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"That looks like a pit-bull!"


New Idea Pony
MLPTP Supporter
Oct 16, 2020
So I wasn't going to show this until it was finished, but my neighbor walked by while I was taking the outside pic (3rd) and said "That looks like a pit bull!" She was so right.
After what I went through with the first Luminary, where I mixed gray and purple and then spent four hours removing just the purple by boiling the pony in clear water (you could see the warm maroonish colors coming off and floating to the edge of the pot), I've come to believe that Rit dye in Frost Gray is not really prone to coming off like the other colors. Just an opinion.

Anyway, this pony was pure frost gray. I made "Gingerbread the pit bull" darker than I meant to but now I love the color, since I have seen how light it is in the sun. Keep in mind it might lighten more as it dries. I labeled the pictures the color they look like to me...as you can see the eyes are just fine, they didn't lose their finish, nor did they take dye. I was really worried there.



Its a berry, its a cherry? No, Its a Strawberry!
Dec 29, 2012
The color looks nice!! If I squint and forget im looking at a pony i definitely see how theyd think it was a cartoony pitbull if they arent familiar with it. Never really saw it before! :surprisepony: