Festive FelizNavidad Pony
MLPTP Supporter
Jan 3, 2006
I got a mouse infestation! and well, the only kind of mouse infestation I would ever actually want LOL

I had a unexpected package delivered today. When I picked it up, I though oof, this is heavy! What in the world could it be?!?

I thought, well maybe it could be my Easter swap? But when I opened it, it was tons of Charming Tails all wrapped in bubble! I couldn't believe it, a box full! I sat opening one after another, aren't they all just so cute! I can only assume it's from possibly my Easter bunny? Trying to send some extra love, I guess I'll have to wait and see. There was no note.


I liked this one cause I felt like I hit the lottery LOL


and these others I also thought were so extra adorable

IMG_9954.JPG IMG_9955.JPG IMG_9957.JPG IMG_9958.JPG IMG_9959.JPG

I mean they're all cute but look at the tiny helmet on that football one's snail :happyhearts:

Whoever you are secret person, thank you for such a lovely surprise today!! Sitting and unwrapping each little treasure was such a fun treat :rainbow1:<3:rainbow2: and *big squeeze bear hug* from me, hope you felt it!