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Peppermint Truly

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Jun 10, 2005
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Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006

I'm not too picky, no major hair cuts, or really bad marks, no chewed on or missing limbs LOL! But little flaws or marks and such don't bother me.

I like cooking/baking and working in the garden. I love Snoopy/Peanuts, Eeyore, Garfield and The Little Mermaid and I also collect Charming Tails. I have a dachshund that is my fur-baby :) so I tend to collect dachshund stuff too. I also collect gnomes and I like mice but not Mickey, nothing against good 'ol Mickey but I just like cute mice stuff. I like fun socks and jewelry, particularly earrings.

As far as summer stuff goes I like all beach-y themed stuff, hawaiian prints, flamingos and flip flops. I also love grilling out in the summer. There isn't much I don't love about this time of year except maybe the mosquitos!

None! I am trying to diet though, so little or no treats is ok with me. If you find you can't resist, I like chocolate, peanut butter and toffee. If you're international, I do love trying new things from different countries.


Turn Your Color Up!
Oct 6, 2013
My Summer wish list
Conditions: I am not super picky but no black marks that cant come off. a Little hair trim is ok. I don't like in box items, I like the cutie mark to at lest be visible not perfect but that you can at least tell what it was. Light marks and play wear are fine with me.

G1 custom of my ponesona ology
Tic-Tac-Toe adult
Tic Tac-Toe baby
Secret message pony mirror mirror
Adult sea pony shell
BBE baby half note with dance outfit if possible
Movie version of Firefly
Twinkle eyes bright eyes, sky rocket
SO soft Twilight with the candle cutie mark

Princess silver swirl non light up horn (I can dream right)
Berry bights baskets and grapes
Clever Clover

Diva Minty
Minty from the tea party set only minty

Taco minty figure
Plush minty figure not the one that sings
Henna ponies
Inspirational word pony's set

odds and ends pony
G1 ring toy
G1 play pen
G1 blankets that are not pink for babies
G1 extra rocker bed for nursery
G1 changing table I think its was for paradise est.
Dream Castle thin side wall that you hook the crane to. Mine is broken
25th anniversary Newer minty

Other likes
I love lalaloopsy favorite is Pillow and blanket featherbed and Spot
Mewtwo and Mew pokemon items (note I do not like the new version of mewtwo with the tail coming off his head it make me cry)
I like the color purple, pink and silver and black. I HATE the color YELLOW.
I love How to train your dragon and big hero 6.
Favorite movie Labyrinth and Last unicorn
I don't like candy with nuts in them and I cant have gum or really sticky candy. I love cherry flavored suckers, I also love reseese pieces a lot.
Favorite candy Peppermint.
Favorite drink coffee mocha, Dargeling Tea, hot chocolate.
I love old baby dolls and blue bottles from way back when.
I love books
I love to watch TV
I love anything Dinosaur, paranormal,horse,Pompeii,roman, Egyptian and ww 2 related books or items.
I want a wreck this journal I lost mine.
I really like duck tape or tape that has patterns on it.
I love frozen except for Olaf I hate the snow man.

I love crayons
I love to color MLP coloring book


Flat Foot Peachy
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Aug 16, 2014
Here is a link to my wishlist :)

Some extra info!!
I prefer my G3/G4 ponies loose

My favourite colours are pink and blue.

My favourite scents for summer are sweetie/ fruity smells such as bubblegum, cotton candy, raspberry. I like liquid soaps, shower gels, body lotion

Summer likes - I live by the sea so the summer is all about the beach here. I love beachy themes and ice creams!
I also like my garden and enjoy gardening to an extent as time allows! I enjoy family bar-b-qs

I like any MLP G1 retro Merchandise and I also have a Lickety Split army
I am also a big fan of Peanuts ~ Snoopy in particular. I also love disney stuff, especially Winnie the Pooh, Aristocats and Olaf from Frozen and I love Moonmins. I like stickers, stationary items such as pens, notepads, post its or fridge magnets, tote bags (especially if of any of the characters mentioned above!) I love lip balms and I like homemade items

Favourite animals: cats, owls and rabbits. We don't have any pets at the moment
I have a 2 (nearly 3!) year old son called Henry who is crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine!

Chocolate - I like milk and white chocolate. Chocolate with caramel, marshmallow, nuts all good! I don't like coconut, marzipan, Turkish delight

Sweets - I like gummy sweets. I love taffy and wonka's sweet tarts (can't get either of these in the UK). I don't like black liquorice

Chips - I love Cheetos, cheese and the jalepeno and cheese flavour. I can't get these in the UK either

I don't have any allergies


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Mar 21, 2014
Summer Wishlist:


-Dr.whooves Red Tie

Dog Tags
12.Soarin & Spitfire
14.Princess Cadance & Shining Armor

Dog Tags Metallic Series
29.Pinkie Pie
31.Rainbow Dash
32.Princess Luna

Dog Tags Deluxe Premium & Special Mini Tags
F4)Pinkie Pie
F6)Rainbow Dash

M2) Rarity
M3) Rainbow Dash
M4)Pinkie Pie
M7)Princess Luna

Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Dolls:

I'm really into the rainbow rocks line of dolls right now. I just started collecting them so I need a most of them so it would be cool to have it be a surprise instead of listing all of the dolls individually.

The only ones I have already are; all six of the rockin hairstyles and 2 of the singing- pinkie and twilight.


Sharks and Crabs are the summer animals I like. I also live in a beach town so any kind of cool sand toys and cute beach items would be appericated. I like lindtt milk chocolate truffles and dove dark chocolate. I also love recieving hand made items!
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Teen Mermaid

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May 2, 2013
so happy to be part of this swap, summer is my favorite season!! ξ(。◕ˇ◊ˇ◕。)ξ :seapony:

my wishlist is here (
i am somewhat picky, i only like ponies with nice hair (definitely no cuts) and no damage that i can't fix with a magic eraser, spa day, etc. some surface dirt or slightly frizzy hair is fine. love ponies in box.

information about my likes, etc. can be found here (
i like most summer motifs like cheesy hawaiian stuff, flamingos, beach scenes, pineapples, mermaids, etc.
i prefer not to receive decorations in swaps since i have very limited space. functional things like travel cups/mugs, storage, candles or bath and bodyworks goodies (floral and linen scents are my favorites!), etc. are better for extras. =) i think that pretty much covers it! extras don't necessarily HAVE to be summer themed imo, feel free to browse my swap tips page.


Jan 30, 2014
My info: :)

I like G1 one ponies. Currently looking for:
- wingers Lady Flutter and Buzzer
- Apple delight sister
- Bright bouquet brother
- Sweet celebration Mommy
- Flutter ponies (with wings)

My collection can be seen here: little pony?sort=3&page=1 I would like to have any pony that you can't already see in the pics :). Currently buying some SS ponies, Twilight and Sparkler (not in the pics) so no need for them now.
I like ponies that do not have hair cut, little marks are ok but as near mint as possible is the best ;). No major rubs in the eyes or symbols.

Sweets: anything is ok but no chocolate with peanuts and no coconut related sweets

Likes: Well I like all most anything to do with summer ;) Summer is the best season. Everything that is cute is my thing ;). I also like anything related to old disney movies.

Colors: Pink ofc ;) and bright colors makes me happy

Not that much decorations, because all the ponies take my shelf space

No allergies. Hopes this helps :)
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