Uftaki's Wishlists (image heavy!) [updated 11/18/23]


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Sep 24, 2012
Hello! I'm looking for good to near-mint quality MLPs for sale or trade. I am looking for loose ponies, not MIB (unless otherwise noted). No major marks, paint rubs, or haircuts, please. Surface dirt or stuff that can easily be washed off is fine. Ponies must be from a smoke-free home. I am located in Canada, and willing to buy/trade internationally.

My MLP sales page, with what I have available for trade, can be found HERE. I also am selling a lot of non-MLP items, right here.

Page is extremely image heavy, as I use a graphic/pictures list of my wanted ponies, rather than text. If anything needs clarifying, I'll note it above the image.

G1 Ponies
G1 wishlist 1.png

G1 wishlist 2.png

Mommy Charms
G1 wishlist 3.png

Petite Ponies
G1 wishlist 4.png

G1 wishlist 5.png

G1 wishlist 6.png
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With the handy-dandy new feature of this forum allowing me to upload any of my pictures right into the posts... (lol) I finally got around to updating my wishlist... with my "beloved" picture checklists. XD

If this proves to be too much to load for everyone, I'll go back to the text-only wishlists.
Throwing up my Pin Collection lists, for Swap purposes. If anyone is looking to get me pins for any of our MLPTP Swap events, please refer to these lists, to ensure you are not getting a duplicate. If this isn't allowed, I will take this down.

:orangeleaf: Remember, these are the pins I HAVE, not ones I'm looking for. :orangeleaf:

Disney = Animated Canon 1.png Disney = Animated Canon 2.png Disney = Mickey & Friends 1.png Disney = Mickey & Friends 2.png Disney = other, Star Wars.png Disney = parks.png Disney = Pixar.png
Disney series = Countdown Millenium 1.png Disney series = Countdown Millenium 2, posters, animators, keys.png Disney series = Store 30, Castles, Mickey Memories.png Disney series = Wisdom, Cats & Dogs.png

Fandom - other.png Fandom - anime.png Fandom - video games.png

Calgary 1988
Olympics - 1988 Calgary - other.png Olympics - 1988 Calgary - Parade of Nations + other flags.png Olympics - 1988 Calgary - Mascot sports + other.png

Athens 2004

Olympics - 2004 Athens - other.png Olympics - 2004 Athens - Torch Relay 1.png Olympics - 2004 Athens - Torch Relay 2.png Olympics - 2004 Athens - Torch Relay 3 + mascot cities.png

Vancouver 2010
Olympics - 2010 Vancouver - 1 retail.png Olympics - 2010 Vancouver - 2 retail.png Olympics - 2010 Vancouver - 3 retail mascots.png Olympics - 2010 Vancouver - 4 retail Coke.png Olympics - 2010 Vancouver - 5 unofficial.png

Olympics - 2008 Beijing + other.png

Expo 86 - Ernie flags + logo.png Expo 86 - pavillions + Ernie + other.png
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