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The Great Plushie Thread

I managed to score her at the MD meet some years ago. Otherwise not something I would have ever paid for, due to the price. lol.
She came with two painted wooden eggs inside her. Odd, but I have left them there.
Me, pretending to have an adult bedroom.
Vs my actual bedroom... :rofl:

Plushies 4 life!
Needs more unicorns, but I'll work on it.
Caticorns for the stand in!
love the bed buddies yah ya never outgrow an inner child that's awesome :)

in other news whoo hoo - from australia yay finally have a few more of these rooster keychains = was after the minty one (of course)

so yes, doubles are open to trades but man, I'm just glad found some for sale now just have to find that aussie minty plush

ok ok onto the pictures :)




oh and here's my original rainbow dash (well worn obviously) keychain that started it all so yes I used this with my car keys
didn't realize the rooster ones were smaller :)