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Reflecting on 2013


So Soft Pony, So hard to clean
Apr 25, 2012
2013 has been a very profound year for me. It has offered as a major crossroad for me in life, where I go through changes to push me forward.

I figure we could all use a thread here, for everyone to reflect on this year. The good, the bad, the changes, the similarities... whatever it is this year offered you, let's reflect.

The beginning of this year, I entered a completely different person from who I am now. I was lost. Lost is probably the simplest way to explain it.

What happened since then... I made a decision to change my lifestyle. To stop putting everyone else before me all the time, to care about myself more and set aside time for me.

Even if it meant redefining my self image, buying new make up, replacing my wardrobe... adapting to the life style changes of the ones I love most, to support what they enjoy.

Stop being so sensitive all the time and taking everything personally that I hear and see. That was a major stepping stone for me.

Just generally, getting a grip on myself, slapping myself around a bit to say "get with the program lady, you are running out of chances! Life is too short."

To help out and extend a hand. Stop worrying about the risks, and take them.

Pour out my love for giving despite the cost.

It takes a person to care about themselves, to properly care for others.

Don't get lost in yourselves, the world is much broader~

Love freely, care, and most of all, forgive freely.

When meeting a fellow person, don't judge unless you are free of such judgements.
Accept people the way they are, and help them if you can.

I have gained so many meaningful relations throughout this year, my heart is beating in pure love. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the year of 2013.

Alas, 2014 approaches, and we must say good-bye to 2013.

I enter the new year as a new version of myself, full of more love and wisdom.

Will continue to carry on the torch through the New Year~


Festive FelizNavidad Pony
MLPTP Supporter
Jan 3, 2006
That's so wonderful and beautiful! I wish I had something profound to reflect on but the only real change for me this year was I got fatter LOL! Although it's still December so I refer to it as "jollier" come Jan 1st though it will resume being fat :sadpony: Guess it's time to get back on that bandwagon :winkpony:


Pony Clutz
Jul 5, 2005
Hmm, my reflections for 2013.

I officially moved in with my mother. (three hours away from most of my friends and boyfriend)

I got a new job that I adored. Fabricland.

I was invited to move in with a couple of friends near my work but after seeing the state of their apartment I said no and stayed living free with my mum.

Realized that the manager at my job was a horrible person. Tried to put up with her because the job was great and the other people are wonderful.

Made some great new friends at my LARP and had a blast playing.

Finally realized that I had to quit the fabricland job because of the manager who refused to give me the hours that I should have been getting. Couldn't afford to pay the gas it cost to get to work anymore, and couldn't afford to get an apartment on the money I was making.

Started to get depression again after quitting job.

Went to two weddings for friends. It was wonderful to see them all so happy.

Finally got the nerve together to break up with my boyfriend after almost a year of virtually no real contact with him, even online. Whenever I tried to talk to him, or arrange to visit, he just didn't get back to me. It was a friendly break up.

My mum caved and let me keep the kittens.

Met a new guy and am quietly seeing him. So many people think it's too soon to get into another relationship and we have the exact same circle of friends as my ex. He doesn't mind taking the public part of our relationship very slowly. He adores me and we talk online everyday, he tries to arrange visits as often as we can pull it off with the distance. We skype every few days.

Had a quiet Christmas with my family.

I'm still lingering on the edges of depression, I still need a job, I still want to find a new place to live by myself closer to all my friends.

These are the things to look forward to in the new year though. I am ready for 2014 and whatever curveballs it throws at me.


So Soft Pony, So hard to clean
Apr 25, 2012
lol Gingerbread, I've packed on the lbs, too. :LOL: Once I click into the "EGGNOG SEASON! HECK YES!" Mode... heehe.... down hill from there. Need the sunny weather to come back so I can start strolling across town again.

BabyNightmare: it's often darkest before the dawn. :smilepony:

Although I reflect on this year as a very profound year, I cycle through depression as well~ love and relationships often cause that for me. My last 'bout was probably Sunday prior to Christmas... .______.;

Still entering the New Year with my best foot forward. All experiences good and bad have redefined me as a person.

Though I'll say I'd love to have a job at a place like Fabricland. Fabric Depot, JoAnn Fabrics... man... I should go get one. I've been stay-at-home-mommy for long time and I'd love to have a job handling fabrics~


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Dec 7, 2011
Usually I am sad to see the year end, this year not so much.
After two year of battling a horrid battle against cancer, my best friend, and mom died last in august, close to her and my dad's 25 year wedding anniversary, it was a shock, and I am still trying to cope with it.
I have not felt like celebrating christmas, I have had little energy and lack of mood.

I don't know with what feelings or hope I enter the new year, hopefully something can make it better.

I wish everyone a happy newyear and the best of luck and wishes for the one that fast approches.


Scoops' #1 Fan
Jun 7, 2005
Hmm... 2013... the year that I was basically not present on the MLPTP. I've missed everyone! I'm SO not into the current ponies at all and am out of the loop. G1's all the way! 2013 was one of the first and very few years in which I didn't add ponies to my collection.... wait, no. Ok, no G1 ponies I didn't already have. I picked up a duplicate Baby Cotton Candy at a thrift store.

I started the year with a gym membership for the first time ever. I stuck with it for 4 months, until I decided it was too expensive. Zumba classes were so much fun! I continued to work out on my own when I could and felt healthier this year.

After being single for 6 years (and only having had one boyfriend in my life, which lasted for 5 years), I joined a dating website. I met someone very special and fell in love. It turns out I joined the site on his birthday. We were together for 6 months, as we realized we were better off as friends. He's one of the best friends I've ever had and I'm very lucky and happy that we could continue as friends.

I had the worst summer ever. Somehow, I purchased cat treats that were infested with grain mites, which took over my kitchen all in one night. They got into my aquarium. Although I was very careful with where I applied insecticide, I think enough mites lived long enough to carry the insecticide into my aquarium, killing 20 fish. I regret not moving the fish first, but my mind was racing and the mites were just everywhere - disgusting! I did take out what fish I could, which had to live in buckets for months. I couldn't put them back in my kitchen, as some rotten floor beams in the basement gave way and my floor was warped and wavy. Omg. I had to empty my entire kitchen, as I was told all my lower cabinets would have to be removed. It was a several month ordeal between the mites and floor.... oh and then there was the 2 month sliding door saga.

Also this summer, I planted flowers. They were weed-whacked down by the landscapers... TWICE. If that wasn't enough, after re-planting, they were then killed with weed killer. Ugggggh!

I went on a trip that should have been more fun than it was because of the 95+ degree weather. I slept on a couch that hurt my back, then got a defective air mattress that deflated overnight. I got a second air mattress that was fine. There was more that went wrong with that trip, including sleeping with my head near a dirty kitty litter box and then taking a boat trip in which the only seat available for me was with my already hurt back against a post. Oh joy.

A highlight was that a college I used to teach at called me and asked me to come back, which I did. I also started a job at another college which is where I want to be long-term if a full-time position opens up. (I'm a math professor). I've gotten great reviews from my students this year.

I took a full year off from musical theatre, which I really missed. The goal was to focus on finishing my PhD, which I didn't do. I was at one point teaching at 4 colleges and really had no time for anything else.

My year ended horribly. On Christmas Eve/Christmas, there were 2 deaths and a heart attack/stroke in the family. The heart attack and stroke was my uncle. He had moved in with my parents for over 2 months after injuring his foot this summer. It's a serious injury, but my mom's a retired home health aide and she could treat it with the help of an occasional visiting nurse. As it turns out, there were some setbacks and he's in surgery as I type this to remove one or more toes. We're hoping it's only that and not the whole foot.

So, that's my year. I wasn't on much because I felt depressed a lot. I did fall in love and that was wonderful, but when I realized he wasn't "the one", we both tried to make it work for a long time. It was worth trying. It was also very sad realizing it wasn't meant to be. After we broke up, we told each other what we originally thought of giving each other for Christmas, and it's the same thing! A custom My Little Pony, Legend of Zelda themed. hahaha! Anyway, sorry I got so wordy. Hopefully I'll be on here a bit more, as I've missed it. :)


Spike the Dragon
Aug 24, 2013
Oh boy, a LOT happened for me this year.

In March, the cat who'd been my emotional support animal died suddenly at the age of 6. The vets said that he'd been born with a genetic heart defect and that his heart just gave out. I watched them put him down at 3 in the morning.

Exactly one month and one week later (and also at 3 in the morning), my grandmother and only mother figure also died suddenly. She'd been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer earlier that year, and she'd just finished her chemo and radiation when she got pneumonia.

A few weeks after that, I got fired from my job because the company had been bought out and the new owners were replacing everyone.

Then I learned that I wouldn't be able to graduate on time. I was supposed to graduate in May with my Bachelor's degree, but my depression about losing my grandma in addition to all the other stress I was dealing with tanked my grades.

Then I learned that my girlfriend of a year and a half had been cheating on me the whole time we were together, and so I dumped her.

In September I started my actual final semester of college. I also obtained two jobs, one working for a Catholic after-school program and another working at the Humane Society in my city. I kept the Humane Society job, and I love it! I work with the cats and also do adoptions for people. Some of it is really hard work, but it's so rewarding (and the kittens are cute).

I finished my degree program in December, and am now a college graduate! I'm planning to stay in town and catch my breath for a few months before sending out resumes to different publishing houses.

I started dating another girl in October and fell in love. On New Year's Eve I learned that she also had been cheating on me, and I broke up with her on New Year's day. I'm still pretty raw and aching from that, but I'm hoping life will start looking up soon.

Here's to 2014 being better for everyone than 2013!