Thrift store findings + a Funny error


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Feb 3, 2012
Hi everypony I went to the Thrift store today and Found a G3 Peach Blossom in a grab bag, and A g3 Rainbow Dash plush in another. When I got back home, I went to look at the pony and the Plushie, The plush still had its Hang tag so I took a Look at the Tag and I started Laughing!! The Tag Said Minty!!! I was really Happy to find a Pony that had a Funny error.
lol always like finding factory errors :D
Lol :LOL:, congrats on your ponies :winkpony:

bigmlpfan xx
Right-on! That's really cool! Awww..
Awesome finds! Factory error ponies are the best ^-^
"You had one job, Nanco...." :)

Congrats on your finds! :)