • Sunsplasher
  • March Daffodil

Average Priority

I like these and I would be happy to have them.

  • Singalong Pony (Dutch)

Low Priority

These are nice, but I really don't think I'd ever care if I never got them.
Coming Soon


Other My Little Pony items, including other types of merch, customs, and ponies that are either anticipated or simply not listed on the MLP Merch site.
  • Basic Fun Flutter Ponies (if they release them)
  • Porcelain Ponies
  • Italian Twilight (white w vivid blue and white hair)
  • Italian Majesty (Identical to aforementioned Italian Twilight)
  • Custom of "Modest" Coloratura (not necessarily a G4 mold)
  • Customs of EG characters (from minis, custom, or other appealing mold) in LOE attire
  • Customs of my characters
  • Basically every piece of media ever made excluding G3.5
  • Especially EG books and comics (excluding SS's Time To Shine since I own it) and select G4 MLP comics (Shining Armour/Cadence arc, Tempest arc, Nightmare Rarity arc), and as many G1 comics as I can get
  • A replacement for my bleached G3 beach towel
  • Pretty much any other merch I can get my hands on - towels, blankets, shirts, prints, etc., especially gens 1 - 3
  • Collectors' books, namely considering Summer Hayes' Collectors' Inventory G1, 2, 3, and 2009-2012 and Debra Birge's Around the World
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