MLPTP's BIG Fundraiser! The MLPTP's Big Renovation Fundraiser is Here! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


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Jun 6, 2005
Woo we did it! XD

Do we have to be present at exactly six? How exactly will this work?
You are welcome to be online and watch as I post the winners, but there is no need to be present at the time :) I am hoping to have all winners posted by 7pm EST (with the help of a 3rd party to draw numbers). Once the winners are posted, I will PM each winner with instructions :) Winners will have 7 days to reply to my PM with a shipping address and their preferred prizes.

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Mar 18, 2018
Gotcha. I might be able to tune in around six. Depends on work.


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Jan 20, 2009
Alrighty! I've just double checked all the awards and trophies/etc, so please let me know if anyone is missing one, has an extra, etc etc as the system does have some small glitches from time to time :)

Thank you all for your support!
Not sure but I THINK I should have a silver trophy? Donated a total of $20, and at first I thought the trophy transferred to the person I RAOPK'd but realized it was probably only the ticket I gave her since she doesn't have a MLPTP supporter icon to her page (which would make more sense since I donated either way, happy to have helped!)


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Jun 6, 2005

Big Renovation Fundraiser Prize Drawing

If your number is drawn, please send a pm to @MustBeJewel with the following information:

1. Your shipping address, including your full name.
2. Please send a list of all prizes in the order you would most like to receive them, and you will receive the first available one.
Example PM:​
Megan Ponyperson​
123 Show Stable Way​
Dream Valley, Ponyland, 12345​
Here is my list of prizes in the order I'd most like to receive them:​
1) Plush Firefly​
2) My Pretty Pony with box​
3) G4 Zecora​
4) .........​
3. You will receive a pm with the prize(s) you will be receiving (unless you want a surprise!) and you will also receive shipping confirmation and a tracking number from the prize donor(s).

:smile: Here are the Winners! :ponylove:

1. 246 @Icey
2. 107 @Uftaki
3. 23 @cannibalcow
4. 201 @BethMcBeth
5. 179 @nessy_86
6. 183 @cutegladgirl
7. 227 @SwiftStar84
8. 156 @SkippetyDoo
9. 126 @KC8114
10. 101 @skig
11. 238 @Icey
12. 20 @space
13. 176 @whiskerz85
14. 211 @MintamenaPie
15. 165 @SkippetyDoo
16. 32 @drusilla
17. 163 @SkippetyDoo
18. 164 @SkippetyDoo
19. 42 @Luvmlp
20. 34 @PikaCheck
21. 1 @Gingerbread
22. 27 @cutegladgirl
23. 77 @KC8114
24. 216 @MintamenaPie
25. 174 @whiskerz85
26. 183 @cutegladgirl
27. 161 @SkippetyDoo
28. 112 @Uftaki

numbers.jpg <-- Numbers drawn by my long-time friend and neutral party @roserebellion


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Jul 3, 2005
How exciting, I seriously never win anything. I am excited to have my rainbow pony badge and to support the TP which has been my internet home since I was 19. It was my first message board ever! I remember when I first started posting I annoyed all of the OG people because I was SO excited to find the site - LOL! Now I rarely post, but I still love the TP! <3


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Sep 20, 2007
Congratulations to all of the winners!! I can't wait to see all of the lovely prizes in their new homes!! :) And all of the great pony statues too! I really love that rainbow one!!