Tsuki's Wish List (In progress)

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Jan 18, 2006
Tsuki's Wish List (In progress)

This is what I have typed up so far... All ponies I don't have :) G2's & G3's I prefer either MIP or mint with all accesories. (I like backcards & pamphlets too if possible) And I'm always interested in anything Firefly: ponies, merch, pretty much anything
G1's- Small rubs, marks, etc are ok. Ponies with great bodies but bad hair; I don't mind rehairs as long as it's in the original color & style. I don't mind ponies that have had restoration work as long as it looks pretty close to factory. If the pony is on the pricey side I'm a little more lenient on that stuff.
Fireflies I will gladly take in any condition.

My pretty pony (spot on rump)

Year 2: Pretty Parlor w/ Peachy, Waterfall w/ Sprinkles
Year 3:
Surprise, Tickle, Starflower, Confetti, Megan & accessories, Baby Moondancer, Baby Blossom, Baby Glory, Sea breeze, Whitecap, Sea Mist, Wave Jumper, High Tide, Sand Dollar, Splasher, Backstroke's float, Sea Star's float, Surf Ridder, Tiny Bubbles, Ember’s Dream Listen ‘n Fun, Baby Buggy w/BBE Baby Cuddles, BBE Baby Tiddley Winks
Year 4:
SS Gusty, Heart Throb, Posey, Lickety Split, Ribbon, Cupcake, Buttons, Paradise, Twist, Bouncy, Skippity-Doo, Scrumptious..TE Masquerade, Gingerbread. BBE Baby Ribbon's accesories, Baby Shaddy, Baby Lickety Split, Baby Heart Throb., Molly, Megan & accessories for SS Sundance , Ripple, Sea shimmer Water Lilly, Beachcomber, Celebrate, & Yum-Yum. Pony Purse w/ Baby Sleepy pie
Year 5:
Taffy, Crumpet, Twilight, Quakers, Mimic, Sweet Tooth, all princess Bushwoolies, Wind Drifter, Wing Song, Cloud Puff, 4-Speed, Salty, Slugger, Quarterback, Steamer, Baby Tic-tac-Toe, Jangles & tangles, Sniffles, Rattles, Noodles, Nibbles, Wavy, Salty (sea pony), Dipper, Sea Spray, Surfy, Sea Breeze, Kingsley, Spunky, Slumber Party gift pack w/ Pillow Talk, Sleepy Head, Nightcap, Sleep Tight, Pony Purse w/ Baby Crumpet, Satin Slipper Sweet Shop (building & accessories) Perm Shop w/ Fifi
Year 6:
TAF Merriweather, Buttons, Night Glider, Bonnie Bonnets, Yum Yum, Munchy, Princess Taffeta, Princess Pristina, Princess Moondust, Princess Dawn, Princess Sunbeam, Swirly Whirly, Twisty Tail, Ringlets, Bouquet, Pretty Vision, Woosie, Lavender Woosie, Tossles, Tall Tails, Tabby, Windy, Cuddles, Mirror Mirror, Magic Hat, Cloud Dreamer, Wigwam, Barnacle, Cheif, Baby Ribs, Baby Graffiti, Baby Whirly Twirl, Baby noddins, Baby Snippy, Sniffles, Puddles & Peeks, Sandcastle & Shovels, Spekles & Bunkie, Big Top & Topy, Jaber & Jeber, High Flyer, Buzzer, Glow, Lady Flutter, Sky Dancer, Baby Seaponies Misty, Foamy, Wavedancer, Seashore, Sealight, Seawinkle, Oakly, Edgar, Cutesaurus, ChaCha, Cranberry Muffins, Blueberry Baskets,, Strawberry Surprise, Raspberry Jam
Year 7:
Brilliant Blossoms, Sparkler, Flower Bouquet, Lemon Treats, Mint Dreams, Sugar Apple, Sand Digger , Mainsail, Seaflower, Shoreline, Dainty Dahlia, Lavender Lace, Daisy Sweet, Red Roses, Swinger, Twirler, D.J., Skylark, Star Gleamer, Glittering Gem, Brilliant Bloom, Mommy Daddy & Baby Brother Bright Bouqet, Daddy & Baby Sister Sweet Celebretions, Baby Brother Apple Delight, Baby Dots 'n Hearts, Baby Starburst, Baby Splashes, Baby Glider, Baby Sunnybunch, Baby Countdown, Baby Drummer, Baby Leaper, Baby Waddles, Baby Racer, Wiggles, Squirmy, Dangles, Whirly, Cool Breeze, Moon Jumper, Flurry, Starry Wings, Dainty, Wild Flower, Spring Song, Baby Stripes & Nectar, Baby Lucky Leaf & Leafy, Baby Pockets & Hoppy, Megan
Year 8:
Sea Breeze, Raincurl, Stripes, Twinkle Dancer, Posey Rose, Tip Toes, Silky Slipper, Baby Rainfeather, Baby Snookums, Baby Cuddles, Baby Firefly, Baby Gusty, Baby Starflower, Sunblossom, Starflash, Cha Cha, Daisy Dancer, Sweet Sundrop, Pretty Belle, Dream Beauties Crystalline, Dream Gleamer, Stardazzle, Skysplasher, Windsweeper, Mayfair, Circle Dancer, Colorglow, Colormist, Fairflyer, Songrider, Manewaves, Sheertrimmer, Spritzy, Skyflyer, Glider, Windwalker
Year 9:
Pretty Beat, Sweet Notes, Half Note, Starglow, Bright Glow, Dazzleglow(both) , Li'l Pocket, Sweet Pocket, Bunny Hop, Rosy Love, Flower Dream, Gardenglow,, Baby Sunribbon, Baby Brightbow, Baby Starbow, Baby Tippytoes, Baby Soft Steps, Little Tabby, Little Honey Pie, Little Giggles, Secret Beauty, Stardazzle, Secret Star, royal pink Princess pony, royal purple Princess pony

Year 10: Chatterbox, Love Petal, Flowerbelle, Sweet Blossom, Strawberry Scoops, Ruby Lips, Lovin' Kisses, Happy Hugs, Sunbeam, Sunglory, Sunsplasher, Lovebeam, Starswirl, Springy, Baby Palm Tree, Sniffles,Rattles and Tattles, Bootsie and Tootsie, Baby Sea Princess, Baby Sea Shimmer, Baby Pearly

Mail orders:
Ember(blue & lavender), Birthflower Ponies Jan, May, June, Jul, Aug, Sept, Nov, Li'l Tot, Hollywood, Stockings, Satin n' Lace (magenta & Lavender), Tux n' Tails, Baby Blue Ribbon, Clipper, Sparkle Ponies (all), Scribbles, Dabble, Li'l Cupcake, Li'l Sweetcake, Pearly Baby Moondreamer, Baby Blossom, Baby Glory, Baby Surprise, Baby Cotton Candy, NBBE Baby Tiddley-Winks, Baby Sugarcake, Baby Gametime, Sweet Scoops, TAF Baby Milky Way, Baby Sweet Tooth, Baby Sugarberry, Baby Up, Up, and Away, Baby Love Melody, Baby Dancing Butterflies, Mommy and Baby Pony, Rapunzel, Purple Valentine's Day Twin, Chuck E. Cheese Baby Pony
'97: Morning Glory, Clever Clover, Sundance, Ivy, Pony Garden Playcase, Seabreeze.
'98: Sugar Belle, Cupcake, Secret Tale, Wingsong, Moon Shadow, Sweet Berry, Satin Splash, Special Birthday Magic w/ Light Heart & Sundance,
'99: Sky Skimmer, Hip Holly, Merry Moments, Satin Slipper, Flash, Petal Blossom's Picnic Playtime, Dizzy Lizzy's Wishing Well, Bright Bramley's School Desk, Magic Rainbow Forest Playset with Sun Sparkle, Princess Morning Glory, Princess Ivy, Princess Crystal, Princess Twinkle Star, Princess Trixiebelle, Princess Silver Swirl, Lady Light Heart, Lady Cupcake, Lady Sky Skimmer, Lady Moonshine, Lady Sky Skimmer & Princess Sweet Berry, Princess Morning Glory & Prince Clever Clover, Queen Sun Sparkle and Enchanted Throne, Royal Castle Ballroom with Princess Morning Glory
'00: Baby SweetSnowflake, Ivy & Baby Fern, Morning Glory & Baby Dew, Princess Twinkle Star & Baby Twinkles, Light Heart & Baby Tickle Heart, Sun Sparkle & Baby Sunbeam, Sweet Berry & Baby Honey Berry, Giggle Garden Nursery w/ Baby Flitter, Wedding Carriage w/ Sky Skimmer & Baby Flora, Royal Castle w/ Princess SweetBerry, Prince Firefly, Princess Goldenlight, Princess Silverrain, Lady SatinSlipper, Twins Fire & Flame, Giggles & Wiggles, Jewel & Sparkle, Sweetheart & Tenderheart, Dart & Dash, Drifter & Dreamer, Polka & Dot, Stardust & Moondust, Bright Bramley, Dainty Dove, Ivy, Wingsong
'01: Golden Light, Lightheart, Night Star, Sky Skimmer, Sunsparkle, SweetBerry, Floral & Baby Petal, Birthday Playset w/ Festivities, Wedding Playset w/ LightHeart, Copper Glow, Golden Glow, Silver GLow, Princess Fucshia, Princess Saphire, Princess Flora & Prince Fauna, Princess GoldenDream & PrinceBlueDream, Lady Dragonfly, Lady Moonshadow, Lady Elegant, Lady Rainbow, Lady Waterfall, Jolly, Spring, Tenderheart, Tender Nuzzles, Junior, Twins Click & Nossy, Study & Play
'02: Apple Pie, Flora, Glittery Heart, Glittery Skater, Glittery Study, Eve, Globe Trotter, Medecine, Mimosa, Precious, Blue Pearl, Night Glow, Night Shine, White Pearl, Her Majesty Flower, Her Majesty Pearl, Her Majesty Ballerina, Her Majesty Star, Her Majesty Great Romance, Melody, Muse, Butterfly, Pony School w/ Butterfly, Holiday @ the Sea, Holiday @ the Countryside, Magic Butterfly (blue & yellow), Magic Diamond Glow, Magic Star Swirl, Magic Dragonfly, Diamond Glow, Golden Glow
'03: Miss Chef, Miss Painter, Miss Teacher, Honey, Puff, Teddy, Water Lilly, Springdy, Springly, Jazz, Rocky, Autumn, SnowBall, Bubble, Buttercup, Curly, Slide w/ Sunshine & Sunny, Tricycles w/ Rumba & Samba, See-saw w/ Lilly & Rose, Pony Masion w/ Mommy & Baby, Sailing Boat w/Coral & Ocean, Bride, Dancer, Gardener, Buterfly Hunter
'03:Wysteria, Sweetberry, Pinkie Pie, Butterscotch, Moonlight Celebration with Moondancer, Birthday Celebration Razzaroo, Picnic Celebration with Applejack, Cotton Candy Cafe, Bloomin' Blossoms Shop w/ Meadowbrook, Tink-a-Tink-a-Too, Strawberry Swirl, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie II, SparkleworksII, Sunny Daze II, Candy Cane, Snowflake, Mittens, Berry Pickin' Fun with Butterscotch, Royal Ribbon, Wing Song & Goody Gumdrop, Aloha Pearl & Bellaluna, Dazzle Surprise, Licensing Pinkie Pie
Bumblesweet, Toodleloo, Doseydotes, Spring Treat, Skywishes, Sunset Sweety, Triple Treat, Bee Bop, Shenanigans, Cupcake, Keen Bean, Pepperberry, Wishing Well Princess Playset w/Crystal Crown, Butterfly Surprise with Avalonia, Lickity Split & Port-o-Bella,Merriweather, Forsythia, Desert Rose, Starbeam, Blue Mist, Savannah Sage, Crystal Lace, Valenshy, Gem Blossom, Winterberry, Juniper Jade, Dress-up Eveningwear w/SunnyDaze, Crystal Lake, Wind Wisher, Ice Dancing with Glitter Glide, Twirling Fun with Loop-De-La, Twinkle Twirl's Dance Studio, Denim Blue, Rainbow Swirl, Peachy Pie, Desert Blossom
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