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South African Peachy Pretty Parlour?


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jul 13, 2020
Hi - some advice please?

I grew up in SA - I have a box of Ponies from when I was a little girl and I have a Pretty Parlour - the Peachy pony has an Italian hoof print but the accessories match more to the USA descriptions on My Little Wiki. I have a purple saddle and the names were definately the US list not the Italian (I only have 2 left :-() - but the hat without flowers is white not yellow (I am missing the one with flowers) The cat is orange and the poster on the back of the parlour is called 'Pretty Parlour' with an orange pony face.

Have I found a variant?



Pink Super Leikin Pony
Nov 15, 2006
It is probably the same as we had in Sweden. Regular US-looking parlour with English name tags, but with Italian Peachy in it (I had it since childhood). Wouldn't be suprising, as Scandinavia and South Africa seem to share releases along with Australia/New Zeeland, that where not sold elsewhere, such as NSS Truly and Cupcake, and the Fable pony sets for example.

We also had English text Show Stable, but with NC Lemon Drop, and the spanish stroller with NC baby Lemon Drop, but in English box, so it is possible you might have had them in SA as well :)