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Starry's Persona: Clipper


Jan 1, 2010

(I will hopefully make a nicer reference for her soon)
Yes, I realise Clipper is also the name of a baby boy pony and they have a similar colour scheme and symbols but she was created before I knew about that pony and I've gotten kind of attached to her name too much to change it around

When I first started to work on a persona I was orginally going to base her off my wolf fursona with similar colours and have her symbol as my logo but it didn't work out. So then I ended up going to another thing that's very important to me. The sea. I've always felt a real connection to the sea and also I've always been a bit obsessed with pirates so after a bit of doodling around out came Clipper.


Part of an art trade with someone on DA

Part of an art trade with RiderlessDiamond

I'll be adding more adoptables and stuff soon, I have quite a few lurking around. XD